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Twisted Anna

Here the return of the vengeful ghost, the formeur princess of Arendelle Anna ! Anna squee 

inspired by ~jeftoon01
and his Twisted Princess collection.…

Story : When Anna was frozen completely, Hans got up quickly and pulled out a dagger and killed Elsa who was holding onto Anna's body. Kristoff then got into a fight with him. But Hans managed to injure him and Sven took Kristoff away. With both sisters gone, Hans' desire to be ruler of Arendelle came true. But the ghost of Anna lived on. Hanging on to the power of love for her sister and hatred for Hans, she came back as a snow spirit and scared everyone away. Hans was all alone now. She froze him with the powers that were once her sister's and now haunts Arendelle that the land belongs only to her and nobody else ...

Story made by ~Barricade379
Thanks to him =D (Big Grin)

Twisted Disney collection :…

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Imagine if the arts of Twisted Elsa and Twisted Anna have the story in 1?

Revenge is a dish best served…cold.

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There's something STRANGE....... in Arundelle......guess who it is.

Ghost Anna!

Lmao sorry sorry I had to let that out since that DragonBall Z abridged did that "Ghost Nappa" song. Keep up the great work 👍👍👍

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This one has to be my in utter favourite out of them all!! You are very talented!! Keep it up!!
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Well, at least Hans got what he deserved. 
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Kind of reminds me of Crimson Peak
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You should have added a twisted Olaf and Marshmallow (Marshmallow is the name of the snow monster Elsa made when fighting the guards) eating the frozen Hans.
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This is quite beautiful.
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I...I...I...I AM!!!!!!Shadow Shadow The Hedgehog 
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She's like a Yuki-onna, a Japanese spirit who's name means Snow Woman
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It would be cool if you combined both Twisted Anna and Twisted Elsa and gave a collaboration backstory or something
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This one's way better that the last one. Good job!
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