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Tales from Ponyville - Chapter 1, Page 4

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Published: January 11, 2013
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When I first read the fortune I thought she was talking about the actual pony named Apple Fritter.. o_o
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BejeweledApplesHobbyist Writer
I would love to try an apple fritter actually.
speedysketch's avatar
speedysketchHobbyist Digital Artist
hey can i has a fritters?
Prism-S's avatar
Prism-SHobbyist General Artist
Applejack stop.
Applejack yer bein' cute again.
Applejack please.
My heart can't ta-
No Applejack stop.
Sweet Celestia stahp!
Yer too darn cute ta be spacin' out!
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shimmerthecatHobbyist General Artist
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
Haha oh man applejack :D 
legofreak18's avatar
*dat Applejack in the last frame

SasuhKun's avatar
It predicts the future because it CREATES the future. Nice touch.
Centaur71's avatar
whatta they need a machine for; they've already got Pinkie Pie...
Skunkplush's avatar
Was Pinkie screwing with the machine in panel 4? X3
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Ep0nym0usHobbyist Writer
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). Great song.
BeastialMoon's avatar
Self fulfilling prophecy all over this page!
TheNecroCritic's avatar
That was a rather self-fulfilling fortune.
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MiraKHallHobbyist General Artist
They are very tasty, actually; my bro let me had a bite of it once when we went out for donuts before getting back to yard work. Never would I thought apple would taste that good in pastry form :drool:
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Very nice art style!
anzul's avatar
she is lying, she wants to eat applebloom
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junkwriterStudent Writer
Applejack can't lie, silly. Derr!
anzul's avatar
she is discorded, and she doesnt look gray because she is a changueling, and she is acting like AJ because she is under NMM`s control.

the villians in this show make for some great excuses XD
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Captain-GrumpyHobbyist General Artist
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you icon reflects what goes trough my head everytime i coment XD
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Riolu9Student Digital Artist
Yep she is certainly the element of honesty *cough* Loyalty *cough*
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Emby-SparkStudent Digital Artist
Rainbow Dash hears all and she doesn't like it when you impersonate her
Captain-Grumpy's avatar
Captain-GrumpyHobbyist General Artist
:iconrainbowdashismadplz::iconsays3plz: You're darn right.
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