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Sun in Leo

Zodiac Leo.
Celestial body: Sun
Element: Fire
Colour: Yellow
Tarot: Greater Arcana VIII, The Strength 

This a present for  :icontinydtk: :iconmockingbirdontree: :iconhilif: and :iconhopecvon:. All of them are Leo. Hope you like it!

I bought the landscape of the background in Adobe Stock several years ago. The name of the picture is Summer Mountains. The photographer is Andrij Salivon

Thanks to:
Model: by Niamh17
Hair: by Hair extensions stock
Tiara: enchantedwhispersart.deviantar… by Tiaras

Fire 1: by Fire stock 7
Fire 2: by Series: Fire

LION: fotostyle-schindler.deviantart… by Lion
Landscape: Summer Mountains by Andrij Salivon.
Lake: by Pond Stock
Houses: by Sitges - WhiteHouse Archway-2

Sunflower 1: by Sunflower PNG
Sunflower 2: by Sunflower png

Plant 1: by Grass 02 png
Plant 2: by Grass Tail
Plant 3: bySTOCK PNG plants

Leo: by Nepeta Iron-On Template
Zodiac Wheel: crimsonvermil-stock.deviantart… by Zodiac Wheels

And if you want to see the process is here:  sun in Leo Before and After by Karyl-Delta

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This is very beautifully well done! I am also a Leo! :D
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much! I am cancer, the opposite sign: Leo is the sign of sun and fire and cancer the sign of water and moon. Glad you like it and thanks for the fav!
Jasmine-T's avatar
ahh that's cool to hear! :D

and you're welcome! ^^
valonisens's avatar
Wonderful picture! Very nice and symbolic! Heart Hug 
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much! Hug 
Digitiel's avatar
Great composition and amazing colour scheme Cristina! Clap 
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much Jan! Glad you like it!
tinydtk's avatar
Makes me want to convert it and stitch it 😀, hope you're ok hun x
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much Deb, Glad you like it. I´d love to see it converted in a tapestry of cross stitch!!
I am ok. Extremely busy these days!
eyepilot13's avatar
Ha my wife is a fiery Leo!!! Cool!
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you!!! You are right! They are really fierce and impulsive! As a matter of fact it is like if they were in fire Fire Emoji Zodimotes - Leo 
eyepilot13's avatar
faryba's avatar
beautiful compostion!
My dear friend you-are-a-great-artist! by vafiehya   Nice-Work! by vafiehya  
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much!
HYPPthe's avatar
Beautiful work with this edit! Love how the different elements and the illumination blend together so perfectly!
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much!! Sprite Rip: Big Yellow Flowers 
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :PeachBlossom: 
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Magical work! So many sun, warmth and light here!
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you Lora! :Lotus: - NaNoEmo 
Varagka's avatar
Amazing work.  Love it!
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much for your kind comment and for the fav!
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