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The Walking Dreamworks : Tigress and Viper

Here a new pair of survivors : The fierce, determined and fearless nicknamed Master Tigress and her kind and loyal friend Viper :happybounce: La la la la 
They are two masters of kung fu using fighting techniques as the tiger and the snake style ;)

The two women were sent by their master Shifu with their group composed of Monkey, Mantis and Crane (nicknamed according to the fighting style used) to found the savior who will save the world from this Apocalypse and discover the origin of the infection ... Nod 

The Walking Disney collection :…

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This is the best human Tigress
BaraaChan's avatar
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Great design <3
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Cool! :0
i want more of The walking Dreamworks! 
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Just got through your Walking Dead variants of Disney and Pixar. I loved them all great worlk. But I don't suppose you'd do one of the Hunchback Quasi Modo, maybe as a zombie or something just a thought. Keep up the work!
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wheres the incredibles? are they zombie?
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I don't suppose Po would be a part of their group, would he?
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This is great! I cannot wait for Monkey, Mantis, and Crane.
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Tigress makes me think of Jasper from Steven's kind of...funny...weird...and totally BADASS !
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This is really good! I really like that movie and see this... Whoa, just, whoa. I just don't know what to say, it is great!
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Don't forget Poo! D:
gaaraluver45's avatar
This is badass.

I like all your drawings.
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can you do a comic series of the The Walking Dreamworks or The Walking Disney/Pixar
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wow they lok so badass
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Remind me not to piss off Tigress.
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Omg incredible 
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You pretty much covered my favorite Disney films; Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, Peter Pan. I really would love to see a couple of things xD

-A team of Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio. Jiminy (and adult man) acts as a guardian to Pinocchio after Gepetto sacrificed his life to let the two escape.
-Mulan joined the Merry Men an organization which only consists out of males and thus disguises herself as a male so she could join. Eventually after an attack of a horde of zombies it was revealed she was a female and was cast away from the group for not being trustworthy, and now she has to survive all by her own.
-Fiona fled from her home taking her puss with her when the zombies attacked. After wandering for a long time she eventually found a place to stay with a hermit called Shrek... although she might not be able to stay there for a very long time.
-Marvin lost his son at the start of the apocalypse and went to search for him, teaming up with a demented woman named Dori. Nemo, Marvin's son, was taken in the care of the Villains training him to work for them.
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This is awesome I like the human versions of them. What program do u use?
What would it look like if you put SpongeBob in this walking dead universe?
maybe he could be a food court worker who gets rescued by a CDC field agent named Sandy Cheeks?
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Great job in this one, they look so cool.
LuEroSo's avatar
I wanna see Po now xDD
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