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The Walking Disney : Anna and Elsa

Hi !! =D I present a new Disney series : The Walking Disney.  Just for the fun ! ^^
The Disney heroes are in a post-apocalyptic world populated of zombies and must survive like the great series Walking Dead haha :happybounce: 
Here the first survivors Anna and Elsa the Frozen Sisters Wink/Razz   ♪ ♫ Elsa? Do you wanna kill a zombie? ♫ ♪

Don't worry I continue the Twisted series !

Story : Two girls ran towards a crumbling, old forgotten building. The wind hit their faces as the storm above them brewed in the sky. The temperature continuing to drop by the minute. They knew they would need shelter soon as their breath became noticeable. 
One girl, a tall blonde whose messy hair was thrown in a side braid turned and saw the very thing they were running from. She turned back and grabbed the smaller girl by the wrist and surged forward. 
They were so close to the building up ahead. Just a few more bounds and they would be there. Then the smaller girl tripped taking the other with her to the ground. They both landed with a thud and scrambled up, turning around, they saw that it had caught up. 
“Anna...we have to fight it.” Said the older girl to the younger one. The other looked up with tears in her blue eyes. Her orange hair that ran in two braids caked with mud. 
“I know, Elsa...we no longer have a choice.” Replied Anna. They both stood up and faced the thing that crept toward them at a slower pace now. The lifeless body of Anna’s old boyfriend, Hans. He had left them at their home when it all began, leaving them for dead. They rarely spoke about it, for it broke Anna’s heart. 
They had been traveling through a town today and ran into the thing that was once Hans. Instead a mindless creature pursued them with only hunger as it’s intent. An undead creature, the thing that transformed their world into what it was now. A mindless, hungry, zombie. 
Anna hoisted up the machine gun that laid at her side, while Elsa cocked her own hand gun. Though all he had done Anna and Elsa didn’t want to kill him, which is why they ran at first. But now, as they aimed their weapons, they no longer had a choice. 
A loud bang ran through the air as they both fired. The body fell to the ground in an instant. Anna and Elsa’s tears ran down their face as the stood up and continued running towards the abandoned building. 
They reached the door as the snow finally began to fall. The door opened and shut with a loud creak. They quickly checked the building for any signs of zombies. So far so good, they slump down to take a breather. 
“Anna...are you okay?” Elsa asked leaning over to Anna, placing a hand on her shoulder. Anna faced her tears in her eyes, streaming down her face.
“Oh Elsa, I know I shouldn't be so sad. He left us. He left me. But- But I am.” she cried, falling into Elsa's arms. Elsa rubbed her back and held onto her tight. She just wished she could make the pain her little sister felt, she just wished it would go away.
“Just...let it go, Anna. I’ve got you. I won’t let anyone else hurt you anymore. I promise. Let it go” Elsa whispered. She felt her own tears start to run down her own face. They had been through so much together. They drifted apart for a while but were so close lately and especially as kids. She wished they’d be able to one day enjoy life as they once did.
“Remember when we were kids, we used to make up songs? We’d sing all the time. Mom and Dad used to call us princesses because we lived like it was a fairytale. We’d use to gout every winter and build friends.” Elsa said, wiping the tears from her and Anna’s face. 
“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Anna sang, quietly with a shaky laugh. 
“Come on, let’s go and play” Elsa joined in, with a small smile. They held onto each other tighter. The memories that were coming back brought hope that it would one day be like that again.
“Do you wanna build a snowman? Doesn’t have to be a snowman” They sang together, both shaking as they held on. They were all they had left anymore. But somehow, that was okay. They only needed each other. They were there, alive. 
A loud bang sent the two sisters jumping into the air. The door burst open and a giant dog came bounding in. Both lept and reached for their weapons but a voice yelled 
“Don’t!” A man came running in after the dog. He had a cap and a scarf on and a shotgun hanging at his side. They both looked at him, still on their guard. He pulled off his hat and scarf and his unruly blonde hair fell into his eyes. 
“Sorry, he gets excited at new people. I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” he said. 
“Come ‘ere sven!” he called and the dog came running back, lying on his stomach in front of the man. Anna and Elsa slowly put down their weapons and moved towards the guy. 
“Oh my bad. I’m Kristoff. This is Sven. Nice to meet some good, alive, humans.” he said, holding out his hand. Anna decided to step up and she took it.
“I’m Anna. This is my older sister, Elsa. It’s nice to meet you too” She said with a smile. Elsa shook his hand too and they soon got into a regular conversation. 
They learned that he and Sven were traveling and they needed a place to shelter for the night when they happened on this place. Elsa laughed as she saw Kristoff take a liking to Anna. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but so did Hans. She promised to be on her guard with him.
But after all, Having two new friends in this frozen nightmare was nice for the two sisters. Maybe one day they will be able to build a snowman again.

Story made by an amazing and talented writer Im-just-here-tonight  im-just-here-tonight.deviantar…

Disney Apocalypse collection :…

inspired by peeknokboorapa-go-it.deviantar… Frozen Fanart

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I love these! Please keep making these!

MeahowCosplay's avatar
I've been following your Walking Disney designs for awhile, and Anna is still my favorite. I really want to cosplay this, I hope you don't mind? :)
ReformRalphiee's avatar
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn :D
Altern8ty's avatar
this is awesome!
mangakadubkat's avatar
Instant watch cos ur art style is boss and you;'re not afraid to type 'novels' (of text) in the description of your deviations.
mariotg's avatar
I start a engine crashing into a bunch of zombies u want to live anna and elsa
Would you mind if my friend and I cosplayer this? 😍😍
MiuRiko's avatar
I am so much going to cosplayer Elsa in this version <3
Procar's avatar
The waking dead never bothered me anyway....XD
SirClrwaterMK2's avatar
I am so faving this.
SandraSloth's avatar
1) Obviously you must have no breasts. Anyone over a B cup would not be running around much less fighting Zombies with just a bra on.  Silly kids - real breasts bounce and that can hurt! Why do you think sports bra were invented? They don't push up they support - often with way more fabric! 
2) Oh yeah, this is my thinking... "Oh its the Zombies, holy $hit! But wait let me first put on my bikini top!"
3) They wear jackets and pair it with a bikini/bra top? WTF? Are they stupid? I hope the jacket doesn't it

Why do men have clothes but not women? I know... have the men just run around in a jock strap! 

Interesting concept, drawing is nice, but the execution is lame. 
princeapocalypse's avatar
I agree. As much as I do like the AU, the bra-like tops are impracactical.
Dawnshadow187's avatar
Hell, it doesn't even look like Elsa has bra straps! She's dead in a close combat situation!
Dawnshadow187's avatar
I completely agree with this, the execution of these outfits is so obviously sexualized along with a lot of the other women characters, and it really takes away from the coolness of the AU. Like, really, we're gonna do /that/, and make it about boobs instead of about outfit possibilities, what each character would find practical, what colors would look cool, etc? Thank you for finally saying it.
JCAdlawan's avatar
You should change it to "Strawberry Blonde hair" not Orange. ;) But all in all, AWESOME STORY!
FrozenFanFicFan's avatar
Her hair isn't strawberry blonde >.<
It's too orangey/red to be strawberry blonde.
JCAdlawan's avatar
It's confirmed to be STRAWBERRY BLONDE!!!

It's in the OFFICIAL DISNEY BLOG!! OhMyDisney! Blog


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