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Name: Hizoku
Definifion: Rebel
Gender: Female
Breed: Brittany Springer Spaniel

this is my second newest character. she's supposed to represent me in dog form...
i drew her like this because i feel like this:
{the following is one of my posts from another site, don't be offended}
people are pissing me off!! i'm sick of people taking everything i say the wrong way! everything i do seems to annoy someone! i'm not doing anything right aparentally! i can't do anything right when i'm just being me! so i do nothing and they get mad at me even more! "stop being emo" they say! I'M NOT EMO!! I'M PISSED, OK?! *twitching* maybe it's just me but it seems like there's only two people (from school), and a few of you on here that are really standing beside me. *sigh* maybe it's just my short temper...

normal version: [link]
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