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Heart's Desire

Late for Valentine's Day!

This is the finished comic from the sketches I posted back in December. The actual drawing took only around a week, but it took a lot more editing - there are numerous endings I didn't use, but I won't bring them up (they weren't used for a reason). I ended up deciding on one that stuck the most to the original theme and made sense. There are probably some continuity errors, or even debate as to whether the Heart's Desire works like that; I'm aware, but just enjoy it for what it is. How about that? :)

The Little Prince and Up were my main inspirations.

EDIT 1: In just a day, this hit my most viewed, commented, and favourited piece. Thank you for amazing feedback! I'm glad it touched so many people. Also, I have reuploaded it with very slightly altered to text to hopefully avoid a bit of confusion it caused earlier.

EDIT 2: Interested in seeing how this was made? [link]
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I remember this, saw it so many years ago. Very heartwarming, and so very heartbreaking.
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ow my heart qnq
Honey-Skulls's avatar
aaaaand i don't get it
firekitu's avatar
your not alone
ThatViolinThere's avatar
damn. that was deep.
almost wanted to make me cry.

TigerGeekGuy's avatar

I didn't sign up for a feels trip.
tickleconissuer's avatar
Oh God's my poor heart wasn't reaaady
Xanegoh's avatar
Dammit! The feels. I wasn't ready. 
It must have been a long time since i last saw this comic. But it still touches me after all this time. 
xX-Strangeness-Xx's avatar
the feels 
that last panel (not the one with the heart) made me literally flood my room with tears... Good job, you did well Happy Cry 
tigreanpony's avatar
Yepp seen this when it first came out and come back and still hits me in the feels.
AJR001's avatar
Yep, I saw this before and it STILL gave me Danisnotonfire: FEELS .
>8(.... it's not working.....
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This is very nice. Well done :)
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*sinks in corner and freaking sobs*
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