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Crossing over to the other Side

This is an entry for the contest  MERMAIDS CONTEST EXTENDEDmajesticARTS CONTEST  
Hello everyone !Hi! 
majesticARTS Team is pleased to announce the opening 
of the contest,  with great prizes and whose only limit will be your imagination and, from that, we know that everyone has great talent and creativity. So do not hesitate, this is your contest!
On this occasion, we propose a new challenge, we hope that you like the theme which we have chosen for you. It  is "MERMAIDS", a theme where magic and fantasy are mixed, we hope for your participation and that you surprise us with great creations.
The administration of this group wants to thank all the members for the support of our competitions, without you none of this would be possible.

Here are some awesome works from DA gallery for your inspiration. Don't copy please.

   posted by :iconmajesticarts: 

Dedicated to my sister Graciela who passed away the last 22th June because a pancreatic cancer.  In memory of the sweet little mermaid girl she was and the tormented adult she became because a hard life watching like all her dreams were destroyed one after another. I hope that when she crossed over to the Light she had found the peace she was looking for in almost all her whole life. 

Thanks to my friend Laura, :iconlauraypablo: for her help and advices. She has always a time to dedicate to me although I know she is very busy. One of the best persons I met in my life. 

And thanks to my friends: :iconbegetbaubbles: :iconlethal-woman: :iconenergiaelca1: :iconddimitri16: and :iconkiwipics: They have had a kind word to me  in these hard moments always.

Thanks to all of those who fav my job. It is very appreciate although I haven't time to thank one by one.

And finally thanks to the stock providers:

Mermaid - My own stock. Model: Claudia Delta.  Lara Sirena by Karyl-Delta. Thank you very much Babyblue. You are always a light in the darkness.

Tail: Mermaid Tails 03
Bracelet: Bracelet
Membranes: Puff Duck Feet
Scales: Fish Scale Photoshop Brush
Bubbles: Bubble brush set 1

Ground: my own stock.
Background: Deep Under Water Background 05
Fishes: Angel Fish PNG Stock
Rocks 1: Aquarium Stock 33
Rocks 2: cave
Rocks 3: Aquarium Stock 32
Rocks 4: Underwater Texture 2
Rocks 5: Rocks And Stones Stock..
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SireneArcana's avatar
Beautiful work :clap: 
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Muchas gracias! 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This is so daring and fantastic! I love her eyes, webbed claws and seaweed hair coming right at you! Marvelous work!
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much for the nice comment!
lauraypablo's avatar
Estoy segura de que si Graciela estuviera acá le gustaría mucho esta dedicación y sobre todo apreciaría el esmero que pusiste en esta manip :iconaawplz: me gusta mucho como queda ella rodeada de los pececitos y muy acertada la entrada de la cueva, me encanta el toque que le da.
Confieso que me hiciste sonrojar con lo que pusiste acá, lo aprecio de corazón, pero no me agradezcas nada porque la amistad no es un favor sino una elección :iconsweethugplz: y te quiero mucho y me gusta ayudarte en lo que necesites, la que tienen que agradecer soy yo que me ofreciste tu amistad y que me aceptas como soy :iconaawplz:
te dejo un abrazo grande :iconflyingheartsplz:
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Qué te puedo contar Laura que no nos hayamos dicho ya muchas veces. Espero poder hacerte una visita a Argentina el proximo año en mis vacaciones. Puedo ir con mi ordenador y así te daré la paliza (no se si conoces esta expresión) con las manipulaciones una y otra vez hasta que termines bien harta jajajaja.
Muchos besos y hablamos mañana.
Lethal-Woman's avatar
This touched me so deeply my dear friend. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful gift. I know that you went through a real hard time with your sister and I know it was a very tough time in both your lives. But you were there for her and that is what you need to remember now. I am sorry she did not survive her cancer. I am sure she is an angel up in heaven now and she is in a better place. Her suffering is over and I am sure you know what I mean. This is a very beautiful dedication to her. You created very beautiful work.  You have a very warm and caring heart for people. Good luck with the contest. 

Stay amazing! by faryba
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much Lana. I´ll send a note to you this week. My life has became a big chaos since my sister passed away. I made this mania in little moments in a attempt to relax. 
Lethal-Woman's avatar
You are very welcome. Take your time and write when it is convenient for you not to worry okay. I am sorry things turned out bad for you. I am always here to listen. :hug:
kiwipics's avatar
This is a beautiful dedication, great work here! :heart:
Thanks for the mention too, I hope life has been treating you better and best of luck with the contest! :hug:
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Many thanks Sarah. Give a few days to send to you a note and I took pictures of the budgies babies and I have a very good one of Vennus. The pics of the birds were taken with my mobile so they aren't as good as if I had taken them with the reflex camera but you'll have an idea about the colors they have. They are still in a "wild mode" because I haven't time to train them but I don't care because I can do it in a future like the same way I did when I found my first budgie female in a balcony and she wasn't a young one. The female Bourke parrot is a nice a lovely one, very sweet but the the another story. He is very afraid of me but I´ll explain it better in my note. 
Thanks for your friendship.
kiwipics's avatar
I look forward to seeing those pictures, and best of luck with your new budgies. Yeah it's never too late to tame them, and if the others are calm around you they'll probably pick that up too. 
Aw the Bourke female sounds so cute, can you pat her? My Bourke parrots were never that tame. 
Of course, it's a pleasure talking to you, and I hope our friendship can continue ^^ 
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Very nice work as always.
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Beautiful job! Thank you for the stock use and credit :) x
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thanks to you for allowing me to use your stock. Glad you like it.
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much Linda.
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Karyl-Delta's avatar
Thank you very much Lora. Glad you like it!
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Beautiful Work!Heart Good Luck in the contest!Hug 
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