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Whether photography, sketching or journalism, we'd love everyone to go ahead and give themselves a chance to shine~ Our main focus is to promote art so that you can get recognized on dA. What ends up happening is that while looking at flowering artists, you meet amazing people as well!

Enjoy yourselves and the artists that represent their improving or extraordinary talent. Don't be afraid to show off people, that's what we're here for! :3
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For the New Featured Artist Of December 2014, and the LAST ONE of this year.... drumroll please!......

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Kankitsuru, a Premium Artist with wicked, friggin' talent, is the Last Featured Member Of 2014!!!! Congratulations!

This user is amazing, very talented, and very deserving of this award if you ask me~ :iconyeahplz: She is pretty amazing in her work, and I could make a page full of how much she's contributed, but for now, we'll just have to stop short, and feature some of works here~ I hope to continue to see your talents continue and always grow in the future~

Some of this artist's works-
Teen Titans: Raven by Sukesha-Ray Marshall Lee x Fiona: Don't Leave Me. by Sukesha-Ray Young Celestia: Soaring through the Heavens by Sukesha-Ray Concept Art- Dragon Elf Girl by Sukesha-Ray Pokemon Trainer Flannery by Sukesha-Ray

KasaiHana! This group :iconumoyas: is a fantastic group who needs your help to grow up. They are a group with adorable adoptables, and a small money fix. More explanation can be found here-->…

Thanks to :icondeathwatch116: for this little feature, since it would be good to help fellow groups out.
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Lord DominionLord Dominion,At nightIn Agreste’s HouseChat noir: (he arrives to his house after a fight) Plagg, claws in (he transforms back getting on his room)Plagg: you did great this time, AdrienAdrien: I know…Ahhh finally, home sweet homePlagg: what do you think about your new teammate?Adrien: do you mean Shadowclaw? Well, Shadowclaw is really serious if you ask me, but she is powerfulPlagg: but nothing compared with usAdriend: (smiles) yeah (he lies on his bed and closes his eyes) Good Night PlaggPlagg: Night6 hours later???: (opens the door) Adrien,Good Morning, wake upAdrien: (he wakes up and sits) Good morning NathalieNathalie: today you have a date with your fatherAdrien: with who?Nathalie: an Old Friend of your father, Adrien, please be prepared and go to his officeAdrien: (nods) yes (Nathalie goes out and he gets out of the bed) Did you hear that Plagg? (he takes some clothes of his closet)Plagg: yeah, I didn’t know your father had friendsAdrien: me either (he gives him some cheese and heads to the shower)An Hour later, on Gabriel’s OfficeAdrien: (waiting with Gabriel) father?Gabriel: yes? (with his arms on his back)Adrien: who is your friend? Did Mom know him?Gabriel: we are friends since kids, we know each other, he is a prestigious person on the Chocolate Industries. Owner of the Bissette fashion brand. His wife was your mother's assistant on her movies, when your mother needed help, she was there to support her.Adrien: wow, I want to meet himGabriel: you willNathalie: (arrives with a man who has Black hair and deep blue eyes) here Mr. ChannelleMr. Chanelle: Thank you, NathalieGabriel: HendricksHendricks: Gabriel, my friend (they shake hands) long time no seeGabriel: agree, he is my son Adrien, you should remember him since last timeHendricks: (nods) the little AdrienAdrien: nice to meet you sir (bows)Hendricks: (bows back) the pleasure it’s mine, Adrien (The door opens ones again)???: Thank you, Miss Nathalie (she gets in)Hendricks: my daughter comes with me, I hope she doesn’t…Gabriel: You 2 are always welcome in this houseAdrien: April (smiles)April: Oh Hi Adrien (she smiles)Gabriel: do you know each other?Adrien: yes, she is a friend of mineApril: we met at school since the day I arrivedHendricks: I seeGabriel: just like your mothersApril and Adrien: (they look at Gabriel)Gabriel: well, go to play, the adults need to talkAdrien: yes father, come aprilApril: (nods)Hendricks: (he looks at them go out) they are like themGabriel: yesIn Adrien’s RoomApril: (playing videogames with Adrien)Adrien: I didn’t know you were daughter of my father’s friend (winning)April: I wanted to surprise you, my father told me yesterday we were going to visit you (the screen appears player 1 wins) you won…again (smiles)Adrien: you will never win april, I’m the best on this (smiles)April: I see… (her smiles softly disappears)Adrien: it’s everything ok?April: yeah… well… kinda…Adrien: what’s wrong? I’ll let you win this oneApril: it’s not that Adrien…Adrien: what is it? (he looks at her)April: (she looks down) well…At Gabriel’s OfficeHendricks: (sitting on the couch) How are the business going?Gabriel: (looking out the window) excellent, like everything I doHendricks: You've become quite a perfectionist since Emilie’sGabriel: I say the same about you, my friend.Hendricks: (sighs) I still miss her a lot, both me and my daughter.Gabriel: I'm sorry I didn't go to her…Hendricks: don't worry about it, I understand you were busy with your new collection.Gabriel: (takes a photo with a girl with brown hair and aquamarine eyes hugging Emilie) Emilie and Ada were such good friends, they never separated from each other. Remember when Emilie accidentally ripped the dress and Ada improved it before filming thinking that I wouldn't notice? (He gives to Hendricks the photo of Emilie and Ada)Hendricks: (smiles slightly) how can I forget it? When Ada approached, she told me that you would kill her for ruining your design, Emilie trying to calm her down and then you came asking why she changed everything on your dressGabriel: I had to admit it was a good work, Emilie said she felt more comfortable with that changeHendricks: (he sees the photo) Ada couldn't believe you told her she did better than you thoughtGabriel: She had a talent for crafts as well as musicHendricks: yes (her slight smile slowly disappears)Gabriel: (touches his shoulder) I understand you Hendricks, but there is nothing that can do to bring them backHendriks: (he sees the photo focusing on Ada)Gabriel: I'll tell Natalie to bring something to drink for both of us and something for the children (he leaves the office)Hendricks: (looking at the photo) if only ...In an unknown place a window is opened letting in the light that makes many butterflies riseHawkmoth: A heart with the pain of not forgetting his first love, the perfect guest for one of my akumas (he takes a butterfly turning it black) go with him my little akuma, and help his little heartButterfly: (comes out the window)In Gabriel's OfficeHendricks: If only I had stopped them ... you were here (he covers his face with his hands and the butterfly enters his wedding ring) ...?! (an energy mask appears in his eyes)Hawkmoth: Hendricks Channelle, I am Hawkmoth, I am giving you the energy that you did not have at that time to bring her backHendricks: It can't be (he jumps up)Hawkmoth: I need Chat Noir and Ladybug's miraculous to fulfill your dreamHendricks: (thinks about the situation) okayHawkmoth: (smiles) that's itHendricks: (is covered by darkness)In Adrien's roomAdrien: so that's what you gotApril: I'm afraid of losing the people I love like my momAdrien: April, you have nothing to fear. We are here, Your dad and I won't let something bad happenApril: can you promise me?Adrien: I promise you (lights start to blink erratically)???: Your promises are nothing (appears destroying the light in the room)April: (go to ???) d-dad?Adrien: (puts April behind him, serious)???: I am no longer your father, girl, I am Lord Dominion, master and lord of EnergyApril: (covers her mouth) no dad pleaseAdrien: (looking at Lord Dominion) I won't let you hurt herLord Dominion: I do not intend to harm her (approaches them)Adrien: (throws some things at Lord Dominion and takes April by the hand and runs)Lord Dominion: (energy field pulverizes things) is that all?April: (runs) Adrien we have to hide!Adrien: I know! (goes to the kitchen but they stop when they hear sounds)Lord Dominion: (comes out of the microwave) You are not going anywhere.Adrien: (runs back to the living room)Lord Dominion: (comes out of television) not here childrenApril: noAdrien: (in shock he runs again) I know where!Lord Dominion: you can run but you cannot hide from meAdrien: (runs and opens the closet) stay here April, you'll be safe hereApril: Adrien! (He closes the door)Adrien: (runs to another place)April: Adrien! (knocks on the door) Adrien, come back!!!???: He won't come back for you (turns on the light bulb)April: (looks back scared seeing Lord Dominion smile)In another place somewhat far from the Agreste’s mansionAdrien: now that April is safe, Plagg! Claws out! (he transforms) he has to be close ... (he goes back and goes to the Closet) April! (He sees that the door is open with a light bulb on) no ...In Marinette's HouseTikki: so Adrien couldn't go out todayMarinette: It seems not, but it makes me strange because April said she also had something to doTikki: don't you think they are together?Marinette: of course not, they are friends. (a news program appears on that television)Tikki: (watches TV) Marinette! that's April!Marinette: huh? (turns around and sees April tied up at the top of the Eifel Tower)Nadja Chamack: Here, Nadja Chamack, reporting that a new Akumatized has appeared and is holding a hostage.Lord Dominion: (appears in the studio of the channel) Ladybug and Chat noir this is my city now, give me your Miraculous (he enters the Chamber and leaves a focus of the tower) or she will pay the consequences! (stands close of the antenna that is holding April)Marinette: We can't let him hurt her! Tikki, Spots on!!! (transforms and leaves her house)At the eiffel towerApril: Dad, please stop. You're not like that, don't let Hawkmoth control youLord Dominion: it is something that I have to do, They will pay for what they did. (the moth mask appears)Hawkmoth: That's right, they'll be here soon so get ready Lord DominionLord Dominion: (nods)Not so far from thereChat Noir: (jumps between buildings) I have to save herLadybug: Kitty!Chat Noir: Ladybug? (he turns at her) there is a Student we need to saveLadybug: I know, do you have any news from Shadow?Chat Noir: No, my ladyLadybug: it seems that we are alone, as alwaysChat Noir: (looking at the tower) Do you have any plan?Ladybug: we have to save her first, I'll try to distract him while you save the girlChat Noir: (nods)Ladybug and Chat Noir: (go)Lord Dominion: (at the foot of the Tower) I see that they decided to appearChat Noir: let her go, Lord Dominion!Ladybug: she doesn't have to get hurtLord Dominion: give me your miraculous, now (offers his hand)Ladybug and Chat Noir: never (on guard)Lord Dominion: Well then, I'll rip them out of your hands! (he creates an energy sword and attacks both of them)Ladybug: ha! (uses his yoyo to defend himself and Chat Noir attacks with his staff)Lord Dominion: (dodges his movements and counterattacks with a kick to ladybug and a whip against Chat noir)Chat Noir: how could ...Ladybug: I don't know, he knows our movementsLord Dominion: I've been in business a long time, you brats. Useless , you can not against me (he fights against both without letting either escape using various energy weapons)At the top of the TowerApril: Argh! (tries to untie) Alucard, help meAlucard: (comes out of April's hair) Yes ma'am! (He tries to untie her) That's not your dad!April: yes it is! (sees Lord Dominion fighting) Come on Alucard, they need me!Alucard: ready! (the ropes fall)April: Alucard hide (she holds onto the antenna but takes a wrong step and is about to fall) Argh!Alucard: April!Helicopters: (they pass by watching the fight and record April who is holding onto the antenna)Nadja: the girl is holding onto the antenna!April: Argh! (sees that the antenna is breaking) Argh !!Alucard: no no! (hides in April's hair) You have to transform or you will fall!April: if I transform, they will know my identity! (she tries to climb but it breaks more) Argh! Dad!Lord Dominion: (listens and turns) AprilChat Noir: April! Hold!Ladybug: Enchanted Amulet!! (some jumper cables appear) what?!April: (the antenna finally breaks) AHHHHH !!! (covers her eyes)Ladybug and Chatnoir: NO! (they go as fast as they can)Lord Dominion: April! (He disappears into a street lamp and appears on one of the floors above) Daughter! (looks around desperately sees her fall)April: (with her eyes covered by her hands but then she is caught by someone)???: you should not do thatApril: (she removes her hands)Chat Noir: (smiles) take it easy, you are in good hands, I’ll protect you, I promiseApril: Chat Noir, you… (in shock)Ladybug: (sighs in relief) Well doneLord Dominion: (Annoyed begins to absorb a lot of electricity) I will finish you!Chat Noir: (he puts April into an elevator) stay hereApril: (nods and the Elevator goes down)Chat Noir: (Serious turns and Ladybug falls to one side of him)Ladybug: is absorbing all the energy of the cityLord Dominion: A useless cat and a disgusting Ladybug, 2 stupid brats can't beat me! (he gets hit by a rock)Shadowclaw: you are right (at the top of the tower) 2 can't ... but 3 can ...Ladybug: Shadowclaw!Chatnoir: you're late! what were you doing?!Shadowclaw: I was busy with some business ... (she jumps and falls next top them)Ladybug: (uses her vision and notices the cables, Lord Dominion and Shadowclaw) It seems it's your turn, ShadowShadowclaw: I'll need you for thisChat Noir: do you trust us now, batsy?Shadowclaw: no, but you showed me I was wrong.Ladybug: alright (gives Chat Noir a red wire and she gets the black one) ready?Heroes: READY!Lord Dominion: you are nothing but children trying to be Heroes!Heroes: (jump towards him)Lord Dominion: (releases energy while using his energy sword to crash it with Shadowclaw’s)Shadowclaw: (sees Lord Dominion)Lord Dominion: you can't beat me! (he kicks Shadowclaw)Chatnoir: (protects her with his cane) Nah ah! (throws his cable at Lord Dominion)Lord Dominion: (dodges and prepares to attack with his sword)Ladybug: (ties his sword with her yoyo and takes it from Dominion) Tch!Lord Dominion: damn brat! (grabs ladybug by the neck and throws her against Chat Noir)Shadowclaw: (catches Ladybug) gotcha!Chat Noir: (pulls the cable that is tangled around Lord Dominion's feet)Lord Dominion: (stands and throws a new energy sword at Chat Noir)Ladybug: (gets in the middle tying his hands with her cable)Lord Dominion: (uses the cables to whip them both)Chat Noir and Ladybug: AHHH! (they fall to the ground hard)Lord Dominion: (reaches for an electrical outlet) it's over ... (he absorbs more energy from the city) HAHAHAHAHA !!!Hawkmoth: (watches the fight) finish them off and bring me their miraculous!!!Lord Dominion: NOBODY CAN DEFEAT ME NOW!???: are you sure about that?Lord Dominion: (turns and sees Shadowclaw with the cables) What will you do with that?Shadowclaw: ENERGY TRANSFUSION! (she absorbs the energy of Lord Dominion causing a very strong explosion and a total blackout in Paris)Ladybug: SHADOWCLAW!Lord Dominion and Shadowclaw: (fly off the explosion)Lord Dominion: (falling Knocked out)Chat Noir: Shadow!Shadowclaw: (takes Lord Dominion and lands carefully with him, removes the cables) Dad (whispers worried)Chat Noir and Ladybug: (they also come down and see Shadowclaw and Lord Dominion)Shadowclaw: destroy the ring ... I have to go ... (she walks away)Ladybug: Shadow ...Shadowclaw: thank you Ladybug, and you too, kitty (her necklace sounds) see you later (she leaves)Chat Noir: Shadow!Ladybug: Chat ... she is goneChat Noir: (nods sadly) Cataclysm! (destroys the ring by letting go the akuma)Ladybug: No more evildoing for you little akuma… (she spins her yoyo) TIME TO GET DEEVILIZE! (She throws it and catches the akuma) Gotcha! (she releases it) bye bye lil’akuma (She takes the Cables and throws them up) Miraculous Ladybug !!!Everything returns to normal as Lord Dominion comes back to being Hendricks with his ring on his finger fixedHendricks: (wakes up and looks around) where am I?Chat Noir and Ladybug: Got it! (they touch their fists)Hendricks: (gets up) where is April?Chat Noir: (goes to the Elevator, the doors open and sees April sitting in the corner) April? You ok?April: Chat Noir (goes with him and hugs him) I'm fine ... do you know how my dad is?Chat Noir: your dad is fine, he's there with LadybugApril: (sees her dad and runs) Dad! (she jumps up and hugs him) Dad was afraid of losing you!Hendricks: I'm fine, April, calm down (touches her hair smiling)Ladybug: Chat, can you take them home?Chat Noir: of courseLadybug: (leaves)April: (hugs her dad)Later at April's houseApril: (on the balcony watching the moon)???: heyApril: huh? (turns) Chat Noir ... what are you doing here?Chat Noir: patrolling the city, I saw you and decided to come and see how you wereApril: I'm fine thanks.Chat Noir - Glad to hear that ...April: (lowers her head a little) hey ... can I ask you a question?Chat Noir: do you want my phone number? Of courseApril: (laughs a little) no, thanks ... I wanted to ask you how did you know my name?Chat Noir: ehhhh (gets in shock) yo-your friend Adrien told meApril: ohhh ...Chat Noir: y-yeah, he told me you were on danger so i decided to save youApril: Adrien ...Chat Noir: he cared a lot about you, he said he had to keep his promiseApril: (closes eyes) I know I can trust himChat Noir and April: (see the moon)In Hawkmoth's lair, the window opens to reveal the moon???: Speak NowGabriel: I never stopped having them, and apparently neither did you, Hendricks (hands behind his back)Hendricks: I would never leave my miraculous or hers ...Gabriel: what do you have in mind?Hendricks: finish them off, I'll lend you my help but you'll have to bring her backGabriel: It seems fair to me my friend (offers him his hand)Hendricks: (shakes his hand)Gabriel and Hendricks: Nooroo, Dark Wings Rise! / Leo, Hail to the King! (they both transform)Hawkmoth and Solar Flare: (they both look at the city)
Literature 2
Quiververse Bonus Reel - Vignette Eleven“What were you three thinking?!” It had not been a good day for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Their well-intentioned efforts at playing matchmaker for their teacher had led to Cheerilee and Big McIntosh falling under the influence of what they had thought was a love potion, only to discover was actually a love poison. They’d managed to break the spell and undo the damage they had done before it could escalate further, but that still left them with plenty of consequences. Consequences that, unfortunately, included explaining things to their immediate relatives and the one from whom they had learned about the potion. “Twilight, darling, calm down!” Rarity at least appeared to be in their corner as she attempted to soothe her friend’s frustrations. “I’ll admit, what they did was more than a bit ill-conceived, but given the fact that they cleaned up their own mess, I don’t think yelling at them is warranted!” “I’m not…!” Twilight took a second to calm herself. “I’m not yelling. At least, not on purpose.” She turned back to the Crusaders and said, “And as glad as I am that the three of you fixed your mistake, it’s one that you shouldn’t have made in the first place. That potion was a mind-altering substance, and potions and spells like that are morally dubious at best.” “Says the mare who hyponized most of the town into fightin’ over her foalhood toy.” Applejack quirked an eyebrow and noted, “And whose sister-in-law can do the same thing they did without a potion.” Twilight winced at her friend’s summation. “And those are precisely the reasons why I’m so disappointed about all of this.” She turned back to the Crusaders and remarked, “I’m just glad the three of you aren’t trying to explain this away with good intentions.” Sweetie Belle gave a nervous smile. “Well, we did have those. I mean, nopony should be alone on Hearts and Hooves Day, right?” Rarity tutted at her sister’s defense. “As much as I agree with that, sometimes we simply have no choice. As much as I wish it were otherwise, romance is far more complicated than it seems, and even if it wasn’t, a love potion is hardly the best foundation to build upon.” “Rarity’s right, y’all.” Applejack gently frowned as she explained, “There’s plenty of ponies out there who don’t end up with special someponies, fer a lotta reasons. That’s just how life works.” She then smirked and added, “Besides, Cheerilee an’ Big Mac already gave it a go. Didn’t really work out fer either of ‘em.” Apple Bloom turned surprised at that. “Really? They dated?” “Back when you were a tiny little thing, before we lost Mom and Dad.” Applejack shrugged as she admitted, “He’s still a little embarrassed about how it all ended, but that’s his story to tell, not mine.” “Okay, fine, but why have the recipe for the potion in the book in the first place?” “That’s actually a very good question.” Gilded Lily turned to Twilight with a raised brow as she echoed her niece’s statement. “Care to elaborate?” Twilight sighed. “I don’t know why the exact recipe was included in the book. I assume it was for the sake of being thorough, especially given the cure was included. But if the three of you had read a little further, you would’ve realized that it wasn’t the prince and princess’s relationship this holiday was meant to celebrate. The prince who crafted the potion did so with the help of a loyal potion maker under his service, a mare who aided him because she loved him and ultimately broke the curse for the same reasons.” “Did they end up together?” Sweetie Belle prompted, a little bit of hope in her voice. “No, but the whole experience did teach the prince a valuable lesson in the true value of love, one that he hoped to remind ponies of when this holiday was founded.” Twilight frowned as she added, “Especially considering the potion maker rejected his advances after she freed him.” “Yet another reason why these sorts of things aren’t worth the trouble.” Rarity turned to the three and noted, “In any case, I am glad that the three of you realized your mistake and worked to fix it before it could go too far. And so far as I’m concerned, the punishment Cheerilee and Big McIntosh have given you is enough.” Applejack nodded in agreement, while Gilded Lily scowled before she relented. “Fine, but Scootaloo’s parents are going to hear about this.” “And I’m just going to remind you that it’s important to read the whole book and consider the potential consequences of your actions before you do something like this again.” Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Alright?” The three Crusaders nodded, and Apple Bloom noted, “Ah just hope Big Mac an’ Miss Cheerilee don’t rib us too much over this.”- Unfortunately for Apple Bloom, her hopes were dashed later that day. “Since you three are doing all of his chores, Big Mac and I thought we'd have a picnic at the gazebo.” Cheerilee turned to Big Mac with a smile and asked, “Ready, sugar bear?” The stallion returned the smile. “Eeyup, pumpkin pie.” The pair heard the Crusaders’ anguished cries as they made their way off the farm, and Cheerilee laughed. “That was terrible of us.” “Eeyup.” Big Mac’s mirth faded as they got out of the Crusaders’ earshot. “All this though, it’s brought back some memories. Right awkward memories.” Cheerilee sighed. “We both made mistakes, Big Mac. What happened with us wasn’t your fault.” “Still feels that way sometimes, though. There’s more’n one reason why I ain’t the chatty sort anymore.” He snorted. “Says somethin’ the only reason we tried this again was because of a love potion, though.” “I don’t think the involvement of a love potion counts as ‘trying it again’.” At Big Mac’s awkward grimace, she admitted, “Still, at least we’re talking to each other again.” The stallion let out a brief chuckle. “Yep, there’s that.” He turned sober as he admitted, “Don’t change the fact that Ah hurt ya, though. Ah was young an’ stupid, an’ messed up.” “Yes, but sometimes you have to mess up before you can get things right.” The mare gave him an encouraging look as she continued, “You’re a good stallion, Big Mac. You work hard, you look after those you care about, you’re strong and talented, and none of that is something to be ignored. When you find the right mare, she’ll be the luckiest pony this side of the Emerald Isle.” “Ah think Ah’ll let her decide that, but thanks.” He then gave a hopeful smile. “Fer what it’s worth, Cheerilee, when you do find yer special somepony, they’ll be a lucky one.” The mare laughed. “Something tells me you’ll find yours before I find mine.” That prompted a laugh as they continued onwards. Big McIntosh considered himself an optimist, but where was he going to find the right mare for him?- “Achoo!” “Bless you, Sugar Belle!” The unicorn gently wiped her nose with the offered tissue as her friend departed her shop. “Thank you, Starlight Glimmer!”...
Tales from a Double Date - Part OneIt was early evening in the Equestrian Midwest, with a few clouds idly drifting through the sky as the sun slowly set and the moon began to appear. It made for a pleasing tableau for the passengers of the Friendship Express as it made its way from Ponyville to Canterlot. “Hold still, darling, I just want this to be perfect.” Most of the passengers, at least. Twilight Sparkle sighed and did as she was told as Rarity continued to fuss over her attire. The dress itself was nothing fancy, simply a modified version of the outfit she wore to the previous Grand Galloping Gala meant to accommodate her change in anatomy since, but the seamstress seemed determined to make sure it was perfect for the evening’s events. “I know I’m being somewhat over-enthusiastic, but I couldn’t live with myself if the two of you weren’t perfect for your evening tonight. Like it or not, Twilight, you are a high-profile mare, and you will attract attention. Your presence casts a spotlight on everyone in your company, and you need to look your best not only for yourself, but for them as well.” Finally satisfied, the mare stepped back and surveyed her work. “Besides, you’ll thank me once Flash lays his eyes upon you.” The alicorn gave a relieved breath as she stretched her wings. “I just hope you’re giving Quiver as much attention as you’ve given me.” “Of course, darling! This is going to be his first proper evening out with Sunrunner since the two of them became an official couple, after all!” Rarity cooed. “Ooh, it’s absolutely romantic! If I didn’t need to take a connecting train to Manehattan, well…” She noticed the annoyed expression on her friend’s face and blushed in embarrassment. “Sorry, Twilight. You’re both experiencing something that I’ve been seeking for some time, after all. I can’t help but feel a little envious.” A weary smile crossed Twilight’s face. “At least you recognize it.” It became encouraging as she continued, “Rarity, Quiver and I will be fine. And I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the details when you get back from your appointment with Sapphire Shores.” She then blushed and added, “At least, the important details.” Rarity grinned teasingly. “I suspect you and I have a very different idea of what is important in this instance, darling.” The two giggled at that before she amended, “Regardless, have a good evening, hmm?” At her friend’s nod, she went off to another compartment. “Now then, to tend to Quiver.” - Much to Rarity’s relief, Quiver had tended to himself fairly well, though he’d insisted on an addition to his newly-tailored and freshly-cleaned suit in the forms of the gifts that he’d received not two weeks previous. She relented, if only because of an awareness of sentimental value, and paid him little fuss otherwise. Eventually, the train reached Canterlot’s train station and slowed to a halt. As its passengers disembarked, three emerged from one of the rear-most carriages, the one unicorn among them pulling cargo behind her. “I am glad that you’ve taken so well to that scarf, Quiver, though you needn’t wear it everywhere.” Quiver Quill grinned. “I don’t wear it everywhere, just to special occasions.” He idly stroked one end of his new scarf and added, “Besides, I thought scarves counted as formal wear.” Twilight Sparkle shook her head in amusement. “Alright, but don’t be surprised if your date laughs at you for it.” “And why would I do a thing like that?” The pair turned to find a familiar pair of pegasi approaching them on the platform. The mare among the pair, clad in a plain dark-colored evening dress, smiled as she continued, “That scarf is a badge of honor, and he’s earned it.” As Quiver rubbed muzzles with his marefriend, the second pegasus approached with his best relaxed expression on his face. His attire was little different from Quiver Quill’s, though lacking in a scarf and tailored to his different anatomy. “Hey Twilight. You look great.” “So do you, Flash.” The two briefly rubbed muzzles as Rarity beamed. “Well, I won’t disturb the four of you any further. Enjoy yourselves, darlings!” Farewells and well-wishes were bid, and Rarity went on her way. As she climbed onto her train and the quartet began to make their way out of the station, Twilight admitted, “I know her heart’s in the right place, but I wish we didn’t have to be this formal.” “Well, we can’t leave you as the odd mare out.” Sunrunner shrugged her wings and smiled. “Don’t worry, Twilight. Flash and I don’t mind.” “I’m just glad I talked Warbler out of us coming to this in dinner dress.” Flash Sentry looked about and asked, “No escort?” “Sour’s probably somewhere around here in plain clothes, trying to give us space.” Quiver shrugged. “No sense in pointing her out.” The two Guardsponies nodded, and the four made their way out of the station as Sunrunner continued, “Anyway, there’s something familiar about that dress of yours. Obviously, Rarity made it, but…” “It’s a slightly altered version of the gown I wore to last year’s Grand Galloping Gala.” The alicorn waved a wing and explained, “Rarity wanted me to go with something else, but I had to put my hoof down. It is okay for a mare to wear something similar on more than one occasion.” “Certainly works for us stallions.” The group made their way through the streets of Canterlot until they reached one street in particular, the city’s famous Restaurant Row. Each side of the street was packed with fancy eateries of one sort or another, several with ponies lined up outside the door to gain entrance. As the smells of various meals reached their nostrils, the quartet found themselves looking forward all the more to their coming meal, and Quiver’s gaze swept about. “Okay Twilight, I think you’ve kept the secret long enough, where…?” His gaze followed Twilight’s to their destination, and his eyes widened in shock. “Tartarus’ Kitchen? You booked us a table there?” “Not really.” Twilight let out a nervous chuckle. “Princess Celestia has a table reserved there. Apparently, she’s a fan of Gourmand Ramshead’s cooking.” Sunrunner let out a low whistle. “She’s got good taste.” The building itself wasn’t too unremarkable by itself, a two-story structure of stone, glass and metal with wide windows at street level and aesthetics that fit in with Canterlot architecture. Along the top of the building was its most outstanding feature, a logo depicting the letters T and K with Cerberus seated betwixt them, his three heads pointed upwards to suggest a trident. Unlike other restaurants, there wasn’t much of a line, and the group was quickly able to gain entry. They soon found themselves in a brightly-lit and clean-looking interior decked out in black and white, accents suggesting flames and assorted glowing lights resembling torches giving the place a fire motif. Waiting for them at reception was a well-groomed young mare in glasses. “Good evening and welcome to Tartarus’ Kitchen. Do you have a reservation?” “Yes ma’am. Twilight Sparkle and company.” “Of course.” The mare politely smiled. “Forgive me, your Highness, but I’m supposed to ask that of all our guests.” She tapped a bell on the desk, and a stallion barely older than her approached. “The Royal Table, party of four.” The waiter led them to a table that had been roped off, signs noting that it was reserved for specific guests, and helped the two stallions with their jackets while laying out menus. “I’ll be along shortly with some water and bread for the four of you. Anything to drink to start you off?” “Ginger ales for the four of us, please.” As the young stallion went off to get them started, Twilight offered an apologetic smile. “I hope that wasn’t being presumptive.” “I don’t think any of us are big on alcohol, so no, we’re good.” Flash opened his menu and glanced over the selection. “Wow. I’m not sure what’s more intimidating, how light the menu is or how high the prices are.” “Well, this is the sort of place for special occasions.” Sunrunner subtly looked about and quietly added, “Still, this is a little rich for our pay grade. At least, on a regular basis.” “Good thing that we’re all chipping in then.” Quiver glanced over the menu in his hooves and saw a few items that looked appealing, though he did his best to avoid looking intimidated. Twilight stifled a wince before she caught sight of a unicorn stallion approaching their table with bread and drinks. Unlike the younger stallion from earlier, this one was aged and experienced. His coloring reminded her of Applejack without her freckles and his brow was creased, his cutie mark a ball of flame. “Good evening and welcome to Tartarus’ Kitchen, Princess Twilight Sparkle!” He laid out their drinks and bread. “Do forgive me, but I make it a point of greeting the royalty whenever they visit.” “No apologies necessary, Chef Ramshead, I’m honored.” She gestured to her party. “Allow me to introduce Lieutenants Flash Sentry and Sunrunner, and Mister Quiver Quill.” “Delighted.” His gaze lingered on Sunrunner for the briefest of seconds. “Sorry miss, you remind me of someone I knew. Young filly, something of a magical prodigy.” “Was her name by any chance ‘Sunset Shimmer’?” At the chef’s nod, Sunrunner smiled. “She and I are cousins. Practically sisters.” A sad smile crossed his face. “Been a long time since I’ve heard her name.” The waiter from earlier approached, at ease with pen and notepad in his magical grip, and listened as his boss continued, “Anyway, you aren’t here to hear me grouse. Do you need more time to think over your orders?” Twilight looked over the table at her friends, who all shook their heads, then turned to the chef. “I think we’re ready.” Orders were placed and their host and his subordinate went on their way, and Flash turned to Sunrunner with a curious look. “What do you think that was about?” The mare shrugged. “Princess Celestia might’ve brought Shims here on special occasions, birthdays and the like, or my aunt and uncle. Either way, the place has been around long enough.” “Could always check with Sunset about it,” Quiver suggested. He then turned to Flash and asked, “No questions?” “Twilight’s kept me in the loop about Sunset Shimmer, don’t worry.” He smirked. “She and I might have some words if we ever meet, but something tells me that’s still a while to come.” He turned to Twilight and prompted, “Unless…” Twilight shook her head. “As much as I’ve figured out about how the portals work, for now it’s on the back burner while I focus on other issues.” Flash nodded. “Say no more.” While he doubted that anyone would pick up on their conversations regarding the Tree of Harmony, it made no sense to gab about it under the current circumstances. “So, anyone got something they want to talk about?” Twilight smiled. “Actually, there is something I’ve been hoping to discuss with both you and Sunrunner for a while.” She turned to the other mare and prompted, “How the two of you met, and how you became friends.” Sunrunner laughed. “Not the most interesting of stories, Twilight, but if you’re interested, and assuming Flash doesn’t object…” The pegasus stallion smiled. “Hey, I’ve got nothing to hide.”to be continued......
Miraculous Dream (English version)Hello everyone!I bring you a fanfic based on a dream that I had and mix of non-existent plot of Miraculous Ladybug with a couple of songs that I love from Frozen 2, I changed the lyrics a bit to better fit the situation. I will leave you links at the end of both songs.NOTE: *Italic letter is for dreams *I am not the owner of any of the characters, they all belong to DisneyLET’S BEGIN:,A few years have passed since the bearers of the Miraculous of the Cat and the Ladybug get their powers; during that time there have been things that have not changed much, both are still that team that saves Paris from the evil carrier of the Miraculous of the Butterfly and some other problem that may arise. What has changed is that with the experience they have adquired, they were even able to learn in more detail how their powers work. For this reason, Hawkmoth has had to renew himself, which in turn pushed them to renew themselves as well. That meant advancing their powers to the next level, at last, they could no longer rely on a single-use per transformation.The good thing was that, after a good time of research, they finally came to something; they discovered the way to evolve their powers, making them more efficient, removing the limit of uses and, forgive the repetitition, more powerful. But to control it, an understanding of their own power and personal growth was necessary, which each one had to discover for themselves, as it depended on each person. Achieving it came hand in hand with a small evolution in the hero's costume that symbolized the growth of its owner.By the time our heroes, although not together as a couple, since the presence of Hawkmoth prevented it, they did have a close relationship of trust. In fights, they even needed few words; they could understand each other with just a look, even if Cat Noir still had trouble understanding the Luckt Charm, but never to follow his Lady's plan.Regarding the evolution of power, Ladybug achieved it first. She did not have any big troubles to get them, as expected. It was understandable considering the nature of her power and herself; to be the Master of the Miraculous helped a lot, and the personal growth that she needed was related to gaining a greater self control in the facde of the things that disturbed her emotionally, such as jealously, injustice, nervousness, etc. We could sum it up as her reaching a certain level of patience or tolerance, maybe? Different experiences helped her achieve it and her evolved costume proved it.For Cat Noir, on the other paw, it was more complicated. His new powers were similar to those of his akumatized version, Chat Blanc, which fortunately, Paris had not the misfortune to know. In the case of this power, it was by contact too, not just shots. Due to the little control of his new power, he had problem measuring them, sometimes causing more damage than he helped to preventOur kitten began to fear his own power, which led him to lose confidence in himself, comitting blunders more typical of his younger version, using only his usual Cataclysm and getting into disagreements with his fellow heroes, such as when he broke the Miraculous of Bunnix, which further sapped his confidence. After a few days, he even questioned, like it had not happened in a long time, if it really should be him who carried that power.All this ended being something impossible to hide, so Hawkmoth noticed it and wanted to take advantage of the situation. Moving his manipulative strings, he managed to send an akumatized familiar, but improved for work: Sand boy 2.0. This improved version had certain variations on his power. First, he put people who received his sand shoot to sleep. Second, in their lethargy, the victim fell into a nightmare related to their own internal fears, bad memmories, unpleasant sensations, etc. A nightmare that played with the memories of those who slept and from which one could only wake up if the fears they entailed were overcome, and did not succumb or run away from them; something that our heroes did not know.Our villain knew that, and since we are talking about a minor, the idea of overdoing his power and damaging him instead of the akumatized object would have troubled Cat Noir and made him an easier target. And he was righ.During the battle, the hero in black was so busy trying to be careful with his power, that it hidered him in the battle more than it helped him, and this frustrated him because he accidentaly destroyed things. Ladybug managed to keep the situation under control; she tried to find words of support ot give him, although it was frustrating for her as well. Lately, she must have gone to fellow heroes more than once for this, but she wanted to support the partner who always supported her in hard times. - You can do it, Cat Noir. Focus, don't force yourself to be careful, just be yourself and trust me -she said to encourage him. -... As always, my Lady -He said, smiling after a short pause.Even so, despite what he said and the sincerity with which he said it, his concerns were still there, inside him, so he decided to base his trust on the actions of his beloved, at the level that he used to do as a teenager, leading to him acting impulsively like back then. There were times when he even remembered that fateful moment in New York with Uncanny Valley, which didn't help.This insecurity in his own actions caused Sand Boy 2.0 to manage to land a shot, with the heroina having to heroine having to quickly take him to a safe place, an alley, leaving the city unprotected, because he could not leave him alone, having to take care of guarding the alley with traps based to her enchanted amulet, ready to fight as soon as it appeared, knowing that she would seek them out, but could not afford to seek it alone.~~~O~~~Meanwhile, inside the dream of the blond young man, we find him as an even younger Adrien, his secret identity, in his room, in his mansion, looking out of the window, from which he could see the city in a snowy and dark night, with parts destroyed. His father was at the entrance of his room talking to him, reminding him how dangerous it is to go out and that he would always be safe there at his home, and the people who really love and cared about him were there, finishing off with the following sentence: -The outside is dangerous, son, never forget it. The best way to be safe is to stay inside... -he said, taking the doorknob to leave -It's what your mother would have wanted. Young Agreste nods in agreement with his father. -Yes, father, I know -he said turning around.Gabriel left, closing the door, wishing his son a good night just before. Apparently, this Adrien was afraid to go out. He felt as if he had always been like that, even more since his mother's departure; he didn't remember being Cat Noir, but he did have the image of a clumsy hero destroying things and dangerous villains passing by. He also remembered the sensation of what it was like to receive a Cataclysm from the akumatized, Miraculer, despite not remembering having been there. All of this, plus his father's overprotection, caused in him a paradoxical fear of going out, because even when he didn't like the confinment much, despite feeling protected on it.The young man with the green eyes stared out the window a little longer, before going to sleep. It was open, as he liked to feel the winter breeze. In a moment, a black cat appeared outside, with bright green eyes, meowing and looking at him. Adrien looking at it with curiosity (the following parts have to be read singing).- Into the unknown… Into the unknown… ¡Into the unknown!(meowing)- I can hear you but I won't Some look for trouble while others don't There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oouh(meowing)The teenager turns to his bed, turning his back to it..- Whoa(meowing)Adrien advances towards his bed, taking a couple of pauses or detours.- You're not a voice, you're just a ringing in my ear And if I heard you, which I don't, I'm spoken for I fear Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls I'm sorry, little black cat, but I’m blocking out your callsHe turns again, for a second, to the window, where the cat was still, but he continues to advance.- I'm not looking for adventure, I don't need something new!I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow you!Into the unknown! Into the unknown!! Into the unknown!!!(Meowing)This Adrien, who had never left his house or meet ladybug, laid down on his bed, with his hands behind his head.- What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me awake Are you here to distract me So I make a big mistake?He gets up a little, remaining seated on his bed with a view of the window and the cat, feeling something that prompted him to go outside. Was it just the cat, calling him?- Or are you someone out there who's a little bit like me? Who knows deep down I'm not where I'm meant to be?He stands up- Every day's a little harder as I feel your power grow Don't you know there's part of me that longs to goHe moves towards the window, fast, staying halfway, smiling, while the black cat watches him.- Into the unknown! Into the unknown!!Get a boost to run- ¡¡¡Into the unknown!!(meowing)- Oh oh ouhHe runs and leaps up leaning on his stuff so he can reach the open-top sale.- Are you out there? Do you know me? Can you feel me? Can you show me?!He manages to exit through the window and land while the black cat advanced towards him and runs around him- Oooouh!!(Meow)- (meow) ooh(Meow) ooh(Meow) ooh(Meow) ooh Ooouh!The cat then runs fast away, on the way to the square, Adrien does not think twice and follows it.- Where are you going? Don't leave me alone How do I follow you Into the unknown? Woo!He finally reached the square, and for a moment he lost sight of the cat. He was surrounded by a soft snowfall, and there were only a few lights on that led to the center of the place, which was where Adrien was. He realized how much he had moved away from his home, his refuge. At first, he was scared, but when a curious feeling of peace invaded him, he began to remember more of that teenager who yearned for his freedom, managing to get away from the mansion that symbolized, more than a refuge, a prison.~~~O~~~In the world of the woken, Ladybug had to keep Sand Boy 2.0 at bay, worried that she would not fall under the effect of his shoots as well, but preventing him from getting close to her partner. She tried to reach the akuma herself, but he had taken the precaution to protect it too this time, and his lucky charm told her that she needed his friend.From time to time, when she managed to move the akumatized young man away, she stayed for a moment with her cat companion, trying to make him feel that he had support, and that he was not alone. He had been noticing for a long time that he was not himself; he did not have his usual smile, and the truth is that she missed him. She had the opportunity to see a few victims waking up from their slumber, which gave her hope with Cat Noir.- Please, Cat Noir, wake up. It doesn't matter that you do not use your evolved Cataclysm, we are still an unstoppable team. We can fight as we used to do - she seriously considered getting the Miraculous of Dreams, but her instincts told her that her partner would achieve it, so she decided to give him her trust and continue what she was doing - ...But you wouldn't be satisfied with just that, right?... Okay, Kitty, I trust you. Today is my turn to support you.~~~O~~~Inside the dream, Adrien looked around, searching for the black cat, which appeared in the distance on a small illuminated path. Oddly, the light posts were red with black dots, and he did not know why. He decided to follow it and walk towards it.- Every inch of me is trembling But not from the cold Something is familiar Like a dream I can reach but not quite holdHe advanced calmly, looking at the cat already with a slight smile.- I can sense you there Like a friend I've always known I'm get closer And it feels like I am homeWhen he gets close enough the cat begins to advance along the path, being followed by the young man.- I have always been a fortress Always sheltered deep insideHe turned for a secondto see the home from which he was fleeing. He felt, in many ways, that he was leaving home, but he didn't really know which way at the moment- You have secrets, too But you don't have to hideHe continued to follow it along a path that became less and less like Paris, there began to be more plants and ruins that formed the path that was gradually revealed, he knew that it was leading him to something important.- Show yourself I’m dying to meet you Show yourself It’s your turnGo through some stones in a small stream.- Did you come help me to find new senseInto my life!? Show yourself I'm ready to learnAh ah ah awh(Meowing)Hearing the meowing from his guide again makes him gains confidence and walks faster, smiling, not noticing that one of his shoes changed to a black boot.- I've never felt so certain All my life I've feel coldThe other boot appears- But I'm here for a reason Could it be the reason I was born?Ahead he sees a small cliff that the cat jumps without problems, as if floating, the adolescent sees a log that was about to fall, he understands and pushes it and uses it as a bridge.- I have always been so different Normal rules did not apply Is this the day? Are you the way To be myself outside?!He jumps off the trunk and advances, his suit appears, both pants and torso and his sleighbell, he could still make out the cat, which turned more and more little seems and looks more like a cat-shaped creature.- Show yourself I’m no longer tremblingHe sees a lot of weeds and vines in front of him, having to move them away or braeak them to move foward. He does it almost running and with enthusiasm. His belt appeared, followed by his glovers, and he ruffled himself with them. His cats ears appear.- Here I am I've come so far You are the answer I've waited for All of my life!!After crossing the undergrowth, he reaches a ramshackle wooden door in a stone frame, which the "cat" goes through, the boy, determined, advances towards the door, charging and crossing it, a mask appears on his face and his eyes turned into as green as the cat he was following.- Oh, show yourself Let me see who you areInside he could see a dark corridor with torches, and a curious red path with black dots; he could see the shadow of the "cat” advancing, he follows it calmly, each time he advanced, he increased a curious feeling of peace and curiosity.- Come to me now Open your door Don’t make me wait One moment moreHe moves down the corridor faster, with a smile on his face, goes down some stairs, and manages to see in the background a kind of large circular platform where the “cat” arrives.- Oh, come to me now Open your door Don't make me wait One moment more!He managed to reach the platform which was surrounded by stone walls to meet a small stubborn cat waiting for him at the center. At that moment, the little creatured flew around him, rising at the same time as the ground did. A green cat footprint began to shine under his feet. He heard voices that echoed, which seemed to come from the little creature, with a very familiar and dear voice, that of his Lady- Your courange and- Ah ah ah awh!- ConfidenceIt was what they said at the same time that he looks on the walls, amazed and surprised how projections of his memories appeared as Cat Noir, saving Paris along with Ladybug- Shine in your heart- Ah ah ah awh!- Loyal to yourselfSuddenly he goes from smiling like never before, feeling those words echo inside him, to putting on a great expression of surprise when the platform stops and let him see his mother behind a glass wall, waiting for him, smiling.- Mother...- Come, my darling, homeward bound – she sings, looking at him and then at the projectionsCat Noir smiles moved.- I am found!!They both begin to sing a duet, while his suit shone and changed, finally reaching his evolution, returning to being the adult Adrien.- Show yourself! Step into your power Throw yourself! Into something new!- You are the one you've been looking for!- All of this time!! (All of your life)The transformation is finally complete, Chatnoir had a glint in his eyes like never before.- Oh, Show your self!!With his renewed confidence, Chat Noir looks at his mother, braces himself and goes, running towards her, and jumps.- Ah-ah, ah-awh!Ah-ah, ah-ah-awh!!Ah-ah, ah-awh!!He manages to undo the crystal and reach her, hugging her, being received happily to see how her little boy had grown.~~~O~~~Just at that moment, our hero wakes up in the arms of a surprised Ladybug, seeing how he suddenly and finally had his new suit. He started to smile with a little tear down down his face in his sleep, waking to wake up with a look full of confidence and determination. But not like before, but better, ready to save Paris with his new powers. Marinette smiled at him, but she decied to not to ask questions, at least not yet.- Good to have you back, Cat Noir- It's good to be back," he says, jumping up.At that moment they hear the akumatized coming out for them, he was close, they both look at each other and smile.- Ready, kitty? - smiling at him.- Always ready, my Lady.Both put battle position and jump into action, this time, without Sleepy 2.0 could hit any.The result of the fight? I think you already imagine it.And that would be it, I hope you liked this little One-shot, and if you do, please shareLike I told you, it's based on a dream, just that I filled in some gaps here and there, so it would have more coherence and structure.Here I let you the links to the songs:- Into the Unknown:Original: Urie: Show yourself:Original: Halley: remain attentive to comments, questions, and other stuff.GreetingsSee ya
Luigi's Time, pt-2
¡Hola a todos!Bienvenidos al siguiente capítulo de esta aventura, el segundo de no tengo idea de cuantos, pero que espero sea de su agrado.Si esto llega a tener al menos relativa buena aceptación, puede que saque una traducción al inglés, pero no quiero tentar mi suerte de momento.Lo único que tengo para decir antes de empezar es que, si en algún momento tengo algo qué comentar acerca de alguna cosa, lo pondré entre paréntesis y que, para evitar confusiones de terminologías o nombres, pondré algunos equivalentes de la traducción española y en inglés en la descripción.Sin más qué decir y sin alargar más esto, comenzamos:Segundo Capítulo: Sueños de papel.Ambos Luigi se encaminaron al Puerto de Ciudad Champiñón, decidieron que, ya que hablaban de una isla, y por insistencia de Paper Luigi, lo mejor era viajar en barco. A Luigi se le hizo un buen cambio, así que no hubo problema para él. Mandó a avisar con un Toad del puerto para no preocupar a su hermano y pensó en avisar a su familia por carta llegando allá.Luigi: todo listo, vámonos.Ambos suben al barco, algunos toads se les quedaban mirando, pero debido a toda la aventura con el mundo de papel, la curiosidad no era de la existencia de un papel pintado que habla y camina, si no el hecho de que estuviera ahí sin otros seres de papel acompañándolo.Paper Luigi: ¿Cuánto tardará este viaje, por cierto?Luigi: Será no más de 1 o 2 horas.Paper Luigi: Oh, bien…Luego de un pequeño silencio algo incómodo, Paper Luigi intentar iniciar una conversación.Paper: Por cierto… me hablaste del Reino y de más, pero no me hablaste mucho de ti, además de tu familia, claro.Luigi: ¿De mí?Paper Luigi: Sí, me da curiosidad que más tenemos en común... o diferente, a pesar de ser paralelos.Luigi: Supongo que sí. Bien, pero por dónde empezar.Paper Luigi: Veamos… ¿Ustedes tienen carreras de karts también? – decide empezar preguntando algo que disfrute en particular.Luigi: Oh, claro que sí, hacemos distintos juegos y deportes a veces, incluidos los Karts y a veces motos.Paper Luigi: ¿Y qué tal te va?Se pusieron entonces charlar sobre lo que tenían en común de actividades que hacían o juegos que hacían en el Reino, que no tuvieran que ver con aventuras como tal, coincidieron en la gran mayoría, incluso en que ambos disfrutaban en distinta medida el reparar y mejorar sus pequeños autos de carrera...Paper Luigi: ¿Y qué me dices de lo que hacías antes de llegar al Reino?Luigi: ¿Eh?... ¿te refieres al mundo humano?Paper Luigi: Sí, digo, recuerdo que, al menos en mi caso, me gusta bailar, cocinar…Luigi: Oh sí, aun me gusta hacer eso, aunque ya casi no lo hago, ya sabes, últimamente me dedico a intentar ayudar con el Reino, pasar tiempo con mi hija.Paper Luigi: Ya veo ¿y qué me dices de la plomería? Digo, aun llevamos nuestros overoles.Luigi: Pues, en parte es por costumbre, en parte, que me gustan, ya sabes, son cómodos, pero también hago de plomero aun en el castillo de vez en cuando.Paper Luigi: ¿Oh, en serio? Luigi: Sí, en parte es un tema de orgullo, es un trabajo que puedo decir que no necesito llamar a nadie más para que haga – dice sonriendo con algo de orgullo.Paper Luigi: Qué bien, yo hago también trabajos de plomería de vez en cuando en el Reino, como salgo menos de aventura, o a veces como un favor.Luigi: Chico listo.Se pusieron a hablar de cosas así el resto del camino, lo que más tenían en común, solo que, con ligeras diferencias, era su pasado entre antes de conocer el reino champiñón y no mucho después de llegar. La unión entre hermanos era prácticamente la misma, pero no sabía compararlas en su estado actual. Incluso los padres de papel no parecían tener muchas diferencias entre sí. Eventualmente se pusieron a hablar de sus miedos, resultando que coincidían en ellos también, incluyendo la principal, fantasmas. El Luigi 3D había estado evitando hablar del tema de su propia misión por esperar a que su homónimo lo comentara.Luigi: Hablando de fantasmas, quería preguntarte si tú…Paper Luigi: ¡Mira, adelante! – grita, interrumpiendo- Es la Isla Amodorra, ¿verdad? Se ve mejor de lo que pensé.Luigi se fija y en efecto, podía divisarla a lo lejos era inconfundible, por su apariencia y porque empezaba a sentirse soñoliento, se sorprende de lo rápido que pasó el tiempo, pero ahí estaba, llegarían en cuestión de minutos, por lo que decide preguntar con más calma llegando.Paper Luigi: ¿Soy yo o están lloviendo monedas? – dice enfocando la vista.Luigi: Es una larga historia, pero te la puedo resumir en lo que queda de camino -nota que su compañero también se notaba un poco más soñoliento, cosa que le parecía una buena señal para sus propósitos.Un resumen express de Mario & Luigi: Dream Team más tarde, nuestros fontaneros de verde llegan a su destino. Una vez ahí, se encaminan al castillo, para sorpresa de varios habitantes de la isla que, reconociendo a Luigi, se sorprenden de verlo doble. Los que no, pensaron que eran unos gemelos muy curiosos. Una vez dentro del castillo, Luigi pide hablar con el Príncipe Oniberto, quienes estaban ahí sí que lo reconocían, así que no pusieron trabas, aunque sí se veían confundidos, algunos creyendo que veían doble. No pasó mucho tiempo antes de que pudieran ir a encontrarse con el Príncipe, siendo recibidos de buena gana por el mismo. Luego de las correspondientes presentaciones de su yo de papel, procedió a preguntar acerca de la posibilidad de abrir un portal al mundo de los sueños nuevamente.Príncipe Oniberto: ¿Al mundo de los sueños? ¿Por qué quieren ir ahí?Luigi: No debería tomar mucho tiempo, además, se supone que ahora es seguro ir ahí, ¿no? el Antasma fue derrotado.Paper Luigi: Pensamos que quizás estando ahí podría ayudarme a recuperar unos recuerdos perdidos.Príncipe Oniberto: Oh, quieren ir a esa parte del mundo de los sueños… entiendo, pero ¿están seguros? Puede ser algo complejo encontrar lo que quieren o entenderlo… además es una zona no tan estudiada… el subconsciente puede ser muy… abstracto…Luigi: Lo sé, descuide, Mario y yo estuvimos ahí una vez… pero esta vez no intentamos buscar a un ser maligno.Príncipe Oniberto: Tal vez, pero dime ¿Acaso sabes cómo buscar un recuerdo ahí?Luigi: Pues, no, pero se quién sí podría saber.Príncipe Oniberto: … El Dr. Lirón… desde que el Reino recuperó a su gente y a su príncipe, el Doctor pudo dedicar más tiempo a sus investigaciones sobre los sueños, su mundo y lo relacionado a ellos, sobre todo que ahora está el Maestro Onirio, han trabajado mucho juntos.Luigi: ¿Sería posible que nos lleve con él? – dice algo entusiasmado, su dopplegänger de papel estaba igual.Príncipe Oniberto: … Bien… se los voy a permitir, si el aprueba lo que buscan hacer, entonces yo también lo haré.Luigi: Excelente.Príncipe Oniberto: Él está en su laboratorio del castillo ahora mismo, probablemente junto al Maestro, les mostraré dónde, aprovecharé de ir con ustedes, admito que también me intriga el asunto.Luigi: Suena bien para mi ¿tú qué dices?Paper Luigi: Sí, adelante.Príncipe Oniberto: Vamos entonces.Usando el poder de la elipsis, los 3 personajes llegan al laboratorio, en el que, efectivamente, se encontraban tanto el Doctor como el Maestro, ambos los reciben gratamente a la vez que sorprendidos. Luego de que les explicaran la situación, meditan y cuchichean un poco para finalmente decir.Dr. Lirón: Casualmente, en una de nuestras investigaciones sobre el mundo onírico realizadas en los últimos años, estuvo involucrado ese tema, el viaje al subconsciente y llegamos a la conclusión de que era posible llegar a un recuerdo por medio de un sueño. Después de todo, a veces pasa que soñamos con un recuerdo.Ambos Luigi: ¿De verdad? – preguntan esperanzados.Maestro Onirio: Así es, pero… es algo complicado.Príncipe Oniberto: ¿Complicado por qué?Dr. Lirón: Primero porque es un terreno muy poco explorado como para saber a ciencia cierta si lograrán encontrar lo que buscan y si tendrá alguna consecuencia, digamos, negativa. Maestro Onirio: Segundo, porque nunca he oído que un ser de papel pueda abrir un portal de sueños… o de un ser de papel, para empezar.Luigi: Al menos no perdemos nada con intentar lo segundo. Respecto a lo primero, debe haber una posibilidad, alguno de ustedes podría ir con nosotros por más precaución.Dr. Lirón: Esa es… una gran idea la verdad, además ¿qué mejor para avanzar en una investigación que por medio de la experiencia?... Bien, me han convencido, entre nuestros conocimientos y su… poder… de… salto, podríamos conseguir buenos resultados.Maestro Onirio: Bien, tengo más experiencia en el mundo de los sueños, además, mi pequeño solo me obedece a mí, así que es prudente que yo vaya, estaré viejo, pero en mis sueños sigo siendo un joven de alma (Ni los Luigis ni el Príncipe comentaron nada al respecto) además puedo entrar o salir de ahí sin necesidad de un portal, eso será útil en caso de que suceda algo inesperado.Príncipe Oniberto: Un segundo, si usted va con ellos, quién será la almohada que usarán para… ¡no esperarán que sea yo! – dice exaltado.Luigi: Véale el lado bueno, al ser de papel, será un sueño muy ligero hehehe…. Ehem – nota lo poco divertido del chiste- y seco.Dr. Lirón: Dejando el humor pobre de lado, no hará falta que nadie haga de almohada.Paper Luigi: ¿Por qué no?El Maestro y el Doctor se lanzan miradas de cómplice y el primero responde.Maestro Onirio: Porque logramos crear una almohada que funciona del mismo modo que un modorro.El Doctor va hacia un mueble con llave ubicado en un rincón del laboratorio y saca la almohada.Luigi: Ahora solo hace falta un buen lugar dónde dormir.Príncipe Oniberto: pueden disponer de alguno de los cuartos del castillo, vamos, los llevaré a uno.Acordado eso, el Doctor y el Profesor recogen algo de equipo y los 5 avanzan.Paper Luigi estaba algo emocionado, esto lo hacía recordar mucho sus tiempos de aventura, también estaba el hecho de que había una posibilidad de clarificar su mente respecto a ese borroso momento del pasado, en especial porque había un par de nombres que, a veces, no dejaban de repetirse en su cabeza. Pensando en eso es que se quedó un poco atrás del grupo, cosa que el Luigi 3D nota, por lo que va con él a preguntar qué pasaba, recibiendo de respuesta lo recién explicado.Luigi: ¿Unos nombres? ¿Cuáles?Paper Luigi: Bueno, varios, pero los principales serían Dimencio, el Conde Cenizo y uno que no se de quién será… era… Señor L… – dice en tono de intriga y seriedad.Luigi: ¿Señor L?... la verdad no me suena, pero es un nombre curioso, sin dudas.Príncipe Oniberto: ¡Chicos, por aquí! este cuarto debería estar bien.Exclama el monarca, interrumpiendo a los plomeros de verde, ambos aceleran el paso para llegar. Sin dudas era el cuarto de un gran castillo, aunque ninguno de los 2 estaba especialmente asombrados desde que tienen parientes que viven en un castillo, sobre todo uno de ellos que vive en uno personalmente. El asombro que mostraron fue más de curiosidad.Luigi: Esta cama se ve bien ¿estás listo?Paper Luigi: Nunca había estado tan emocionado por dormir en mi vida… pero estoy listo.Doctor Lirón: Muy bien, entonces, almohada en posición.El Maestro cambia la almohada normal de la cama por la especial, a la que conectaron un par de aparatos medidores complejos, y Paper Luigi se echa a dormir, todos veían expectantes, esperando a ver si surgía un portal. Grande fue su sorpresa por el resultado, no solo funcionó, si no que el portal, a pesar de verse normal, parecía tener confeti dentro.Doctor Lirón: Fascinante – dice anotando lo que veía- bueno, es momento de entrar.Luigi sintió algo de nervios al ver el portal, aun así, el nunca había visto uno antes, así que no fue demasiado, era solo la sospecha de que no era normal ver virutas de papel de colores ahí.Luigi: Bien… ¡Ahí voy! – toma impulso y salta hacia el portal, pudiendo entrar en él sin problemas.En cuanto lo hace el Maestro toma su forma de almohada para acompañarlos, el Príncipe decidió que haría lo mismo si veía que había dificultades. Luigi ve sorprendido una especie de dimensión psicodélica con confeti, recordando lo que Mario le contó, eso era el portal y debía nadar hacia el otro extremo, por lo que no perdió tiempo y se dirigió hacia lo que le pareció que lo era, que era una muy parecida a la entrada. Una vez que la atravesó, callo suavemente a un lugar no muy distinto al castillo, pero mucho más amplio, parecía un pasillo, lo que sí era diferente es que mucho parecía papel pintado y texturizado para que pareciera piedra o suelo, más alguna partes que parecían tener raíces secas de alguna planta.Ve a su alrededor buscando a su homólogo de papel, soñador (al que seguiremos llamando Paper Luigi a secas).Paper Luigi: ¡Por aquí!Luigi, al oír esa voz, que era la suya propia, voltea y se encuentra con su versión de Papel, notando que era cierto que la versión que tenemos de nosotros mismos suele ser ligeramente diferente y hasta mejor en sueños.Luigi: ¡Funcionó! – dice sonriente- te vez bien.Paper Luigi: Es increíble, qué mundo tan alucinante, ¡nunca le había puesto tanta atención a un sueño! – exclama asombrado- Luigi: Sí ¿verdad? – dice pensando en cómo él ya había estado ahí, se sentía como un niño enseñándole un lugar o un juguete genial a un amigo- … ah, pero hay que concentrarnos.Paper Luigi: Claro, claro, hay que ir hacia nuestro objetivo, primero lo primero… aaah… pero ¿cómo llegamos a él?Luigi: Bien, lo primero, estando aquí creo que debemos ir a un lugar llamado Abismo de los Sueños, es el lugar más profundo de los sueños, es un lugar algo… abstracto, algo así como la esencia del soñador, o sea tú… bueno, el caso es que estoy seguro de que una vez ahí, podremos llegar de algún modo a lo que es lo subconsciente, recuerdos y demás.Paper Luigi: Oh… genial… y ahí cómo llegamos.Maestro Onirio: De eso nos encargamos nosotros.Ven llegar al maestro junto con lo que a Paper le pareció con conejito hecho de nubes rosa.Maestro Onirio: Es increíble ¡este lugar parece un mundo de los sueños hecho de papel!Luigi: Ehem, profesor…Maestro Onirio: Oh sí, sí, claro, ehem, el Luigi que no es de papel tiene razón en sus especulaciones, lo primero es llegar al Abismo de los Sueños, para eso necesitan nuestra ayuda, una vez ahí, debemos ir adentrándonos más y más, ir bajando, si nuestra teoría es correcta, llegará un punto en el que no podremos bajar más, en ese momento mi mullido amigo nos deberá volver a ayudar a ir más profundo aún, cavando lo suficiente y, tal vez con algo de ayuda de una Luiginación (concepto que Luigi se molestó en explicarle previamente a Paper Luigi), podremos llegar a un lugar que nos gusta llamar “Sub-Sueño”, estando ahí deberíamos ser capaces de buscar cosas como recuerdos o pensamientos profundos… pero les advierto que es terreno desconocido, no puedo decirles exactamente cómo será ahí o qué verán con exactitud, ¿están seguros aun de esto?.Ambos Luigi se miran entre sí, el de papel queda algo pensativo, sabía que era terreno desconocido, pero realmente quería averiguar al menos algo sobre lo que pasó y sabía que en su propio mundo no lo averiguaría, era una oportunidad que se presentaba para sí mismo esta vez y debía tomarla. Teniendo eso en mente, Paper Luigi asiente seguro, por lo que Luigi hace lo mismo.Maestro Onirio: ¡Está decidido entonces! Vamos conejito mío, a ver si aun nos sale la gracia.Paper Luigi mira ligeramente asombrado al conejo de nubes saltar y girar en el aire, creando una especie de taladro y luego al Maestro unírsele. Una vez tomado el impulso suficiente caen al suelo y comienzan a excavar rápidamentePaper Luigi: Qué eficiente – piensa al acercarse al agujero. observando cómo cavan- además no siento nada, qué alivio, temía que doliera o algo.Luigi: No te acerques mucho, saldrán pronto.En efecto, justo en el momento en que Paper Luigi deja de asomarse, ambos salen.Maestro Onirio: Parece que estos viejos soñadores aun funcionan bien, y tu también lo hiciste muy bien mi pequeñín, lo hicimos, ¿quién es el consentido de papi? Tú lo eres, tú lo eres – mimaba mientras acariciaba la cabeza del conejito.Los bigotudos de verde se miran ente sí nuevamente, el de papel toce, interrumpiendo la sesión de mimos.Maestro Onirio: Oh, sí, claro, claro, luego seguimos, ahora debemos descender por este atajo al Abismo de los Sueños, para luego seguir descendiendo lo más posible a pie.Paper Luigi: ¿No podemos solo cavar desde aquí?Maestro Onirio: Por desgracia no, primero porque no conocemos la distancia y el Abismo de los Sueños es difícil de perforar. Segundo, porque aun si no, el Abismo de los Sueños es muy ambiguo, uno a veces no sabe si sube o si baja, por lo tanto, es mejor empezar acabar una vez estando seguros de que estamos abajo. Vayan ustedes primero, cuando lleguen al lugar, avisen con un grito y llegaremos al instante gracias a mi pequeño.Paper Luigi: Entiendo… Luigi: ¿Estás listo?Paper: … - asiente- ¡Let’s-e go!Luigi: Oki doki.Ambos chocan palmas y van hacia el recién creado atajo.Luigi cae flotando, el Abismo se veía casi igual a como lo recordaba, solo que parecía hecho de papel y con ciertas tonalidades grises e el ambiente, casi parecían ondas.Luigi mira a su alrededor, al principio no ve a su homólogo, pero recuerda que su hermano le habló al respecto.Maestro Onirio: Hemos llegado con éxito, ahora avancemos.A no mucho de avanzar empezaron a aparecer esas curiosas voces y visiones, le daba la impresión de que decía cosas parecidas a las de aquella vez, el ambiente lo puso algo nervioso, pero pensando en que se trataba de una versión de papel de él mismo, obtuvo algo de valor y avanzó.Él lugar era un confuso laberinto, le dio la impresión de que algunas de las plataformas tenían algo de raíces secas también, pero supuso que se debía a que el abismo se veía distinto en cada uno o en los seres de papel, al menos. A veces era difícil saber si se baja o se subía, pero a veces la voz de Paper Luigi decía que estaban cerca, fue un largo recorrido.Avanzando en el hubo pequeñas variantes en las frases que escuchaba “quiero saber, pero tengo miedo”, “¿y si descubro algo que no quería saber?”, “¿Por qué mi hermano me ocultaría algo?”. “Tal vez estoy siendo paranoico, pero quiero hacer esto”Luigi medio entendía las dudas que empezaban a surgir en su compañero de papel, pero tenía la impresión de que eso indicaba lo importante que era el asunto para él. Luigi: Calma, entiendo que debe dar miedo, soy tú después de todo, pero recuerda que no estás solo, estamos juntos en esto… ahora somos compañeros… así como solíamos serlo de nuestros hermanos.Paper Luigi: …. Gracias… de verdad me anima… pero y si encuentro algo desagradable.Luigi: Pues… bueno… es un recuerdo… ¿Pasó hace años, no? Además, ya es desagradable aun sin saber qué es.Paper Luigi: ... Tienes razón… no puedo acobardarme ahora, vamos, no vacilaré más, ya casi llegamos a lo más profundo del abismo, solo hay que ir por ese portal.Luigi ve un brillante portal, casi parecía hecho de papel metálico.Luigi: adelante entonces.Salta hacia el portal, del otro lado vio de nuevo a Paper, vuelven a chocar palmas y empiezan a avanzar juntos, debiendo recorrer nuevamente un trecho, pero esta vez en bajada, escaleras, pendientes, saltos, etc. Aunque no fue por mucho, llegó un momento en el que no habían más pendientes o escaleras, solo una especie de precipicio.Paper Luigi: … Debemos saltar.Luigi: ¿S-saltar? -tartamudea, viendo que no vía el fondo.Paper Luigi: sí, siento que si lo hacemos llegaremos al lugar que buscamos… hay que hacerlo… confía en mí, vamos – lo mira esperando una respuesta.Luigi sabía que no podía retractarse ahora, luego de todo lo que le dijo para motivarlo, por lo que asintió, tomó impulso y saltó, seguido de su doble de papel.Al principio fue una caída que parecía ir en cámara lenta, pero que fue acelerando, en un momento, al ir muy rápido, Paper Luigi tiene una idea, toma las manos de Luigi y forma una especie de paracaídas, para sorpresa, alegría y alivio del segundo, fue una caída suave.Luigi: ¡Bien hecho!Se abrazan, fue algo extraño sentir que se abrazaban a sí mismos, por lo que fue corto, pero significativo, sobre todo porque, para variar, no hubo caída de cara en el suelo. Al ver a su alrededor notan que todo estaba oscuro y solo se veía piso, por así decirlo, ya que era igual de oscuro.Paper Luigi: Aquí estamos, puedo sentirlo.Luigi: ¡¡Maestro Onirio! ¡¡Maestro Onirio!!Paper Luigi: ¿Seguro que nos oirán?Luigi: … Claro… solo debemos esperar un poco, después de todo es profundo aquí y…Paper Luigi: Espera, creo que los veo.Para sorpresa de ambos, ven un punto rosa y morado a los lejos que se fue acercando, eran ellos en efecto.Luigi: ¿Qué te dije? Hehehe – dice en un tono algo nervioso, estaba sorprendido, pero no del todo, considerando todo lo que le había tocado vivir en sus distintos viajes.Maestro Onirio: Bien, ya estamos aquí, es tiempo de volver a excavar. Como dije antes, es posible que necesitemos su ayuda, miren.Él y su mascota empiezan a taladrar el piso, avanzando muy lentamente, a diferencia de la primera vez, una vez hecha la demostración se detienen.Maestro Onirio: Como notaran no mentía respecto a la dureza de este suelo ¿creen poder formar un taladro también?Luigi: Pues… creo que sí es posible, recuerdo hacía algo así con nuestros hermanos durante una aventura que tuvimos.Paper Luigi: ¿Ah sí? Podríamos intentarlo entonces.Luigi: Esto hacíamos.Una explicación y mini-auto-tutorial más tarde logran hacer un pequeño taladro verde, intentan usar ese, luego ambos taladros, pero seguía siendo muy duro.Paper Luigi: A este paso será eterno… ¿será que estamos muy profundo para usar una luiginación?Se dieron cuenta que de momento no podrían contar con ellas, por lo que se concentraron mientras taladraban, iban más rápido que antes al menos. Paper Luigi sentía que les faltaba mucho aun así, por lo que empezaba a desesperarse un poco, de repente sienten un pequeño palpitar, seguido de una curiosa energía emanando de Paper Luigi, energía que Luigi reconoció como la que él mismo emanaba cuando podía hacer una Luiginación, hasta pudo notar que era la que surgía con una constelación.No pierde el tiempo y le dice a su homónimo, quien comprende e intenta concentrase para usar ese poder, recordando las palabras y el apoyo de Luigi, más su determinación a descubrir algo de la verdad hicieron posible la activación del poder y tomar la forma de un taladro, para sorpresa y agrado de todos.Maestro Onirio: ¡Excelente! ¡Con ese poder ya no necesitan nuestra ayuda para avanzar, ustedes avancen, lo estaré esperando aquí en caso de que tengan problemas para volver!Gracias a eso pudieron avanzar notoriamente más rápido. Paper Luigi no pudo evitar sentirse algo extraño al llega a cierto punto, pero pudo, a su vez, sentir que estaban cerca, así que lo atribuyó a eso.Su sensación era acertada, sintieron como el terreno a excavar terminaba Habían llegado al llamado “Sueño Profundo”, al fin podrían saber si todo el esfuerzo daría sus frutos o no.Curiosamente, en el momento en el que llegan al otro extremo, la Luiginación se deshace sola, cayendo ambos, pero lentamente, por suerte no fue una caída tan larga como la anterior.Era un lugar sorprendente, no solo porque el cielo y el suelo se veían completamente negros… si no que el lugar se parecía mucho al castillo de la Princesa Peach, pero como si fueran negativos de una foto, incluso había arbustos alrededor, que parecían dibujados con líneas verdes sobre un fondo negro, habían con forma de Yoshi, sus padres, Peach y de su hermano, que le dio la impresión de que era el más grande y el más cercano al castillo, todos eran de sus versiones de papel. Lo que Luigi vio más curioso, pero no le dio importancia al tratarse de un jardín, es que nuevamente vio unas raíces secas por ahí.Luigi: Wow… No esperaba esto para nada.Paper Luigi: Creo que debemos acercarnos.Luigi: No parece que haya dónde más ir, así que adelante.Ambos se cercan caminando a la entrada, Luigi intenta abrir, pero no hubo caso, Paper Luigi lo intenta y lo logra, intuyen que quizás, al ser su sueño y su subconsciente, solo él podía abrirlo.Al entrar, seguía viéndose como el Castillo de Peach… de papel y cartón, pero ahí estaba, solo que mucho más grande por dentro que por fuera, seguía también la vista en negativos a su alrededor, excepto por los cuadros que había en las paredes, que eran muchos más y muy distintos de los que recordaba. Al fijarse eran todos de Paper Luigi en distintas situaciones, pudo reconocer algunas, las más cercanas a la puerta.Luigi: Oye, aquí salimos nosotros – señalaba uno.Era cierto, al revisar el resto se dieron cuenta, sobre todo Paper, que eran todos momentos que él había vivido.Luigi: esto se me hace muy familiar por alguna razón… déjame intentar algo.Va hacia el cuadro que parecía venir de un momento más reciente y mete la cabeza, fue como ver un video en… ¿5D? (Aaah digamos que fue más o menos como los recuerdos en Harry Potter). Saca la cabeza sonriendo y viendo a un sorprendido Paper Luigi.Luigi: ¡Bingo! Lo que sospechaba, son recuerdos – sonreía emocionado.Paper Luigi: Excelente – sonríe también- significa que nos estamos acercando.Luigi: Sí, aunque ¿Cómo sabremos dónde está, y cuál de todos estos es, el recuerdo correcto?Paper Luigi: Veamos… - avanza hacia el centro del salón, frente a la escalera- sí aquí están los recuerdos más recientes, tal vez… haya que subir… o quizás bajar, para encontrar recuerdos pasados.Luigi: Pues subamos a ver como son los cuadros y a donde nos llevan, no se me ocurre otra forma.El dueño de los cuadros estuvo de acuerdo y subieron las escaleras, guiándose por los cuadros hacia una puerta que tenía un marco como de cuadro, la abren y había una gran escalera con distintas puertas, tenían todas anotadas un número, incluso la que usaron para entrar tenía uno.Luigi: ¿Qué significarán esos números?Ambos se ponen a pensar hasta que el de papel cae en la cuenta.Paper Luigi: ¡Es mi edad! - dice sorprendido y haciendo que su versión 3D reaccione igual, era cierto (dejo el número a su imaginación).Luigi: Eso quiere decir que debemos encontrar la puerta de la edad que tenías en ese momento. (imaginación ¬.¬)Paper Luigi: No hay de otra, a subir.Ambos suben por las escaleras poniendo atención a cada puerta.A la derecha estaban los números pares y a la izquierda los impares, cada escalón era más ligeramente difícil de subir que el otro y había más distancia entre las puertas hacia arriba, supusieron que era porque los recuerdos eran de más difícil acceso mientras más antiguos eran, por suerte la puerta que buscaban no estaba muy arriba, por ende, no tardaron mucho en encontrarla. Van hacia ella, por su suerte en ocasiones pasadas, Luigi ya temía que las escaleras se volvieran un tobogán o algo así, pero no, la abren sin problemas y ven dentro 12 cuartos con algunos cuadros más pequeños entre ellos, algunos hasta algo borrosos o grises.Luigi: Cuántas puerta – dice empezando a hartarse de ellas- 12 cuartos… ¿12 meses?Paper Luigi: Creo que los cuadros pequeños son recuerdos cortos.Luigi: ¿Y los decolorados?Paper Luigi: Debe ser que se están borrando o están incompletos, tiene sentido si son cortos… me pregunto si así se verán los que buscamos… bueno, veamos, para probar si tienes razón….Va a la puerta 12, ambos se asoman, había algunos cuadros con motivos navideños y de año nuevo.Luigi: Bingo, de nuevo.Paper Luigi: Ahora solo déjame pensar… -intentaba hacer memoria de en cuál de esos meses fue que pasó todo.Era curioso, pero algunos de los números en las puertas medio brillaban, Luigi no entendió al principio, pero luego se dio cuenta de que seguro era así por ser los recuerdos que su versión de papel intentaba evocar.Luigi: … Era en este… sí, estoy seguro.Señala una de las puertas y van a abrirla.Luigi: No más puertas, no más puertas, no más puerta- repetía en su mente antes de abrir.Al entrar, ambos, con el primer segundo de mirada, se ven sorprendidos por lo enorme del lugar, por la cantidad de cuadros de distintos tamaños, habiendo unos que tenían el mismo marco, como si estuvieran conectados o relacionados, mas, pasado ese segundo, sus expresiones cambiaron a sorpresa e intriga enormes, la de una persona que no esperaba ni entendía lo que acababa de ver.La razón de su reacción era simple, no fue necesario buscar el cuarto correcto, pues en una de las paredes se veía claramente los cuadros que pertenecían a los recuerdos que buscaban, mas, la impresión no era por los cuadros como los que estaban afuera, borrosos, sino porque entre estos había, además, cuadros en blanco casi totalmente y un par cubierto por raíces secas y gruesas.Ambos avanzan rápido hacia ese muro, al poder ver los cuadros más de cerca pudieron ver entre los que no estaban cubiertos vieron uno en que salían Paper Peach y Paper Bowser en el kiosco con trajes de boda, uno de Paper Mario y él en el Masacá, otro del Conde Cenizo en batalla contra su grupo, etc. todos en orden temporal. Por lo que pudieron comprobar que, en efecto, eran los que buscaban. Entre los que tenían partes borrosas destacaban 2, uno en que salía Nastasia frente a él y en el otro Dimencio. El de Nastasia por ir justo antes del grupo de cuadros en blanco casi total, solo habiendo un par de contornos indescifrables, seguido de esos estaba el cuadro del Masacá y un par de cuadros más adelante se encontraba el de Dimencio y, justo en la parte que comenzaba a estar borrosa, empezaban también las raíces. Cabe añadir que, casualmente, ambos grupos de cuadros tenían un maco verde y negro.Paper Luigi: ¿Qué significa esto? – pregunta impresionado y confundido.Luigi: Esos 2 deben haberte hecho algo, solo que ambos hicieron cosas distintas en momentos distintos.Paper Luigi: ¡Sabía que esa Nastasia tenía poderes mentales! Pero… eso no explica los otros… tal vez…Sujeta una de las raíces grandes y tira de ella sin mucho éxito. El Luigi 3D intenta ayudar, pero apenas logran chirridos de madera. Deciden, entonces, probar con raíces más pequeñas. Las movían, pero muy poco, parecían bien adheridas.Paper Luigi: Rayos, están muy pegadas… No puede acabar así, debe haber algo que podamos hacer…Luigi: Veré dentro de uno de los cuadros en blanco, quizás haya una pista ahí.Paper Luigi: Buena idea, también mirare.Ambos logran meter la cabeza en el cuadro, pero solo ven un fondo blanco con contornos que apenas podían distinguir. Al dueño del cuadro le pareció reconocer a un par de esbirros el Conde moviéndose o al mismo Conde, pero eso no le decía mucho.Ambos salen del cuadro.Luigi: Fue como ver a través de un vidrio empañado o una hoja de bocetos sin terminar.Paper Luigi: Si tan solo hubiera una forma de arreglarlos… aunque sea un poco.Luigi: … Llamaré al Maestro Onirio… tal vez él sepa algo.Paper Luigi: Está bien -no se le ocurría nada mejor.Usando nuevamente el poder de la elipsis, pasamos al Maestro Onirio llegando, sorprendiéndose y poniéndose a revisar los cuadros. Maestro Onirio: Esto sin dudas es absolutamente sorprendente, se sale completamente de nuestras teorías.Luigi: ¿Y lo del castillo y los cuadros? Maestro Onirio: Oh no, eso no, nosotros ya teorizábamos que la forma que tomara el subconsciente o “Sueño Profundo” podría variar según la persona, así como también la manifestación de los recuerdos, pero jamás esperé ver raíces que los cubrieran, como si buscaran impedir la manifestación de estos recuerdos en particular.Paper Luigi: ¿Pero para qué? No tengo idea de dónde salieron.Maestro Onirio: Pues… es solo una especulación, pero podrían estar bloqueando el recuerdo para evitar que se forme, ambos casos, solo que de distinta forma, algo así como lapsus de conciencia forzados.Luigi: ¿Lapsus?Paper Luigi: ¿De consciencia?Maestro Onirio: En otras palabras, como si te hubieran obligado a no estar consciente en ese momento a pesar de que estabas despierto.Ambos Luigi: ¡Oooooh! – Exclaman, entendiendo.Maestro Onirio: Lamento decirles que a menos que conozcan a alguien que sepa de cuadros con propiedades metafísicas, será muy difícil descifrar de que se trata esto.Paper Luigi: Genial, todo este viaje para nada – baja la cabeza, desilusionado.Luigi: Si tan solo conociéramos a alguien que… - de un segundo a otro a su mente le viene la imagen de un anciano semi calvo, bajito y llevado a sus ideas, pero que lo ha ayudado más de una vez en sus aventuras en solitario y en algunas con Mario- Espere… dijo… ¿alguien que sepa de cuadros con propiedades metafísicas?Maestro Onirio: Sí ¿Por qué?Paper Luigi: No me dirás que tú conoces a alguien así.Luigi: Ya que sería algo difícil traer maquinaria aquí, ayúdenme a ver si es posible sacar estos cuadros de aquí y les digo – sonría con un brillo en la mirada que respondía a la pregunta.Maestro Onirio: Hohoho, pues no debería haber problema, al menos con los que están en blanco, jóvenes, solo hay que dar un buen tirón, según nuestra teoría, deben ser devueltos al mismo exacto lugar para devolverlos.Paper Luigi: ¿Qué esperamos entonces? – dice emocionado.Toman los cuadros en blanco, uno normal y entonces deciden intentar con los enraizados, que por suerte eran pocos (unos 3 contando el de Dimencio). Lo curioso fue que, por separado fue imposible tomarlos, pero, por sugerencia del Maestro, al intentar sacarlos entre los 3, lo lograron.Maestro Onirio: Espero no sea mucha molestia que me permita conocer a ese conocido suyo, joven.Luigi: ¡Para nada, ahora salgamos de aquí!El anciano y su mascota ayudan a los hombres de verde a salir del lugar junto con los cuadros. Se dirigían a ver un rostro familiar para Luigi, pero que no veía en años, por lo que no sabía con exactitud qué esperar, pero sí sabía que ese científico loco no se podría resistir a algo como esto.Y eso fue todo por este capítulo, nuestros plomeros de verde lograron llegar a su destino gracias al esfuerzo y el trabajo en equipo, pero lograron, del todo, el objetivo que tenían ¿Será la persona que tiene Luigi en mente capaz de descifrar el misterio de los cuadros de recuerdo? ¿Qué será lo que ocultan? Y más importante ¿Será algo que Paper Luigi será capaz de soportar? Dejaré que la curiosidad los devore hasta el siguiente episodio.Siento la demora, tuve un pequeño bloqueo y problemas con el notebook, pero aquí está al menos, espero les haya gustado, quedo atenta a comentarios, dudas, sugerencias, opiniones, dudas, etc¡Hasta Pronto!Primer y anterior capítulo aquí
Tack (The Thief and The Cobbler) by SawakoPhoenny
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Neo Hero and Linky by ITZELDRAG108
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Spring Ino 2021 by PerryWhite
cogito ergo metal by KittenNanah
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I'll Show You Who Am I by ITZELDRAG108
Halloween by Rick Sanchez by ITZELDRAG108
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Finale by SquallEC
It's over 9000 by KittenNanah
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Cat Lover Stamp by Ittichy
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