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The Walking Disney : Snow, Cindy and Aurora

Hi ! This is a new trio of heroines : The most popular cheerleaders Snow, Cindy and Aurora.
Cheerleagers VS Zombies 
Be careful zombies this trio love smashed your skulls with their bats ! Braaaaains...  Braaaaains...  Braaaaains... 

Disney Apocalypse collection :…
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Like Juliet Starling!

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They're gonna show the zombies out they do things old school! 
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I want to hear more of the history, for example; how was their start.
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My favorite one :)
They look like all of the Heathers-
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Classic Disney girls kicking ass. Nice.
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Main classic Disney Princess Trinity
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I imagine these girls holing up in a pet shelter, rescuing and protecting cats, dogs, birds, and even squirrels and mice.
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FINALLY !!! A badass Snow White, it was time ! \o/
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What about Snow White in "Snow White and The Huntsman"?I mean,yeah,it was trash in writing but Snow killed Grimhilde for God's sake.
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Never heard or seen this movie (or serie maybe?)
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It's a movie.Not a bad thing that you don't know about it since Snow White was played by Kristen Stewart,but it does show a badass iteration.
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I think you should attempt some re editted renders of these maybe scan them on a photoshop and just darken the lines but I'd love to see these 3 as turned because it is unlikely for them to survive in a school.
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Love Skilled Cheerleaders Especially in Their Uniforms lol
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How it begun for this trio: A wholesome small town high school football game is in full swing; football players are playing, cheerleaders are cheering, fans are "fanning"; everything is good and normal and fun. But, all of the noise is unintentionally attracting an unknown (and not yet named) group of walkers, who start attacking the fans at the bottom ends of the seats. And before the 3 most popular, sweet, and talented girls in the high school and town realize what is happening, they are in the middle of a couple hundred people running around trying to get away from the 'monsters'. 
          They somehow stick together as they struggle through the screaming crowed, seeing walker after walker ripe apart people they have known their entire lives, and end at the side of a storage shed next to some sports equipment. They huddled together and are screaming and crying at each other about "What's going on?!" "What are those things!?" "What do we do?!?!" and Aurora sees a walker coming up behind Snow and Cindy and screams "Guys look out!!!!!" and when they turn around they yell and Cindy rolls a metal cart full of basket balls in front of them, stopping the walker as it lunges at them. Moving the cart knocks over a bucket full of baseball bats, and working more on adrenalin than thought, Snow grabs a bat and hits the walker in the head from across the cart.
          When the walker falls, she rushes over and keeps beating it with the bat over and over again until its body is completely ripped apart. As Aurora and Cindy silently watch their friend, they each slowly pick up their own bat. When Snow stops she is panting, and her friends just look at each other for a minute, until another two walkers come up from behind them, at which Snow gives a howl-like scream, at which Aurora instantly turns around and hits the walker closer to her, and Cindy gets to the second walker before it could get to Aurora. They focus more of their hits on the walkers heads, and keep hitting until the heads are almost nothing.
          Snow watches her friends until they were done, and then Cindy and Aurora turn towards Snow and three girls just look at each other, and they get close together to hug, sharing their exhaustion, shock, and overwhelming desperation in the face of this situation, whatever the hell any of this insanity WAS. Cindy slightly looks up from their circle, and becomes aware of the insanity that was taking place around them. Out of the crowd she notices that a bunch of walkers were attacking her and Snows boyfriends (loves of their lives since Jr. High) and motion for Snow and Aurora to look. Snow and Cindy were filled with black devastation, and Aurora felt and was filled with that devastation as though her boyfriend and love were just killed in front of her as well.
          Each of the girls began noticing the other walkers in the ocean of people, every one of them attacking and killing another classmate, teacher, townsperson, parent, child, friend, 'enemy', acquaintance, and basic human after another. The girls turned towards each other one more time, because the black devastation inside them had been transformed into a indestructible determination and horrible rage, and them looking into the eyes of their lifelong friends and sisters only confirmed their unspoken mission. They agreed upon their souls. Snow, Cindy and Aurora, one after the other, gripped their already bloody bats and said "We stay together" "Always" "and Forever". What was once a childish motto was now an unbreakable vow. With that, the three run into the crowed and towards the walkers with nothing less than battle cry's ringing from them.
          The girls went after every walker they could see, never straying more than a few feet from each other, and kept on hitting until they were sure the walkers would never get up again , and instantly moving on to another walker. They stopped countless of walker attacks on other people. They had no idea if the person or people saved one second would just get attacked by a different walker as soon as they got out of their sight, but that wasn't really on their minds. All they were thinking about was taking every single dame last monster down. And after somewhere between minutes and hours, every person and every thing, was gone. Every human not dead was either hiding inside the school or had run off into the town either to look for loved ones not at the game or to hide in their own homes. Every walker not killed had slinked off to look for humans somewhere else. The last three cheerleaders in the entire town were still in the middle of the ravaged football field, just finishing off the last few straggling walkers as the last few people were running for their lives.
          It was incredibly still - not quiet as screams and gun fire was just beyond the football - and Aurora, Snow, and Cindy took in the sight of the dozens of dead walkers surrounding them. Snow was the first one to move, and it was towards the storage shed, the spot where their war begun, and just sat down in the grass. Aurora followed and sat down next to her, and they both just stared out into the field of bodies, smelling the blood. Aurora looked into the storage shed through an enormous whole that was somehow made during the chaos, and noticed the pipe that was on the floor. She picked it up, looked it over in her hand, and said "this could be useful". Snow turn at Aurora's words, and decided to look into the shed as well. When she found a box of extra-long nails, it gave her an idea that brought a grin to her pretty face. She found a hammer, sat back down in her spot, open the box of nails and dumped the nails next to her on the grass, and begun hammering as many nails as she could into the top of her bat. Aurora watched as her friend worked, and Snow had a certain look of pleasure on her face that would have greatly disturbed if she saw in during her life that had ended very shortly before. But then, Snow never would of had the look on her face she had not if the life she had had been allowed to continue.
          As Snow continued to hammer, Aurora noticed that they were missing a third of their whole. "Where Cin-?" she began to ask when she hears duffle bags be dropped in front of her. "Miss me?" Cindy asks hollowly, and sits down next to Aurora, putting a lit cigarette back into her mouth, breathing in and letting the smoke drift from her mouth. "You look like a dragon" Aurora says with an subtle air of amusement. "Thanks, it'll probably work in my favor" Cindy's severely fried nerves slowly settling. "I thought you quit" Snow says, not looking up from her work. Cindy comically growls "I lied", and moves her duffel bag towards her, and takes a miniature first aid kit out "Always be prepared" she drools sarcastically. "Hell yeah..." Aurora says in a tired voice, and looks inside the tiny plastic. Nothing but two rolls of gauze, gauze tape, and a dozen band aids. Shockingly, it turns out to be all they need at that point. Apparently the 3 girls had been extremely good at getting the walkers before they could even touch them. Just some gauze and a band aid here and there. Cindy and Aurora turn to Snow, who was looking at her customized weapon with darkish pride. "Your turn Snow" Aurora says, Cindy shaking the plastic box filled with essentials. Snow looks over with a tad of annoyance, leans over to take the aid from Cindy, and applied where needed.
          The trio stood up, Aurora saying "We should try for my house first. It may not be the closest, but I got plenty of stock of actual cloths, food, water, and of course my aun..." Aurora stops, and Cindy and Snow look at her, hearing the catch in her voice "...and maybe my aunties are alright. Besides, between the three of us I'm the only one with family who cares if we were eaten by those things, and vice versa" Mumbling agreements, the trio look at each other, each not saying but feeling how happy and grateful they were that at least two of the people who mean the world to them were still alive.
          Looking back towards the chaotic sounds that was once their home, the grim determination began to return to them. Each pick up their blood soaked bats, each girl with an added 'accessories', and the rage returned to them as well. They and countless of other people have had their ways of life and loved ones - everything they as human beings deserved - ripped from them in a matter of moments. Countless more people where losing their lives period. That will not stand, and it will not last. Not as long as these girls could do something about it. And they would. If anybody were able to see the faces of those girls, the would have seen a whole other level of "game on". Each of the former cheerleaders grabbed a duffel bag and started walking towards the sounds of death, ready to reclaim the world for the living.
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I apologize for any inaccuracy's in my writing in regards to the walkers; I never actually watched the show, and while writing, worked off of the zombies/infection from World War Z (one of the best movies ever). I also apologize for other general grammar, formatting, and writing mistakes. This was my very first real attempt at fan writing, and hope that its at least okay. If its not, I'm still happy that I actually wrote it. If or when I try to rewrite this or write for some more characters, I'll try to do better. I would very much appreciate it if anyone would leave a comment but what they think and what I id right or wrong; I would really help my potential future writing.

I absolutely love Snow, Cindy, and Aurora's faces. Especially Snow's, that is the face of battle. The face of revenge. A face that is facing death and evil head-on.
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Holy shit this was amazing, good intro
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Thank you for the kind reply:happy: Its nice to Know that someone has read it Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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This is f*cking awesome!
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This reminds me of lollipop chainsaw :3
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