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Twisted Jasmine

inspired by ~jeftoon01
and his Twisted Princess collection.…
I wanted to do my own ideas .

Story:When Genie Jafar's lamp appears, Jasmine thinks of a way to stop him by commanding Genie(as a master beside Aladdin and Jafar finished his wishes)to give her power to stop Jafar. Genie complies despite Aladdin urging her to stand down. Genie fires magic at her to make her a magical being to stop Jafar but Jafar gets wind of this and before he's shackled as an imprisoned genie, he fires his own genie power at her. The mixing of both genie powers results her in being a very powerful magical being bend on destruction and domination. She takes Jafar's lamp and commands him as her genie slave. She summons a snake staff out of thin air and strikes Iago who tries to flee, and becomes a blood berserk parrot with fangs. She no longer was Jasmine the princess with whom Aladdin fell in love with, but a dark evil version of Jasmine who commands Iago to injure Aladdin. Aladdin uses his last wish to get Genie to change her back but he can't since it took two genies that made her what she is now. Instead he flees with Genie, Abu and Carpet and vowes to change her back.

Story made by ~Barricade379
Thanks to him =D

Twisted Disney collection :…

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She looks pretty here!

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Looks like that's kind of alternative stuff for the film. If I didn't know better do as me as an evil symbiote who calls him "Twisted".
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It would be have cool if that really happened in the movie
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It's like the Dark Phoenix, only a thousand times more terrifying! :iconscaredplz:
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2nd Twist: Iago succeeds in his plan to "injure" Aladdin, who dies as a result. He turns into gold and crumbles. Jafar gets instantly rich - subsequently becoming ruler, master and commander of the entire universe.

3rd Twist: Jafar faces instant karma eventually, when the blue Genie takes off his crown and shatters it. As a result, the entire universe reverts to normal. Jafar is reduced to the size of a monkey and the Carpet appears and wraps him in itself, suffocating Jafar and killing him. Jasmine is reverted to good and Aladdin is revived.
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What did she do to Iago, and was it a redundancy, or just retribution for her father?  How does she keep her genie in line?  He likes to twist wishes, after all.
I always wondered why Jafar, who knew that wishing someone would fall in love with him, just didn't turn her evil so she would serve besides him and since she was no longer the good delicate flower Princess Jasmine, would more than likely be his Queen as he now had the throne to the Kingdom. This version is terrific and it fits in so many of our dreams in that naughty area that Disney, of course would not do since they are geared for family & children entertainment. The naughtiness of some of us covers the basic yearning for Good not always triumphing over Evil.

We are all curious as to how she will change her trusted companion Rajah who would have to be altered since he would sense the new Jasmine more as a threat than anything else. It wouldn't take much magic to bring his darker side that we all have buried deep inside us so we just might see Jafar as a dictator ruler with his evil parrot & Genie alongside the now evil Jasmine with her darker version of Rajah on the thrones of the Kingdom.

Yes I loved the kiss she gave Jafar in trying to distract him from what the others were trying to do and what if Jafar knew what she was going to do & cast a spell to stimulate her casual kiss into desire for him so that the plan backfired with her falling in lust which is far different than love. Disney could not touch this since desire is not exactly a family orientated thing but in our version, MUAH!!!   lol  Well done, Kasami and Barriacde and Jeftoon1 ;)
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Damn I'd be her slave..
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(Please kileythepenguin12 Roleplaying to Twisted Jasmine Battle?)

Fragile: OW! *Badly Hurts*

Twisted Jasmine: HA! I WILL HURTING YOU!

Fragile: No... NO!
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- Don't worry i'll Role playing with you-
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This is going to sound too weird for words, but I've always imagined that Magic Carpet was a human woman (from the Egyptian Empire, making her about 3000 years old at the time) who promised Genie she'd free him, then changed her mind and wished to be able to fly, and really hurt his feelings, so he twisted her last wish. He felt terrible when he'd done it, but it was too late; Isis was an immortal Magic Carpet and she'd have to find another way to become human again. I don't suppose you'd ever do a picture based on that?
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Jafar:this went the opposite of what I expected
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horrifying in a good way
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Hey, do you mind if I use this character and all other Twisted Disney Characters in a couple of fanfictions of mine
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Jafar, Jafar, he's our man, if he can't do it GREAT
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Arabian Nightmare
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oh yes~! <3 :hump: this is awesome!
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Looks like Jasmine is not a jinn but rather an ifrit.   I hope that Aladdin can find Solomon's True Seal, or it looks like he's toast.   Literally.
Well, she much hotter this way, both figuratively and literally.
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