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I know is only for joke but Applejack is not stupid and greedy to remove the tree of harmony of is right place, plus the tree is made of crystal, is do not make cider, plus the tree will defend himself from this, the tree a be create for protect equestria from danger not make money!

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by remove the tree of his right place, the black vine now back!
The last panel looks like something from an Oglaf comic.
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I seriously doubt AJ would be THIS cold like EVER
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What if Applejack did that for real? Horrible yet funny. Just like her pun.
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Applejack (Aw Shucks!) Plz Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 by GEEKsomniac  "See? Appleblooms already havin fun with the new tree. You just gotta loosen up, twi!"Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 by GEEKsomniac  
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:iconapplebloomwtfplz: :iconsaysplz: SIS PLEASE HELP ME AGGGH!

:iconimpatienttwilightplz: :iconsaysplz: Applejack!

:iconajhmmplz: :iconsaysplz: *sips Harmony Cider casually*

:icondiscord-plz: :iconsaysplz: *appears in a flash and squees* Applejack I love you!!!

Discord grabs Applejack and proceeds to hug the apples outta her.
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I can see it now
Discord just hugging Applejack
while petting her head with his tail
the entire time Applejack is continuously shitting whole apples
of every flavour and colour of the rainbow.

... hours later Discord is still hugging and petting Applejack
Applejack is just scowling, as she continues to shit apples.

Big Mac and Applebloom are sitting nearby drinking Harmony Cider
discussing how they plan to sell all of AppleJack's Butt Apples.
Applebloom saying they should sell boxes of assorted coloured apples
Big Mac asking if she thinks there could be a market for Chaos Cider.
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Hah, applecord confirmed :3
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How dare you Applejack!
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Why does AJ ´s Hat  alternate from brown to black ?
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It's the lighting at that angle, I guess.
GAF14's avatar
I suppose, yes.
Starcraft-Nut's avatar
Because hats are magic.
GAF14's avatar
I need a hat .
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GAF14's avatar
Perhaps ...
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XDDD hahahaha
oh god! this comic is prety funny! 
applejack stealing the tree of harmony to use it in the far?! XDD hahah 
awesome karzahni!
Well, Plan A, "Use the Elements of Harmony to hold the Plunder Seeds at bay" failed. Looks like it's time for Plan B..."EXTREME WEEDWHACKING TIME!!!"
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why did we did not do that the first time instead of spilling just the elements of harmoney
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Darn it Applebloom! YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!
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