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The Walking Disney/Pixar : Woody, Buzz and Jessie

Hi ! Here this is a new trio of survivors, 2 cowboys and 1 soldier : Woody, Buzz and Jessie !:happybounce: I am a dummy! 

Disney Apocalypse collection :…

And for those who want to know I am currently working on Twisted Kida !! 
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marothdrachen's avatar
why buzz looks like chris redfield  and the assault rifle looks like the assault rifle of re6
Oldmeme2012's avatar
What about 'Last of Us' version?
Weirdly-Insane's avatar
These are so amazing!!!!!
CandyLand901's avatar
No one will play with them anymore
Conlannalnoc's avatar
I sort of see Woody as a more mentally stable Rick Grimes. I like the stubble look.
evilkat23's avatar
I love the fact that you gave woody some stubble. Idk why...
kittymonster14's avatar
The squad is on point
trungquang1999's avatar
An U.S special force (probably Ranger) a sheriff and a farmgirl. Good team
ReformRalphiee's avatar
DarkSamuraiX1999's avatar
I like that Buzz looks like Chris Redfield :3
Subject-No13's avatar
Nicely drawn, but I don't think that Jessie's outfit is the most appropriate for world full of human flesh eating unread people who can infect you with bite or scratch.
rain1940's avatar
Duuuuude. You've SERIOUSLY thought I won't recognize the copies of my humanized Toy Story Characters?
Very, very lame.

Stop copying other artist's work.
EngineGear's avatar
Leave him alone.
rain1940's avatar
I wouldn't support a thief if I where you.
EngineGear's avatar
They barely look alike. The one similar to yours is Woody.
rain1940's avatar
I'm not arguing with idiots.
EngineGear's avatar
I’m not saying stealing someone’s artwork isn’t wrong. It’s all types of wrong.
EngineGear's avatar
And I am no idiot.
musickrazy123's avatar
just realised... that these three could be rick, shane and lori!
KiwiCat232's avatar
Well, shit!
You're right!
The-UnRealIstic's avatar
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