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Summer Slam

By Karzahnii
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Final exams end for me in a few days, meaning I will finally be free for a full summer of pony art. Hoorah!

Took 6ish hours, I wasn't counting

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This is "SMILE HD"

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Someone going to die... Pretty sure
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Very good Work   remind me on smile HD 
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The fateful moment, just before the violent beatdown.
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Twilight Sparkle (what!) plz: Is that what, or who, I think it is?
Applejack (Flabbergasted) Plz: Uh, eeyup.
Fluttershy (shock) plz: Oh my!!
Rainbow sad: There's no escape, is there?
Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz: Let's put it this way, darling.  I hope you're as physically hardheaded as you are mentally hardheaded.
Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz : Gee, thanks.  I feel so much safer now, Rarity.
Pinkie pie (don't smile and bad news) plz : VIVA LA RAZA!!!

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I really love it! <3
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"oh no, she's using her most powerful attack, the Super Pinkie Explosive Huggin Friendship Jump !"
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BELLY FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pinkie Pie's in training for ECW.
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Rarity's like "...Again?" :lmao:
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oh gosh, rd needs to mooove
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cant wait to see it
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Smile... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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pinkie: look out below!!!
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Rarity`s like "r u serious Pinkie?"
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Rubberfruit in disguise: that plot is MINE!!!
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That's a cruel Pinkie XD
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from a distance, It looked like Smile HD
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I thought that too
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