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Equestrian Globetrotter

Twilight Sparkle, you can talk trash, you can handle the ball. But look in your heart and ask yourself: Are you funky enough to be a Globetrotter? Are you?
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"Are you?" Ttixie sneers.

"Yes, with time." Twilight implores with Trixie, she knew she could be funky enough.

"Are YOU?!"

Twilight tilts her head down, a depressive state overcoming her as she slinks away, she will never become a Globetrotter, and with her home-made Globetrotter lawsuit, she looses all her prized books in the lawsuit.
iiFanGirlOfFhaf's avatar
tbh i think fluttershy talks trash better then twilight
Donsssssss's avatar
I knew this was Futurama, I knew it! Description was also a dead giveaway. Nice job!
Nanasaa123's avatar
wow there desprite
Touch-of-K1NDNESS's avatar
I saw them irl! It was awesome :3
Dotterall's avatar
That last panel... XD
Corporal-Yakob's avatar
I'm just glad my fat ugly momma isn't alive to see this day....
Zunachina's avatar
maybe it's a reference?
WarcraftWolf's avatar
it is a refrence from futurama
the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
"i may be an old mare, in fact I'm fairly certain that i am"
lordbevan1's avatar
"but I'll put you 'lulamoons' in your place with my race of atomic supermares!"
Corporal-Yakob's avatar
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid these two comments win the internet.
Swordsman826's avatar
That was probably my favorite episode of Futurama. Thank you!
Arcane-Boomeus's avatar
"Laugh derisively at her."
Fire5236's avatar
I guess Twilight would rather laugh at Snips and Snails :XD:
Spkie is now a dragonball, six more and I'll have my wish.
Janemba-Junior's avatar
Lets split the wishes. One for you and one for me...
Unless thats a NAMEKIAN dragonball... Then 1 for you one for me and one for Goku, they need to get Earth back since SOMEONE blew it up *looks at kid buu* I wonder who that was.
Kid Buu:*scratches back of head and smiles*
Dxthegod's avatar
"It was always Trixie's plan to trail at the half. Thus deepening Twilight Sparkle's eventual humiliation. Also, what game were the refs watching?!"
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