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Shared Diary

By Karzahnii
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Every time I read the first line I keep thinking of that one song. You know the one.
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somercet's avatar
Never a good idea...
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The Fluttershy on Tumblr thing reminds me of the Super Lesbian Horse RPG when you look at Fluttershy's computer and she says she has an ask blog on Tumblr.
Dragon101k's avatar
AJ is illiterate.
NoradTwo's avatar
False! AJ's tail is definitely prehensile!
BejeweledApples's avatar
Rarity, you're kinda trifling for talking about your friends behind their backs.

Pinkie Pie, that flip animation is so cute!

Applejack, write with your mouth, ya silly filly!

Fluttershy, how do you even know what Tumblr is!?

And Rainbow Dash, really? A whole fanfic that you had to continue on several hundreds of sheets of paper? Then you made Spike carry the stack of papers? Really?

Yeah, Twilight's probably at her wit's end.
Dragonjek's avatar
Just borrow Fluttershy's computer, RD!
Applejack you have mouth. Use it.
Sturmlion1's avatar
And that's why a diary is a bad idea all round.
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Uh, yeah, those papers that Spike's carrying? That's only Chapter One, part One.

Pocket edition.
TheLoudMouthScout's avatar
Im guessing thats chapter one of rainbow dash's fanfic.......
EliratheDinosaur's avatar
"I usually post my feelings on Tumblr."

Fluttershy is now best pony ever.
EliratheDinosaur's avatar
Unless Discord becomes ponified in the show.
Frostclaw140's avatar
It happened on the Season finale!

Are you a wizard??
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I have a sneaking suspicion that you drew this in MS Paint...DID YOU?!
BejeweledApples's avatar
Heh, if I could draw like that in MS Paint, I would've done it a long time ago.
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XD hahahaha
that shared diary...sure is a mess XD
awsome karzahni!!
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:icontwilightsparkleplz::iconsaysplz:Oh dear, we are in trouble...:iconsaysendplz:
:icondeoxysenderman::iconsaysplz:What on earth did she WRITE?!:iconsaysendplz:
:iconrainbowdashplz::iconsaysplz:Something FAR better than Rainbow Factory, I'll have you know!:iconsaysendplz:
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