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This dress sits perfectly on you Dear!

With recent birthday to :iconxn-dragon:

Crystal Clarity 
belong to :iconkilala97:
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Wow! Great picture!
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This user known as XXXXBLOSSOMXXXX stole your art and posted it on her page. She's been stealing Crystal Clarity art on line and not giving credit.…
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like mother
like ddaugther
both beautiful
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Oooooh, clarity is so pretty
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Hmmm. It's great, but watch the optical dimensions of the tail on rarity... It makes it look like a bottle rather than a curled ribbon. Other than that, its really great.
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Rarity: oh, crystal honey this dress fits you perfectly .
Crystal: i'm not sure mom, i mean i'm not a the dress kind of pony.
Rarity: oh don't be silly dear you'll have fun at the gala tonight with your friends.
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mommys little model love ur pic
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Looks great.  :thumbsup:
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Claire: Uhh... if you say so, ma. But you know I'm not a DRESS kind of girl, right?

:iconraritysmileplz: :iconsays3plz: Oh, don't be absurd, dearie! Just give it a chance...
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Nice work. I can see tones of Rarity's old Gala dress here. But Claire's is more personalized and evolved.
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awesome!! wait, why is the background black and white?
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The big problem of being Rarity's daughter? You've spent most of your life as a clothes-horse!
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Yeah, but Rarity will be extremely careful when making a critic regarding her daughter's clothes.
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Yes, It does, actually!
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Отлично, но эти тени... Из-за них, поняши кажутся плоскими.
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Да пора бы завязывать с этими халтурными тенями.
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Вот именно. Хватит лениться. Планшет в зубы и вперёд матчасть изучатьCURSE YOU! 
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Was surfing through Derpibooru when I glanced over this.  Didn't give it a second thought at first.

"Eh, Rarity with someone's OC."


*Record Scratch.*

"That was Claire!"

And here I am!  An outstanding drawing, I'm really impressed!  The muted background seems a little off putting to me, but it really does make the colors of the dress pop.  Very well done, indeed.

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Thank you! :)
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Very cute!
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Very, very nice piece of artwork, like how Crystal looks, she looks very beautiful here, amazing job.
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