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The Lunar Mare

By Karzahnii
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Well, I considered putting a bit more time into this one, but I realized I was just cluttering the picture when I added too many things. So here's the final picture! Which was put up as a WIP just recently in my scrapbook.

EDIT: to clear things up, this USED to be the WIP, but I added a couple of things here and there. Nothing big, though.

Here are some progress shots: [link]
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I thought I have seen this before. One of the Chrome themes I am using. Yay! I only wish this was a little bigger to be used as a desktop wallpaper. But I absolutely love this one.
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Whoa! Beautiful view, It evokes an indescribable feeling of wonder.
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That background looks amazing... :omg: :omg: :omg:
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not sure what's happening here.....
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I love the Chrome theme which based on this image. :)
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This is just amazing! You did a wonderful job!
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woa you should also make a celestia over a morning cantelot (those two mirrored next to each other would make prefect bg for my dual screen.)
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I second this.
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This picture wins on so many levels...
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You drawed this epic pic *-* *w* I found this at the google chrome store as chrome background and I use this as chrome background but I can´t found it as real pic *w* but yet I found <3333 very nice pic x33
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This is my Chrome theme and I wanted t find the source pic so I did some Googling and here I am! HUZZAH! :D
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oh my holy saint god o,0
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Using this as my Google Chrome theme... it's amazing!
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Yep, you excel at color. Something about the sparing use of gold amidst vague blue and purple just knocks my understanding of color theory outta the ballpark.
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Well, you did a pretty good job analyzing it, so your skills can't be too bad!
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This incredible picture has graced my desktop several times, and to pay tribute once more I featured it in a video I made!
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That's awesome! Thanks for putting it in!
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The feelings this picture sets in me are un-describable. Seriously tho this is amazing.
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