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Sketchdroppings 2

By kasai
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Its big...
For the top 2 pages, I started studying kanji by drawing what the subject matter is. The top left is the kanji 景'kei' which means scenery. Used with other kanji it becomes other words like 背景'haikei' - background and 風景'fuukei'- landscape.
On the upper right is 軍'gun' which is used with anything military related. I really should keep that up. It helps me remember. Been lazing it with Japanese these days.

I was all hype to do some gestures after seeing 'Chocolate' and did the ones on the bottom right. 'SCOOPS!!'

*sigh* my gallery is turning white again. I really need to do more colour stuffs. :pee:
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very very nice drawing
good work
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so much detail...it mesmerizes the brain
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DygeraHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow the face of the man in the middle looks awesome.
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Awesome sketches. Can I use some of the poses?
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KandokenProfessional General Artist
dude these setches are fucking BOSS omg!
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I love this sketch!... makes me try to draw again.
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This is the kind of sketches and drawings I like to see the most. Gets me inspire.
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That's a cool way of studying. Wouldn't help me much, though...
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NinethreeProfessional Digital Artist
aah sorry for my reply.
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NinethreeProfessional Digital Artist
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like the looks of this
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hicodycod3sProfessional Digital Artist
airflare is ftw! haha dope shit man!
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kasaiProfessional Artist
I miss b-boying so much. Havent had the time.
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MONSTA-EProfessional Digital Artist
i like the way u sketch man! keep em coming!
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freakdeartsStudent Filmographer
a sketch that talks back! how delightful...
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graffickyProfessional General Artist
V. cool definitely liking all the enviro pieces. Be great to see some of your character design wok in those sort of settings. Give them a great sense of context.

And yes.... more chocolate please ;P
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kasaiProfessional Artist
I need to give it a shot.

And yes, more Chocolate is comin!
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Wow! For some reason, I'd forgotten about drawing little sketches of action and such (your bottom right page). The poses are great, and I've learned it would probably be better to flesh it out in thumb rather than in the fullsize draft itself. Thanks!
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R0K-MOProfessional Digital Artist
Dude freak'n sick stuff man! Yeah I got a small sketch book of kanji practice with drawings and sketches too! I really got to start on it again! But yeah just trying to surround my self more with the language and all!

But yeah man these sketches are sick!
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kasaiProfessional Artist
Im starting to find that just reading something Im interested in like manga or artbooks and translation the kanji helps me remember it more. Learning kanji with out putting it to use(by constantly seeing thru reading or writing) is like studying anatomy without using it for characters and what not.
I need to start using PIXIV(Japanese deviantart like site) more! You should join too!
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R0K-MOProfessional Digital Artist
oh snaps man! yeah definitely Man! I've been waiting and looking for the Japanese type DA! But yeah now I'm beginning to write more as well to my host family and friends. And definitely when I'm reading manga or different synopsis on things I like the Kanji begin to stick with you and your confidence begins to build!

Also man have you heard of Cradle Orchestra? Check em out if you get a chance, also at that Shad too!

Alright man just want to say man thanks again for just helping me out and being an inspiration to me! Alright then man. Peace!
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KowachiHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool. Love the designs.
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