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The Walking Disney : Pocahontas and John

This is a very special new pair of survivors : Pocahontas and her dear Zombie John :happybounce: 
Sorry for all fans of John Smith haha Giggle 

Disney Apocalypse collection :…
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So she cut off his arms, and his bottom jaw.
Cant scratch, cant bite... perfect pet.
Dragoncoton's avatar
And perfect distraction when you're near zombies ^^
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how did John get turned? i would've figured he could hold his own...
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Ok pocohantas. I see you
herpaderp0192's avatar
Personally, I kinda always wanted a zombie-boyfriend. He would love me for my brains and my body(flesh)!Heart 
JackAxeWell's avatar
Huh,I figured she would've used a tomahawk,having a Native American background and such.But,in a time of darkness like this anything blunt and/or sharp will do the job.
Half of her head is shaved! That is SO cool!:D
AngiePieXD's avatar
Haha John smith is a walter 
Croenx's avatar
Ok, first off. WOW. This is amazing. And you even made her really smart.

If you notice, Johns' bottom jaw is off.

So he cant bite her.

Shes a fucking genius.

XD Its a small detail but its a good one.
SparklySockz's avatar
How did you get the paper like that? I love the effect. ;p (WAIT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO JOHN!!!?!?!?!?) Lolz ;p
JunotheElf's avatar
Is that feather in Pocahontas' ear from Flint?
babyvfan's avatar
So creepy yet incredibly cool
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
KrazyKatOfDOOM's avatar
I love this pic but Zombie John looks like he has a lil bit of a zombie boner
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Kasami-Sensei's avatar
I draw them on paper and I color them on photoshop ;)
minxwings's avatar
Can you make a story to go with this
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
Very cool. ^^ I actually like John better as a zombie. XD
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
Haha I don't like him much in the movie 
I find him arrogant and narcissistic ^^ this is partly why he is a zombie owO
pandicornavenger's avatar
This is hand draw or animation? :3
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