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Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Four
Welcome back! If you're wondering what happened the last two weeks, I decided to give the series a two-week break. Mostly to build up the ideas, but also to give your eyes a break. I doubt either worked, but on we shall press! If you want to read the other articles, check out Getting the most out of your CSS Journals! which has the list of the previous week's articles. With that out of the way, on we shall go!
Custom mood images
With dAv5 came a whole heap of new "Mood" icons, little animated dudes that you could set as your journal mood. However these weren't enough for most. If you could do your own custom emotes in journals (ie. using the :thumb: notation), or using :icon: to display 50x50 avatars, why could you not do your own custom mood images? With this simple CSS / HTML hack, you can! This simply involves laying our image over the top of our mood image. Here's the code:

:icongrayda:Grayda 186 91
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Six
Welcome to part six of Getting the most out of your CSS Journals! I can't believe how far these articles have gone, and the support and questions I've been receiving about CSS and such. I'm actually on time with the article this week, and we have some great journals to showcase, as well as a few neat gadgets to showcase, such as adding an official-looking stamps box to your page, displaying CD covers when you hover over a link, and much more. You still reading this intro? Get moving onto the first section!
Official-looking stamp boxes in your journals!
A LOT of people on dA use stamps. And why not? It's the best way to show your support for a club, person or something totally random. But sometimes you don't want to shove them all at the bottom. It's just too much of a pain, and can sometimes break your layout. So what to do?
Surely you know of dancewiththesky 's deviantEXPERIENCE, which not so long ago won a DD? This guy just doesn't know when to stop with the awesome ideas
:icongrayda:Grayda 167 110
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Seven
Sorry for the long delay between part six and part seven everyone. The Christmas season was one of laziness and fun. Hope your Christmas and New Years was well. Now on we press, before we get mixed up on topics about what mum did to Santa :P
Favourite your journal!
That's right! For those who don't know, or haven't been to my userpage yet, you can now (with some limitations), Favourite people's journals! With help from dancewiththesky, the original idea being by BoffinbraiN, and coded by myself, you can now use CSS, GD and PHP to fut a fave-counter on your userpage! Each person who reads your journal can click on the button and fave the news article, and the counter will go up. Keep in mind that this does NOT add the journal to your favourites, nor can someone see who has faved the journal (due to technical limitations). But this is a concept that is quickly expanding.
To claim your own, check out Favebox v1
:icongrayda:Grayda 142 83
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Eight
Welcome back! Sorry for the long delay between articles. I'm cutting them back to once a month so I have time to prepare nothing but the best CSS samples for you ;D
Let's begin!
Rounded corners
You might remember this from a while back, but it's back yet again, with updated code! Thanks to long time supporter Monkeyshack, we have a new set of rounded corners code for you to get your slimy little mitts on. These look awesome and don't rely on external corner images to function.
You can download them from here: Corners Example by MonkeyShack. Any questions can be sent to myself or Monkeyshack
Dynamic journal?
Yes! It is possible! To a certain extent. How would you like a journal that changed appearance every time you viewed it? Using an older bit of code from my gallery, you can!
Download Random images in your journal.. Replace the items in the arra
:icongrayda:Grayda 152 103
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Five
Ah yes welcome back! Yes it's been two weeks already, and a day over too. Sorry about that. But all that aside, let's begin with part five (wow!) of Getting the Most out of your CSS Journals. If you want to read the rest of the series before you look here, make sure to read: Getting the most out of your CSS Journals!
Side menus
Marker-Guru suggested this, and I thought I'd give it a shot. It's the standard Side menu. Nothing flashy about it, it's just a menu at the side that holds your links, stamps and whatever. This code can easily be adapted to hold your other information, or whatever you like:
.menu {


Put your information in here

It's really that simple! Just make sure to pretty it up with some background images (background-image:url(whatever.gif); ) and position it wherever you like.
:icongrayda:Grayda 191 101
Girl of 'A' by lolita9 Girl of 'A' :iconlolita9:lolita9 3,639 335 Distant Memory by kedralynn Distant Memory :iconkedralynn:kedralynn 1,308 0 Demon Mages Cover by JayAxer Demon Mages Cover :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 2,417 388 Lightthought 303 by lightthinker Lightthought 303 :iconlightthinker:lightthinker 57 34 Riku: The Eyes Don't Lie by khamryn Riku: The Eyes Don't Lie :iconkhamryn:khamryn 862 253 Zelda: Twilight Chibi by Zaphk Zelda: Twilight Chibi :iconzaphk:Zaphk 11,532 1,243 Kushinada by GENZOMAN
Mature content
Kushinada :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 5,111 286
The chibi Organization XIII by tokita The chibi Organization XIII :icontokita:tokita 1,741 185 Fire and Smoke by melukilan Fire and Smoke :iconmelukilan:melukilan 245 46



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