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The Lunar Mare - Progress



Here's some progress shots for: [link]

1: Originally intended to be Twilight in her balloon, but since the Luna episode was coming up I decided otherwise.

2: Horizon and moon are drawn. I also stitched a bunch of cloud photos together and edited them to use as a template-type thing. I don't know why, but I found that method funny.

3: Clouds are created, basic town setup is created.

4: Scrapped the clouds, redid them. Finished most of the town and created WIP for the mountains.

5: Just some more details for the clouds and town.

6: In comes Luna! It took a while to get her right (four tries). This is the version I submitted as incomplete.

7: Tweaked Luna, the town, and stitched in some more cloud photos. Originally more stuff was going to be added, but it felt to crowded, so I took them out. I also increased the width a bit because I knew some people would want a version more suitable for desktops.

8: Finished clouds and added some color filters. Not too bad, huh?
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