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One of my favorite fighting game characters. I really hope she comes out in KOF 14!

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she looks like style of tifa lockhart from final fantasy 7 xd
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Your art is soo pretty ı hope you will draw more kof in the future
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refreshing to see a good painting on deviantart lol
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Beautiful design!

She's one of my favourite female characters of King of Fighters.Love 
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great work ◠‿◠
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Absolute Amazing Work on this~ no kidding i really like this^^
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ramon lucky bastard
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I know right?
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God this is awesome.
That said ,hate to burst your bubble but i think she was confirmed not to show up in 14.... which is probably why i`m gonna skip it.
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I see. Another poster above said she was part of a leaked list.. Ramon is in, so it seems fitting that Vanessa would also be in. Not holding my breath though.

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Awesome work with Van, agree she need to return.
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Vanessa's been one of my favorites ever since she debuted in KOF 2000.
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Same here bro!
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Love it! Great sense of action and the colouring works too
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I was Shermie and vice all the way for the girls! Iori and Benimaru for the boys ALL the way! I really miss these games :'(  but the 2D ones. I didn't like the 3D in their latest games tbh :'( 

just the same as guilty gear (it's really a fun 2D game. they are using mock cell-shading I think now, but guilty gear xx was such a great game! I hope you'll have the opportunity to try it :) gorgeous graphics, unique characters, FUN FUN FUN all the way! easy to handle except for some characters and Rock/metal I think background music :) as well as amazing seiyuus and you have a great game! the story is interesting as well, not some tekken "I don't know what I'm doing and convoluted plot" but some actual 'there's a story going on, from the first game to the latest installments but don't worry, you'll follow just fine" kind of story :D
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I first got into Vice from playing CvS and CvS2. Glad that shes back in KOF14. Iori was a fave as well. 

I played a lot of the first 2 guilty gear games. After that, there was so many versions of xx I lost track. I did buy Xrd and love the look! I just havent played much of it. Now the new version is already out in the cades here in Japan. I really want to get into it, but because of time, Ive just been playing one fighting game, SFV. Back then, I used to play at least 4 different fighting games at a time. 
Tekken always made me laugh. The story for some of the characters are just hilarious! I played a lot of Tekken6 and the first 3 from back in the day. Yea, the story does confuse me but it might be cause I skipped 4 and 5. 
So many fighting games coming out these days, wish I had the time to dive into all of them!
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so many childhood memories! Ah.... I really do miss playing these games! I think by CvS you mean, capcom vs Snk if so then we were introduced to the character by this very serie! then later when my twin and I went to the arcades, they had the old KOF :D so we played there! 

TRUE! a lot of them are out and honestly I only really liked the XX. Haven't tried Xrd but I saw the walkthrough and it really makes me want to play! Ah it's such a shame you leave abroad! we could have had really nice sessions! (and I would have gone to your placec or you to mine with YOUR console so we could have played sine I gave my PS3 to my cousin before he moved in Netherland so he wouldn't get bored until he made new friends) :D 

I have given up on the story. up until tekken 3 it was alright and then it just went downhill but the gameplay is still so fun to watch! one game that was really hard was the virtua fighter franchise! oh my god! VF4/5 were the death of me! I was frustrated so much with the A.I but I loved that it was hard, the rewards were even more than deserved!  Have you played this one?

I know righhhhht???? well don't worry, collect and someday when you're old you can play them  :D
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ahhh yes she's so awesome!
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buriburiburi APPACUTTO! You know dem jylze
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You are still no match for a my team with Kim on the lead, lol
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