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This is an entry for the contest Duality of the World  Duality Of The World. Last hours to enter!Hello everyone!Hi! 
We would like to give a few words of appreciation to our new members. With all due thanks to them who put their trust in us during our difficult time and for their massive support and understanding, we are here once again amongst you to announce the first contest in our new group. :iconArt-Revival:. Thank you all for being with us, we look forward to great entries from you all.❤

“ divinity opposites are always reconciled.” 
― Walter M. Miller Jr., Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

“In the end there is only light and dark. And the two are not so far apart.” 
― Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Waking Up at Rembrandt's

“Absurdity and anti—absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld
  posted by :iconart-revival:
The line which separate the sanity from the madness is very thin sometimes. There is a duality between wich the reality world and the world that the person who has this sickness thinks to watch.
The picture is inspired by a song of a Spanish music group in the 80's. It´s name was Pistones and the name of the song was Metadona. One of the  side effects of this drug, used to cure heroine addiction is the paranoia. The person thinks to be a victim of a complot and that there is someone or something  who wants to haunt him. The lyrics of the song shows this.
The link of you tube is:

And the lyrics are:

       Spanish                                                    And the translation to English

La calle es estrecha                                               The street is narrow
y no me explico por que razón                                And I cannot explain 
todo está oscuro                                                    Why everything is dark
Algo me dice que es terror                                      Something tells me which is terror
lo que yo siento                                                     what I feel
al caminar                                                             when I walk.
Desearía estar en casa ya.                                      I wish I was home already.
Creo que algo                                                        I think there is something
está rondando a mi alrededor                                 hanging around me.
No puedo verlo                                                      I cannot see it
pero oigo su respiración.                                        But I hear his breath.
Estoy alerta                                                           I´m alert
Viene a por mi.                                                      It comes to me
Tengo que salir pronto de aquí                                I have to leave soon here.
Y no sé como voy a escapar...                                 And I don´t know how I am going to escape...
No sé como voy a escapar...                                    I don´t know how I am going to escape...
No sé como voy a escapar...                                    I don´t know how I am going to escape...
El aire es helado                                                    The air is icy.
Mis pasos suenan siempre detrás                             My footsteps always sound back
Estoy viendo caras                                                  I´m seeing faces
que sólo yo puedo imaginar                                     that only I can image.
Mi cigarrillo                                                            My cigarette
se va apagar                                                          is putting out
Ya no me atrevo ni a respirar                                   I don´t dare even breathe                     
y no sé como voy a escapar...                                  And I don´t know how I am going to escape...
no sé como voy a escapar...                                     I don´t know how I am going to escape...
no sé como voy a escapar.                                       I don´t know how I am going to escape...

Thanks to: 
Model: Claudia Delta. My own stock.                                                                                                                                                                         by Rundown Street Tunnel at Night that I used as a pattern for the perspective.
Town : by Medieval street Curemonte 02 and Medieval village - Curemonte 12 and PNG medieval house - 038
Sky: by Wyldmoon STOCK and by Sunset Sky
Asphalt: by Lutry 01
Big Spider 1: by Spider stock 111
Small Spider 2: by Evil spider
Flowerpot: violettalestrange.deviantart.c… by Plant Pots Png
Dead tree: by stock dead pack 1 
Plants: by Grass Tail
Tree: by Trees png
Coleus: by Coleus
Cat 1: by Png Cat
Cat 2: by png cat
Cat 3: by Abyssinian Cat Walking Towards Camera Stock 1
Dove: violettalestrange.deviantart.c… by Dove
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