Twisted Alice
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My new twisted disney character : Twisted Alice

inspired by ~jeftoon01 jeftoon01.deviantart.com/galle…
and his Twisted Princess collection

Story : The Queen had Alice excuted by 'off with her head' and it was. During the struggle to get free before the execution, Alice's left eye was injured. Chessire Cat took pity and used his power to revive her. But once the dead in Wonderland revive, they are no longer the person they used to be. This Alice went on a killing/revenge spree and spread corrupt magic. Collecting trade mark items of Wonderland people, the Queen's clothes partially, White Rabbit's watch, an almost red painted rose, the King's crown and Mad Hatter's hat for Chessire who had been corrupted by Alice's black magic.

Story made by ~Barricade379 barricade379.deviantart.com/
Thanks to him =D

Twisted Disney collection : kasami-sensei.deviantart.com/g…

~Visit my tumblr kasami-sensei.tumblr.com/
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cool idea :) (Smile) 
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Touma14Edited |Hobbyist Photographer
Her mouth is so ledger influenced XDXDXD
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KalahariMeerkatfan|Hobbyist General Artist
In the end it was Alice who had the last laugh and is now truly the most mad person in all of Wonderland. I bet she tore and smashed those flowers.
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rileyticcixxx|Hobbyist Artist
I love this Alice 
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i think Alice was twisted enough before this pic lol
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ssaffr01's avatar
She killed the Red Queen?
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Chanlink90's avatar
At least the queen of hearts tyranny ended.
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101proxypasta's avatar
101proxypasta|Student Photographer
You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone~Mad Hatter
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Epic-wrecker's avatar
Epic-wrecker|Hobbyist Writer
The madness is out of hand
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DarkMoxand12|Hobbyist Writer
Malice in Underland
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Amber134's avatar
I'm sure you'll enjoy American McGee's Alice / Alice: the Madness Returns
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Hetalia4Elea's avatar
Hetalia4Elea|Hobbyist General Artist
Omg that's so intense but I can imagine that happening!
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TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
TotallyDeviantLisa|Hobbyist General Artist
Alice is the new queen now! :o
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QueenCheetah|Hobbyist General Artist
I love it!
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Laurentiusje|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's beheaded!
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naynay78|Hobbyist Filmographer
How do you get such wonderful colors on your art?
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Merc-King's avatar
So.... pretty much like Alice video game :/
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Samie-Seville's avatar
That is really cool!
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yellowpikmin88's avatar
nice touch giving Chess the hat like in the Burton movie. it's like combination of all three version.s; Disney, Burton and Mcgee
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Kasami-Sensei's avatar
You are the first person who notices the link with the Burton's movie :D (Big Grin) Thank Thanks for everything! 
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yellowpikmin88's avatar
You're welcome ^_^
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grapeshotmemory's avatar
The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.
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