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The Walking Disney : Tiana

Hi ! A new survivor coming : Tiana is in the Town ! and look .... Oh Naveen ! LOL
A perfect mix between The awesome Badass girl Michonne and The voodoo Queen Marie Laveau from American Horror Story :happybounce: 

Armed with her katana (Yes her and MULAN are not Japanese I KNOW ) and her wakisashi she hopes eliminated many zombies to avenge Naveen the reduced head ( LoooL I hate this character Sorry again for his fans ^^). If you notice she is wearing the amulet of Dr. Facilier and a frog skull on her arm Meow :3 

Tiana+Mulan+Merida=Very BADASS team 
I hope you enjoy her La la la la 

Disney Apocalypse collection :…
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Amystar2019's avatar
This is literalty Wonconda Tiana! I love IT!
Tabacookie's avatar
Mulan V Tiana
Dawn of Michonne{Black VS Yellow[Asian](was that Racist to fight an African-American and a Chinese. YES or NO?!]
superwaffle350's avatar
I figured I'd see her with a big ol machete or cane knife rather than a katana, since Mulan's already got that area covered.  Maybe a coffin hilt bowie paired with a Colt 1911 or something.

:shrug: just brainstorming lol   
The-UnRealIstic's avatar
Sup Michonne 2 Poor Naveen
acethekittykat's avatar
This also reminds me of lollipop chainsaw
MiaIsGoodAtArt's avatar
I didn't even notice that this is Tiana. And is that Naveens head attached to her hip. Who killed him. I love it it's just ssoo ccooooll!
Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
This cool she is so badass.
UmiEbon's avatar
Daaaaaaaaayyuuuummmm. She looks positively BADASS!
kreylomba's avatar
She's IDENTICAL to Buffy's Kendra (which is the ultimate badass)!!!!…
KayleetheDragacron's avatar
This is effin' awesome!
VengefulNoodles's avatar
Great America has a maze inspired by Madame marie 
gothchick7's avatar
I don't know why, but it kinda reminds me of Lollipop Chainsaw. Anyway, nice job.
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
.... why not but if you say that for the three cheerleaders I could understand but here x)
anyway Thank U haha ^^
gothchick7's avatar
I only said that because in Lollipop Chainsaw, the heroine used her boyfriend's head as an accessory of sorts. Anyway, you're welcome.
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
Oh okay I understand now ^^
NanaVakarian's avatar
I love it how you apply so many details to these characters! Naveen's head really gave me goosebumps ^^
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
Thank you very much ! I'm glad you like them ^^
Thehgirl13's avatar
She looks completely badass, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who disliked Naveen. Nice job with the picture!'re superb for this series. Tiana is my favorite. I need this to be a show. That is all.
xelathegreat's avatar
OMG This has to be my favorite of the series! I saw these on tumblr and Tiana made me do a double take!
grapeshotmemory's avatar
What's this? MORE hardcore badassery!
Izabella-black's avatar
totally love this, an independent woman who does what has  to be done.
Scene-Cookie's avatar
loving this one she looks just like micone  :D
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