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The Eleventh Day of Christmas

By Karzahnii
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On the eleventh day of Christmas, MLP gave to me:

Eleven shining diamonds,
[Ten vinyl records,]
[Nine friendship letters,]
[Eight mailmare postcards,]
[Seven rainbow colors,]
[Six elements,]
[Five apple pies!]
[Four candy canes,]
[Three fillies,]
[Two alicorns,]
[And a bird with a Fluttershy tree!]

You are completely unaware of the fact the background is flipped...yep...nothing to see there
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Don't you mean Hearts n Hooves Day?


Nice art by the way, very well colored!

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Her gift for him is clearly much more valuable than mere diamonds.
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Suddenly, my love is DIAMONDS!
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Mm mmm, shinies! :D
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why rarity have a Russian style hat?
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Better question is, why not?
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Spike: Oh Please Rarity my place can only be at your side

Rarity: On one condition spikey, If Mine is by yours
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That comment sounds like something Gomez and Morticia would say.
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OK that just creeped me out
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Why? Gomez and Morticia Addams, had the same passion level in their relationship.
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Oh sorry. But here's something You might recognize

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only if it's in fashion...
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They were 20 diamonds, but Spike ate 9 on his way to Rarity`s.
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Several songs for these two

Almost Paradise from footloose
Next time I fall by Peter Cetera
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