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Tales from Ponyville: Chapter 2, Page 1

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*comes up behind roseluck with hungry hands*
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Roseluck: Go get that Dragon slong.
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Oh wow Roseluck.

Hmmm, Spike is getting a special lady (I hope it's a lady) some flowers? So sweet. Wonder who the special lady is...


Hey who said that?
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.. isn't a she?

Free Shrugs! + PLZ 
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Rose is so chill, I like it. :)
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"Oh, it isn't a she? That's cool. My mistake."

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Oh my gosh, the blind bag pony I got actually appeared in something! It's amazing!
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Lol Spike you need to ask for a raise.
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roseluck. you are one awesome mare!
Mmm, that last panel suggests Roseluck is dreaming of sweet, sweet dragon yaoi.
Probably, yeah. Who wouldn't dream of sweet, sweet dragon yaoi, after all.
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"Who wouldn't dream of sweet, sweet dragon yaoi"

I wouldn't. :-P ^^
Ssh! You'll ruin everything if you just give things away like that! Secrecy is of the utmost importance.
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Actually Spike, you owe her 14...
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Doesn't Twilight give spike an allowance or something? 
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He spend everything on gems and sweets. Remember how he tried to cook a jewel cake and ate all the gems before putting them in? XD
Spike:Yeah, can I have a dozen white roses, please?

Roseluck:Oh, hi, Spike. I didn't know it was you

Spike:That's me. how much is it?

Roseluck:It'll be 14 bits

Spike:Here you go. Keep the change. Hi doggy.

Roseluck:You're my favorite customer.

Spike:Thanks a lot. bye!

Nice " The Room " reference.
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lol "it isn't a she"
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