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The Walking Dreamworks : Jack and Toothiana



Here a couple of survivors : Jack Frost the rebellious bad boy and the sweet Toothiana La la la la from the movie Rise of the Guardians by Dreamworks !
After having lived many adventures to the side of a group composed of North, Sandy and Bunnymund. They were They were forced to flee after an attack by another group of hunters who wanting to plunder them, led by a dark man named Pitch Black. JacK and Toothiana don't know what became their three friends.
They walked wandering for a few weeks alone but one day they meet a group of friends kindly, led by Harold alias Hiccup and his girlfriend Astrid :…     

I always imagined this couple as a hipster/punk, pierced and tattooed couple x) haha 
Jack's tattoo reference…

The Walking Disney collection :… 

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