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Commission - Angelise Reiter

By kasai

Description: As a young Princess, Angelise read tales of Ishgard and their knights. She grew enamored with their codes of chivalry and reveled in their sword techniques. On her own time, between her etiquette lessons, she took up the sword to become a knight (or her illusion of one). Still, princess Angelise begrudgingly filled her role with the utmost ambivalence. What good was her wealth and prestige when it was not earned with her own merit. Atop her ivory tower, a word exceedingly apt for describing the daily routines of noble princesses was tedium, the selfsame reason she absconded her position as a numbered princess of the Garlean empire. Angelise set out by killing her own twin brother and taking on his armies to lead her own crusade against Eorzea in the name of Garlemald and all the prestige that brought. Once in Eorzea, away from the iron grip of her father, she constructed a castle, a castrum of her own modeled after the ishgardian knights – even so far as to fashion a similar code of chivalry tainted by Garlean influences. However, time soon forced Angelise into hiding, her father recalled the family’s armies, leaving only those who were fiercely loyal to the princess. Even further, her sister set out to return her to Garlemald to be punished. To protect herself, she became a mercenary on the run from her family, never staying in one place often, even so far as to change her name from Aurelia. While she retains a network of trusted Garlean soldiers and spies that keep her safe, she is far from the princess she once was. Though, one thing was certain to never change – Angelise was a pursuer of the vices; Despite taking on a code of chivalry, the possession of power and influence had seeded in her a craving for debauchery.

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vay. she's so sexy

BiomeBerkeley12's avatar

Wow! Very detailed I love it!

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Excellent line work! :)

FallenAngelGM's avatar
Awesome work! I love the armor design!
JustinPosada's avatar

Still pumping out some of the cleanest commissions on dA, man! Loving this one

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Thanks man! Its been a loooong time. Getting all nostalgic thinking about the days when I used to do commissions on paper, then scan and clean up.

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Holy shit! she killed her own brother!?
magigrapix's avatar
I love the colour and shading. Nice to see a before and after within the same design.
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Spectacular and gorgeous

GhostYumeO's avatar
really amazing concept.
good job
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A very awesome design. Also, the style of the clothes, and specially the boots are very well done.
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I just discovered your work today, and I have to say that I am utterly floored by how fantastic your art is, both in its line and colored forms. There is so much character on display in the posing, as well. It really feels as though these are characters in motion. This was the first piece shared with me, but I love SO MANY of your FFXIV commissions that I look forward to paying you for art in the near to distant future! Fantastic stuff!
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Thank you for the compliment! I enjoy showing the character`s personality through expression/pose and what not. Though I still have lots to learn! Thanks again.

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Pretty nice. This is the sort of character I wouldn't mind reading further about, be it in novel format or otherwise.

Sarcastodon's avatar
There is quite a bit of... content for this character out there on the internet. She's a pretty spicy lady who gets into all sorts of... stick situations. 
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Liking the pose~ Great drawing here.
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Good morning, Awesome!!!!!Young Prince - Dark Choco CookieYoung Prince - Dark Choco CookieYoung Prince - Dark Choco Cookie.
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! Phenomenal !

Beautiful piece,
love it
great pose and colors
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