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The Walking Disney : Ariel and Eric

Hi ! This is my second pair of survivors in the bloody and dangerous apocalyptic  world apocalyptic of zombies : Ariel and Eric
a badass world as in The walking dead or Last of Us :happybounce: 

Story : A scream rang out on the once deserted beach. A little boy was running away from a hoard of- of things. He didn’t know how to describe them, for they were not people.
He ran as his little blue and yellow striped shirt was beginning to soak through with blood. He had fallen earlier and a jagged rock got his side. Then they had shown up.
His tears ran down his face as he kept running and running away from the hoard. His pace slowing from the loss of blood he had. Then a flash of two shapes jumped over him from the rocks above his head. 
He turned around and saw, standing before him was a man and woman. The woman had red hair, thrown up in a ponytail, a large machete poised for attack. 
The man, however, had curly black hair that was covered by a beanie, a small gun in his hand, a larger one against his back.
“Get back, little man. We have them. Take this and hold it, hard, against the cut.” The man said, taking his hat and throwing it at him. The boy caught it, and looked at them. The man gave a smile and turned to the woman.
“You gonna be okay for this one?” he asked with a smile. She smirked back at him and knocked her hip. Showing off the music tattoo that laid there.
“Yes now stop worrying!” She replied. With that they both charged. The boy could do nothing but stare in awe as he covered his wound. They had begun to fight back against the monsters.
The little boy was always to scared to fight them. He didn’t like scary things. But here they were, his saviors, as they slowly took out each one of them.
When it was finally over, they both high-fived and turned to walk back over. They approached the little boy, who was still using the beanie to apply pressure.
“Hey little man…It’s gonna be okay. You got any family around here?” The woman asked kindly, holding out her hand, and giving a smile. 
The little boy nodded, taking her hand and leading her to a cave not far from where they were. He entered and called out into the cave.
“I’m back! I- I met some people, alive ones, a-and they helped me...maybe they can help you too!?” he cried looking back at them for a moment.
He ran inside to a small body that laid on the cool ground. It was a teenage boy, with red hair, a little darker than the woman’s. His eyes flickered open as he looked to the younger boy. 
“Flounder!! I was so worried! What do you think you’re doing running off like that?! You gave me a heart attack! And you’re bleeding! Oh good lord, what did you do?!” He yelled, sitting up and tugging the boy to sit down as he started to dress the wound. 
“I-I’m sorry Sebby. I- I just wanted to help. You’re hurt too and I just wanted to help!” he cried, tears building in his eyes. The older one sighed and gave him a hug.
“It’s okay Flounder. You were just trying to help. But i’m okay- really” he said while hugging him. He then turned to the man and woman who still stood near the entrance. He beckoned them to come closer and sit.
“Hello, thanks for helping out my little brother. As you heard his names Flounder. I’m Sebastian.” he said, giving a small smile and offering  his hand. The woman took it and returned his smile.
“I’m Ariel, and this is my husband Eric” she said as Eric gave a wave and also shook his hand. 
“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, Flounder said you were hurt...what’s wrong?” Ariel asked, a worried. She had always had a weak spot for children.
“I broke my leg when I fell of that cliff up there. We were lucky to find this shelter, but we’ve been stuck here for a few days. We we’re about to run out of food, so I guess why this one ran off.” Sebastian said, giving a glance to flounder.
“Hey I have practice with the medical area so maybe I can take a look at your leg” said Eric. He glanced at Ariel. He needed to make sure she was alright too. 
“Really? you would do that?” Flounder asked, hugging on to Ariel. SHe smiled and hugged him back. Eric nodded and went to work on Sebastian’s leg.
“Um...Flounder...where are your parents?” Ariel asked, looking down at flounder who was sitting in her lap, his wound all bound. His smile faltered and he cast his gaze to the ground. Sebastian’s mood also darkened at the question.
“Gone… the monsters took them” said Flounder, a few tears sliding down his face. She quickly gave him a hug as he started to cry more. She rocked back and forth, whispering to him.
“It’s going to be okay. I know it’s hard. I lost my family too. But you’re not alone. You have Sebastian, and now Eric and I too!” She said, holding him tighter.
“Are you gonna stay with us?” Flounder asked, looking up at Ariel, a gleam of hope in his bright blue eyes, His blonde hair hanging in his face.
“Of course we will. I won’t leave you. Not ever. I promise” She said and Eric nodded at Sebastian. Both boys looked at each other with smiles. They wouldn’t be alone anymore.
“We’ll be a family. Just the four of us” Sebastian said with a grin. Ariel glanced at Eric with a smile. 
“Five of us” Eric said, grinning at his wife. Both boys looked at them confused, at the mention of a new person. Ariel than cleared the air as she said two words that made everyone happy.
“I’m pregnant”

Story made by an amazing and talented writer Im-just-here-tonight  im-just-here-tonight.deviantar…

Disney Apocalypse collection :…
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It would be better if Ariel had a trident = like a fork instead of a machete.
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Cute but- why would you STILL wear a bikini in a zombie apocalypse?
Pretty spot on though.
NicholasTheBlueGWR's avatar
Have you ever imagined what Melody would look like?
Hopewinch15's avatar
Omg please make Sebastian and flounder this is amazing
KrodindaGreat's avatar
"I'm pregnant." THAT'S why she looked a bit chubby. Only a bit. Also, REALLY liking the Walking Disney. Sounds awesome and looks that way too.
SquishyKin12's avatar
Omg this just le best
qboz's avatar
Do zombies like fish? Anyone well done, nice art.
Dannytheguardian's avatar
Oh please do sora,riku,and Kari from kingdom hearts
Tabacookie's avatar
The Kingdom Hearts is a Square Enix and a Non Disney CGI Look alike Anime Character Games!

Well........ yeah ok i want to see that Drawing of Sora and the Others in the Walking Dead Disney/Dreamworks

Sorry 4 my english typing and think of any english language. commenting, chatting, speaking or talking cause i'm terrible
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Kapri7's avatar
whos pregnant?
babyyama's avatar
Ariel looks like the simple version of dc harley quinn
sampea's avatar
The-UnRealIstic's avatar
Eric looks like someone but I cant name it
Marine-san's avatar
I have to ask...
What is Eric doing of his right hand ?! xD
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NovamiDust's avatar
Omg you have to draw melody!
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
NovamiDust's avatar
"Maybe" 😩😩😩
DarkbladerX2's avatar
Looks great, but what happened to Jim?
DarkbladerX2's avatar
Did he have to die? 😭
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
I wanted him to have a tragic and heroic story Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
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