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King Midas

This is an entry for the contest: Royal Challenge. 3 days left!  posted by :iconstewed-tomatoes:

hanks in advance to all those who give a fav. Sometimes I can not answer as fast as I would like.

A long long time ago King Midas was the richest man who existed in the world. He had thousands of arks full with gold, jewelry and precious stones. But nothing of this was enough for him. He had a hard defect: Greed. He wanted more and more. When day a goblin met him and told him: " If you want gold you'll have gold. Henceforth all the things you touch will turn in gold". Midas was very glad. He touched the curtains of his room and out of the blue they turned gold. He continued touching things: flowers, birds, jars...all the objets converted in gold automatically. The problem started when he was hungry and pretended to eat because when he tried to get some apples they turned gold and the same happened with the rest of aliments. The king began to worry because he realized he never could feed. He went to look for his beloved little daughter to tell her what was happening but at the moment he tried to care her she was gold. 
Midas cried and cried. The goblin saw the king had learnt the lesson and showing himself in front of the king returning everything and the little princess to life. The king, regretted,  divided his wealth among his most needy subjects and became a beloved one in his kingdom.

Thanks to:

Wall: BG 003
Curtains: Gold flowers seamless textures
Chandeliers: Glass Chandelier by YBsilon-Stock

KING: Cloak 2.9
Fur of the cloak: tempestazure-stock.deviantart.…: Fir for Cloak Hood-Stock

PRINCESS: Little Princess 31
BIRD: Bird Stock 15: Scarlet Macaw Flying

Broken glass:…: Broken Glass Brushes - Eight
Stars: Stars Brushes 2


CROWNS of the King and Princess: Golden Crowns
GOLD SKIN of the princess and GOLD TEXTURE of bird and basket and apples: wanderingsoul-stox.deviantart.…: Texture 71 : Gold 
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Epic work! The vibrance and atmosphere in this is just awesome! And I love how seamlessly all the elements blend together!
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Thank you very much!. Glad you like it!
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Awsome art work! Clap Clap Good Luck in the contestHeart 
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Thank you very much Hilde!
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My plesureHug 
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Hermoso trabajo Cristina, la moraleja es que lo material no lo es todo, que hay cosas mucho más importantes que el dinero o el oro, aunque es evidente que facilitan el bienestar bastante,pero la excesiva codicia es un arma de destrucción masiva, besos y suerte en el concurso. :)
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Gracias Julián! Qué razón tienes. El dinero no da la felicidad pero es cierto que ayuda a conseguirla aunque la avaricia rompe el saco. (el refranero español es muy sabio). Yo lo he comprobado muchas veces: he visto como gente por tener una avaricia excesiva por algo ha terminado sin lo poco de ese algo que tenía. Muchos besos para ti también.
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De nada Cristina. :)
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Great Karyl!Clap 
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Thanks Jan! Glad you like it! Hug 
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Thank you Lora. Japanese flower 
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Oh very nice job.  The King Midas story is very interesting.  In the cartoons I have seen he cried because he could not eat. All his food was gold.  I love the macaw becoming gold.
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Yes. I put a golden basket with apples on the floor. He couldn't eat and when he touched his daughter she converted in a gold statue. He cried. I hadn't put a macaw becoming gold if I hadn't known the end of the story. Everything and everybody returned to life when the goblin who gave him the gift saw the king regretted.
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Yes it's a neat story.  There is a great metal song I love called King Anti-Midas which is about a guy that is a failure at everything.
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I´d like to listen to it. Tonight I´ll send to you an e mail.
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Oh ok. Sure send me an email tonight and I'll send you the song and we can talk. I look forward to that.
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That's a power I wouldn't want.  I'd be afraid of turning someone or something I love into gold accidentally.  I think that actually did happen in the Midas myth.  He turned his daughter to gold. 
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Yes. That was what happened. But he regretted and started to cry and the goblin who gave him that gift saw that the king had learnt the lesson and decided to return everything back so her daughter came to life again. 
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