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Tales from Ponyville: Chapter 4, Page 1

By Karzahnii
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Looking back, this fall is very "undertale"
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I really love this ep, and like the whole series. You have a wonderful career in front of you.
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It's raining dragons, hallelujah it's raining dragons!
It's raining dragons. Rainbow i'm looking at you.
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Love at first sight!
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"The Great Dragon Migration ... what's so great about it anyway?"

Well, about the same stuff than for a butterfly migration: absolutely nothing if you're not into it.
I had my own ideas for a baby dragon or two. I really like the design for this one, very creative
zora-artist's avatar
This comic it looks pretty cool karzahniii!
Careful. You don't want to be in the way if her mom comes down for her.

Or in front of her if she starts breathing fire to scare you off. Spike can do it; she probably can too.
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And so she comes in. 
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Looks like Spike will get a friend now.
kabhes's avatar
well i think this wont end well
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well a wild dragon taken care of the most shy pony in pony ville
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Don't worry. Flutters can always go to this one :iconfluttershystareplz: if the "wild" dragon turns out to be causing any trouble. Besides, she is barely any bigger than Spike, so what harm should she be capable of doing?
kabhes's avatar
well it is fet up like a beast so i can imeagen some stuff burn her and her house or just use her teeth and claws
Mikkillerib's avatar
Still, living with a pony used to animals which are friends with a alicorn, a unicorn, two earthponies and a pegasus, i don't really see how Whimsey is going to be able to cause any trouble.
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well trouble does even spike make so trouble will come how much is the question 
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Fluttershy is irresistibly cute in this chapter. I just love everything about this comic!
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A child has fallen from the sky!
Child-giving storks do exist!XD
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This happened in the episode before that happened.

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