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What Friendship is all about

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Published: August 23, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 Karzahnii
MLP artwork: #100

The result of over three months on and off. There are many noticeable omissions, but I included most of what I could (totalled up to 223 characters!). Have fun finding your favourites (or being disappointed that they aren't there!).

I've put up the progress steps here:

"Bug list": Discord's ears are missing, Opal's whiskers aren't all glowing, Cadence's cutie mark is missing, Blossomforth's freckles are missing, Twilight's cutie mark is backwards.
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dragonjewelsHobbyist General Artist
The only memorable characters that aren't in the picture are Cheese Sandwich, Miss Pommel and Gabby, along with the more recent characters of Season 6: Saffron Marsala & Coriander Cumin, along with a few others ^_^

A fantastical piece to show the full scope of the tv show. Will it continue to set the record for having more distinctive characters than The Simpsons? Gosh, I HOPE SO! :D
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jeroen01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where is Waldo?
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NIJI-YTStudent Digital Artist
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WooterMellonHobbyist Digital Artist
reminds me of slice of life
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catninja21Student General Artist
And the doctor pony? (」゚ロ゚)」
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Cinnamon-SwirlsStudent Digital Artist
Good job! :)
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Vinylicious-Pon-3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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HeardDdragonHobbyist General Artist
this is gorgeous 
the worke effort really shines throgh
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LadyRoseofFlamesHobbyist Writer
I just love the fact that the Diamond Dogs are giving Rarity that worried look.

"She's not gonna start whining again, is she?"

"Dude, don't give her ideas!"
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monterrangHobbyist General Artist
dashies doesn't realize but if she watch away she'll probably get an amazing surprise
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This is awesome, but I can't help but notice some mistakes on size and perspective. Like Rarity being bigger than the ponies behind her.
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My new background to use for my triple monitor setup, hell yes.
TerraHv1's avatar
I really want to get this printed up!
spectraldanny's avatar
forgot to give twi wings
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RainbowFlash5000Student Traditional Artist
Holy shiz-whitties how....that's a lot of ponies and...creature...thingys...ya... :P
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Patrikov909Hobbyist Writer
i love this
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Friendship is all about two lamas munching on a deliciously roasted face
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ThejeweledowlHobbyist General Artist
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Pokekid963Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there some way I can get a closer look of it? It's really cool!
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peachy--foxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Impressive. I can tell you put a lot of hard effort into this. Good work!
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really wonder how long did you take to draw this amazing piece of art!!! You need a lot of patience!!! And 223 characters!!! Woah...!!! :omg: :omfg: :wow: :O
Excellent job!! ;)
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JerickHobbyist Digital Artist
Any plans on selling a print version of this?
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if only spike as an adult (aka spikezilla)was here but still best mlp art ive seen
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