Picking Up the Pieces Ch.1 Lets Party Forever

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Let's Party Forever

"And did you see me come flying in, like, ROOAAAARGH?! And Metalbeard was like, PWEW-PWEW-PWEW! And Batman came swinging in, like, WOOOSH! And then-"

Emmet chuckled, "Yeah, Unikitty; we remember. We were all there too."

The magical, unicorn cat couldn't stop bouncing in excitement, "But everyone was so busy fighting the Duplonians, you might've missed something!"

"Don't worry", Lucy rolled her eyes, "There's cameras all over the city. I'm sure, come tomorrow, we'll be able to watch everything that happened."

"Like when I fired on the mother ship in my spaceship?" Benny was already floating higher and higher off the ground, and he performed a joyous loop-de-loop, "Oh yeah! My spaceship! Don't forget my spaceship!"

Both the astronaut and Unikitty continued to babble on at hyper speed about the day's events. Lucy just shook her head; smiling when Emmet quietly took her hand in his. Truthfully, beyond just affection, it was also simply to help each other find the strength to keep standing, as both of them were beyond exhausted. The construction worker and the not-quite-a-DJ then stole a glance at their group of oddly matched friends. The aforementioned Benny and Unikitty chatted alongside Lucy-hair frazzled and spacesuit in need of some patchwork. On Emmet's side strode Metalbeard and Batman; both sporting some bruises and caked in dirt, but nothing they couldn't handle. And both Emmet and Lucy weren't baskets of fruit either-her jacket was torn in a few spots, and he had somehow lost his orange vest, but he wasn't worried. He had plenty of extras at home...that is...if his apartment was even still standing.

The group of six heroes were trotting down one of the few clear streets in Bricksburg; surveying all the damage that TAKOS Tuesday wrought...on top of an unexpected, alien invasion immediately afterward. Together, the six of them, with the help of the brave citizens of the city, successfully sent the Duplonians packing. But even now, a different sort of chaos was erupting in what was left of the town. All through the streets, people were either starting to clean up the mess as best they could; rebuilding their homes and businesses with whatever materials they could find, or, just throwing their own little victory parties-saving the clean up for tomorrow.

All the same, everyone was going to be picking up ALOT of pieces, in more ways than one, for a long time to come.

Emmet and company had decided to stick together after the aliens took a powder; offering assistance in any ways they could. But eventually, as the evening wore on, and the excitement finally started to die down, the group found themselves simply wandering for a bit-taking advantage of the moment of quiet. And it was in that moment that Emmet took a good look at his new comrades in arms.

A construction worker. A sort-of-DJ. A cyborg pirate. A magical, unicorn cat. An astronaut. And a superhero.  Six individuals that, by all accounts, shouldn't have fit together. But now, after all they went through, and all they accomplished, he didn't need instructions or master builder vision to see that they were MADE for each other-made up prophecy or not. that thought, he also couldn't help but feel that there really should've been SEVEN of them walking together...he only hoped that the ghost of the wizard, Vitruvius, was able to look down at them all, and know that his teachings and efforts weren't in vain, and that Emmet's victory over Lord Business wouldn't have happened without him.

Speaking of whom...

"Hey guys; anyone see what happened to the President?" the construction worker glanced all around the surrounding area, as if he'd see Business suddenly pop out of a trash can or something, "I haven't seen him OR Bad Cop since the Duplos first started attacking."

Metalbeard frowned, "Yarg, I bet them scallywags turned tail and hid like the cowards they be."

"I don't know", Benny scratched his chin; a bit skeptical, "I remember Bad Cop shooting at some of the aliens. But then I had to build a spaceship, and I lost track of him." By now, the spaceman had hovered back down to the ground, and was actually walking with the group, "...or was that Good Cop? Or is he both? Do we call him both? "Good Cop/Bad Cop" is kind of long. "GCBC maybe? Or..."

The astronaut started mumbling at that point, to which Unikitty decided to jump in, "Don't forget guys, Bad Cop's the one who saved us from those robots. We wouldn't have gotten out of the office tower without him."

Batman, who had been silently brooding off to the sidelines for the longest time, finally spoke, "Eh, maybe...or maybe he was just lying to save himself." He drew his cape around him to shield against a sudden chill in the air, "Big, dumb, baby..."

"He might be right", Lucy folded her arms; a far away look in her eyes, "Can people really change like that overnight?"

Emmet shrugged, "I think so. I mean, I became a master builder overnight."

The not-a-DJ gave him a thin smile, but it was still clear in the eyes of her, Batman, and Metalbeard that they weren't holding their breath. Benny and Unikitty appeared more hopeful that the two ex-villains really WERE now EX-villains, but none the less, the group had gone quiet for a long moment. Emmet thought to say more on the subject, but decided against it. He knew that all the things he experienced in the past three days was just the tip of the iceberg compared to his friends. They were all in the secret war against Lord Business much longer than him, and as such, it would no doubt take them more time to forgive the President and his henchman...if ever at all. Emmet would understand if they didn't, but a part of him wished they was never good to harbor hate towards someone. Even if it was overnight, a change was a change, and it's what saved them all in the end. After all, it was Business who put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle, not him.

And speaking of overnight...

Benny let out an enormous yawn; temporarily fogging up the glass on his helmet, "Man, I'm tired...I could go to sleep in the street here, right now."

"We might almost have to", Lucy stopped in her tracks and everyone followed suit, "Does anyone...know where they're staying tonight?"

There was an uncomfortable pause as the group glanced around, as if the answer would come to them out of thin air.  Unikitty pawed at the ground in a rare act of shyness, " guys wouldn't mind if Benny and I stayed with one of you? Just for tonight?"

Everyone's hearts dropped to their stomachs; they all nearly forgot about Cloud Coo-Coo Land. The magic cat was now homeless. And judging by how she included the spaceman in that sentence, Benny must've lived in that realm as well, leaving BOTH of them out on the streets, literally.

But she didn't need to make the puppy dog eyes to get an answer. Already, Metalbeard put an arm around each of his friends, "Aye, there's no need to be wallowin', lass. Ye' both can hoist anchor with me on the Sea Cow for as long as ye' like." The captain waved an arm out dramatically, "And that goes for the rest of ya'."

Everyone had to smile at the pirate's hospitality. For how intimidating he could be, he was actually pretty nice when one got to know him. Batman, however, scowled, "Thanks for the invite, Cap. Except your ship is all the way on the other side of the city. It's not like a new Batmobile is just gonna' show up and take us there."

For a moment, the group stood stiff; waiting for something to happen. But when no Batmobiles, pirate ships, or Millennium Falcons showed up, the superhero scratched his head, "Hmpf...didn't work that time. Dang it."

"Wait, what about YOUR house?" Lucy pointed at her ex-boyfriend, "Your mansion is huge! We'd all have plenty of room there."

All of a sudden, the Dark Knight's eyes darted back and forth, almost nervously, " you wouldn't. place is too crowded."

"Too crowded? With who?" the not-DJ raised an eyebrow.

"The Justice League", Batman practically groaned out, "AND the Avengers. Both teams are crashing there right now. Which reminds me, I better get back before they trash the Batcave." Just then, the caped crusader whipped out a grappling gun from his utility belt, and shot a Bat-rope out towards a nearby rooftop, "Nice savin' the world with you guys. Later."

With that, the superhero repelled up to the tops of the buildings in the blink of an eye; startling everyone, save for his ex-girlfriend, who shouted after him, "Hey! How're you gonna' get there with no Batmobile?!"

Even as he ninja- flipped away, Batman could be heard off in the distance, "Because... I am the night!" And then he was gone.

Lucy let out an angry growl; kicking a pile of bricks in frustration, "I can't believe he bailed on us! AGAIN!" She folded her arms defensively; face going flush, "'d I ever fall for that guy?"

Emmet patted her on the shoulder- his voice gentle, "Um...maybe it's just another deal like what happened with the hyper drive? I'm sure he has his reasons. I mean, a lot of superheroes have secret identities. Maybe we couldn't come so we wouldn't find out who they really are?"

For a long moment, Lucy stared into the construction worker's earnest eyes. That was just like him- always seeing the good in everyone. In the beginning, she thought that made him naïve, but after using such optimism to defeat an evil tyrant, she had come to admire that kindness from him. It reminded her a lot of Vitruvius; may The Man Upstairs bless his soul.

The action girl couldn't help but smirk, " are you always so optimistic?"

Emmet shrugged, "Somebody has to be."

"Hey! That's MY job!" Unikitty bounced over to the couple; smiling and winking. Getting back to the matter at hand, she turned to the sort-of-DJ, "I've never been to YOUR house before. Is it nearby?"

Suddenly, Lucy's smirk dropped to a frown, and her shoes became very interesting to look at. She quietly muttered, ", it's pretty far...and it's pretty small. I'd have no room, anyway."

The cat's ears drooped a tiny bit, until Benny started waving his arms, "That's okay! Sea Cow it is then! I can just build a spaceship, and we can fly there!"

All at once, the astronaut started darting around the wreckage in a blue blur; clicking bricks and other pieces into place, all the while chanting, "spaceship, spaceship, spaceship!" But the more area that he cleared, the more that Emmet was able to take a good second look around. Something about this street looked awfully familiar…

That car...that building...that tree where all of Miss Scratchenpost's cats got stuck...

Suddenly, it was like a light bulb clicked, and the Special gasped, "Guys! I know where we are!" All eyes were on him as he beamed, "This is my neighborhood! My apartment is just up the block from here!"

"Really?" Lucy blinked in surprise.

"Yeah! At least I hope it's still there", Emmet nodded, "You guys can all stay with me!"

Benny glanced up from his half finished shuttle, " spaceship?"

"Sorry", the new master builder rubbed the back of his head; blushing, "Maybe tomorrow."

The spaceman made no attempt to hide the disappointment in his voice, "Okaaaay...tomorrow then..." With a sigh, he kicked the unfinished space car with his foot, causing the whole thing to fall to pieces in an instant.

But Unikitty was on cloud nine; jumping circles around the construction worker, and shooting stars and sparkles from her horn like fireworks, "YAY! Sleepover at Emmet's house!"

With the Special leading, the five builders made their way down the street at a much brisker pace, now that they had an actual destination in mind. All the while, Emmet couldn't believe he didn't even notice his own neighborhood. But then again, all the battle damage left it pretty unrecognizable. His heart began to pound the closer they got to the corner, as he feared the worst…

But as the group turned onto history, he breathed a sigh of relief. His apartment building was still standing, as was the rest of the block, it seemed. Outside, his next-door neighbor, Miss Scratchenpost, was busy sweeping up her stoop. Upon seeing the strange collection of people walking towards her, she waved.

"Hey, Miss Scratchenpost", Emmet greeted, "You okay?"

"Oh, as well as I can be, dear; all things considered", the old lady said her broom aside and grabbed her nearby purse, "I'm going to head into town and see about picking up a few things, if I can. You need anything?"

"Nah, but thanks", the Special shrugged, "You be careful."

The old woman gave him a grateful smile, "Same to you, Emmet, dear."

The construction worker had to blink back his shock; she actually called him by name. But he thought no one knew his name- not after the video Bad Cop showed him. He couldn't dwell on it, however, for Miss Scratchenpost suddenly hoisted herself into a crazy- looking sleigh of sorts, and… was that all her cats hitched up to it like sled dogs? Sure enough, the lady pulled a whip out of her purse and cracked it over her head; startling all the felines to action. She took off down the street; her cries of, "On Fluffy! On Loki! On Jeff! MUSH!" echoing in the distance.

The master builders stared until she disappeared; utterly dumbfounded. Finally, Emmet sought to break the awkward silence, " house is right over here." He pointed to the double doors leading inside the building, and one by one, his friends filed in behind him…

...until they were stopped by the sound of a loud THUNK. Four of them turned around to discover Metalbeard struggling to fit his giant, Frankenstein-esque frame in the small doorway. After some twisting and turning, and a few frustrated grunts, the pirate finally sank back and huffed, "Argh, ye' wouldn't have a window I could go through, would ye'?"

Emmet shook his head. Not that he didn't have a window, but that the cyborg sea captain would most likely never fit through it either. But there was no way he'd let his friend sleep outside. What could they do?

Suddenly, Benny started bouncing on his heels; no doubt he had another idea, "Ooh! I know!" He turned to the captain, "Why don't you turn into the photocopier again? Then we can carry you in!"

Metalbeard's face lit up, "Aye! Why didn't I think of that? Good plan there, Mr. Benny."

With that, the pirate twisted and turned; his arms and legs folding in on themselves; his hulking frame growing exponentially smaller, until a few seconds later, a simple, unassuming copy machine stood in his place. Although Emmet was amazed at the transformation, he still had to ask, "You know, being a pirate and all, I thought you'd want to turn into a treasure chest or something."

Apparently, the captain couldn't speak while in his other form. As a way of answer, a piece of paper suddenly spat out the side. The Special glanced over the note. Written in bold font, it said, "Yarg! YOU try sneakin' into an OFFICE BUILDING as a treasure chest and see if ye' don't get caught!"

Emmet blushed, "Okay. Point."

By that time, Benny had already circled around and took hold of one side of the copier. The construction worker took his cue and grabbed the other side, and together, the duo carried their friend down the hallway- both Lucy and Unikitty right behind them. All was fine, until they got to a flight of stairs they had to climb to get to the second floor. Thankfully, it seemed Benny's zero-gee magic didn't just apply to him, but also to whatever he was holding, making the upward ascent much easier. That didn't prevent them from banging into the walls a few times, however, causing the captain to spit out more paper in protest. But at long last, the team made it to the top of the steps, and luckily, Emmet's apartment was the very first door in the hallway.

The Special took a moment to catch his breath, "Okay, guys...home sweet apartment." He quickly punched in his password on the keypad next to the doorbell, then ushered his friends inside with a smile, "Make yourselves at home."

The gang filed in; taking note of their quaint little surroundings. For someone who lived by himself, Emmet had a pretty decent sized place. Lucy nearly giggled at the orange and green color scheme throughout the house- apparently, the construction worker's uniform inspired his favorite color. Unikitty, on the other hand, made dramatic "oohs" and "ahs" at every little thing, before settling to jump on the springy couch a few times. As for Benny, he was immediately drawn to the balcony window. Hands on the glass, he hovered for a moment; appreciating the great view of Bricksburg. A good portion of the lights in the city were out, making the stars in the sky much more visible.

"You got a nice view here", the spaceman smiled, "With the right kind of telescope, you could see the Big Dipper from-"

But his words were cut off, when just then, there came a loud crash, and everyone swiveled at the noise to find a fully transformed Metalbeard sprawled out in the living room…and a HUGE gaping hole in the wall were the front door once stood. The pirate sat up; took one look at the destruction he caused, and blushed at his host, "Aye, I'm SO sorry, lad..."

Emmet (as well as his friends) could only stare in shock. He hoped the landlord wouldn't throw a fit, and just chalk it up to the alien invasion or something. But not wanting to make his guest feel bad, he shrugged it off, "Ah, don't worry. It was my fault. I'm the one who told you to transform; I thought we cleared the doorway."

"But Emmet, your house..." Unikitty started.

"Really, it's okay", the Special waved a hand, "It's just bricks. I can rebuild it and make the door bigger. It'll need to be if you guys are gonna' come...."

But his words quickly died in his mouth as a thought suddenly occurred to him. He actually had friends now. REAL, LIVE, FRIENDS. Over his house. Right now. For the very first time! Was this like a party? An actual party?! At HIS house?! And he was the host!

...what was he supposed to do?!

The four builders stared at the construction worker; a bit confused at his sudden, spaced out expression. The not-DJ raised a brow, "Um...Emmet? You okay?"

"OVER!" the Special popped out of his trance, startling his friends, "Over! Friends! I have friends over! Over at my house! Like a party! Is this a party?!" All at once, he began pacing back and forth; spinning around in a frenzy, "I've never thrown a party! What do I do- what do I do- what do I DO?!" Before anyone could say anything, Emmet raced down the hall, towards his bedroom, "I've gotta' have a book about parties somewhere!"

Quicker than the eye could see, he began skimming through every book on his shelf; becoming more and more desperate as each text came up short on how to entertain guests. The only one left was his main instructions; the ones he consulted for everything when he was unsure of what to do. Thankfully, he kept a backup copy, since he lost the other one to the Piece of Resistance. And sure enough, a few page flips gave him the answers he needed.

"Chapter Three: How to Throw Awesome Parties", he read aloud, "Step One: Invite your closest and best friends."

Well THAT was certainly already fulfilled. Checked it off the list, "Step Two: Make sure your house is neat and tidy."

Well, considering the circumstances, his apartment was about as neat as it was going to get at the moment, and his friends didn't seem to mind. So he checked it off, "Step Three: Make sure you provide your guests with a lot of fun snacks."

Emmet let out a gasp. Here he was, standing around chit-chatting, and reading a book, when he hadn't  even offered his guests anything to eat! And after all they went through, they must've been starving! What kind of party host WAS he? Like lightning, he zoomed back to the living room; hoping his new friends weren't mad at him.

To his relief, it was quite the opposite. As he came back in, his four comrades were smiling and giggling. At him? No, they weren't looking at him-their eyes were on something else…

Benny grinned from ear to ear and waved, "Oh, hey Emmet! While you went off to find your book, we fixed the door for ya'!"

The Special followed where the astronaut was pointing, and that's when he saw it…his front door could no longer be classified as a "door", per say, but a giant, circular, metal airlock one would see on a spaceship. Whatever material was used, it was a glittery, rainbow color- the handle an old-fashioned, nautical ship wheel. His potted plant, Planty, stood proudly next to it…a bunch of festive streamers woven between his leaves.

For a long beat, Emmet could do nothing but stare; his mouth hanging open in shock. His friends, seemingly not noticing, pointed at their handiwork like a little kid with a macaroni drawing.

"The wheel be my idea", Metalbeard puffed up with pride.

Unikitty hopped around in circles, "And I picked the colors!"

And obviously, the airlock was Benny's doing. The construction worker finally stole a glance at Lucy, who shrugged with a half smile, as if to say, "I know it looks ridiculous, but I couldn't stop them." Taking the hint, Emmet put on a smile- not wanting to disappoint the gang, after they put in so much effort to fix what they broke, " looks...awesome! Thanks so much, guys!"

"You really like it?" the magic cat asked.

The Special nodded, and oddly enough, the nod was truthful, the more he considered his new entranceway, "Of course. It'll make the apartment more unique."

The trio let out a victory cheer; the unicorn blasting sparkles and glitter from her horn. Lucy shook her head, but with a smile, in a, "you guys are such dorks" kind of way. Meanwhile, Emmet made his way over to the kitchen, and took a peek in the fridge. Almost immediately, his smile fell, "Uh-oh..."

That got Lucy's attention. She came to stand next to him, and her friends soon followed suit; wondering what was wrong. She stared into the barren fridge with him, "What's up?"

The construction worker scratched his chin in thought, "I was hoping to whip up some snacks for you guys. But it looks like I don't have enough of any one thing to feed all of us." He had to blush at how empty the shelves were. But up until this point, he lived alone, so he never had to buy a whole ton of food.

Ever the resourceful one, Lucy patted him on the back, "Emmet...what was it you said about master builders?" When he looked to her, but didn't reply, she continued, "We take things that people made, and make something new out of it."

"Aye, the lass is right", Metalbeard waved an arm over them all, "We just be needin' to get creative."

"Yeah!" Benny clapped his hands, "We'll do like how I make choco-nana space ice cream! We'll take all this little stuff, and just smoosh it together, and make one BIG thing!"

The Special gave all his friends a grateful smile; only embarrassed that he nearly forgot he now had a team he could rely on, even for the little things. With a new resolve, he opened the instruction book again, "You're right. Let's see what we can cook together." He was still open on the chapter about snacks, and luckily, it also had a list of recipes to try. Going down the list, he landed on the most promising one, "How about pizza?"

The group perked up, with mumblings of, "ooh!", "cool!", "okay!", and, "Sure, why not?" Emmet took the recipe card out of the book and placed it on the counter, although somehow, he figured his friends weren't going to follow it exactly. True to form, the group split up; searching the fridge and cabinets for supplies.

"I wanna' make the dough!" Benny's hovering came in handy to reach the high shelves where the flour was.

Metalbeard already had a huge pot on the stove, "I be tacklin' the sauce!"

"Ooh! Ooh! I'll find the toppings!" Unikitty used her horn magic to levitate an odd assortment of things from the cupboards, "Hope you all don't mind vegetarian."

Within a few minutes, the kitchen became a blur of activity, with the trio of builders using a hodge-podge of whatever food they could find to complete their section of the Italian dish. They all appeared to know what they were doing, so Emmet felt it best to just let them go. Instead, he turned his attention to the living room; more specifically, his one, lone couch. How was everyone going to fit on it…?

The spaceman had whipped up the dough batter in no time flat…as well as a cloud of flour dust that left his suit more white than blue. But that didn't bother him at all as he rolled the dough into a perfect ball. Pretending it was a planet, and with his mastery of gravity on his side, he began tossing the ball into the air; the batter slowly fanning out and flattening little by little.

Lucy let out a whistle; admiring the spaceman's handiwork, "Wow, you're really good at this."

"After eating space food for so long, you learn how to make anything out of anything!" Benny winked at the action girl, "You know how people used to believe the world was flat?" When she nodded, he continued, "Well, they were right about THIS planet!" He inclined his head towards the dough he was flipping, which was steadily growing flatter and larger by the minute.

Lucy had to chuckle at that. But soon, her eyes grew concerned as the pizza crust was inching closer and closer to the ceiling, "Uh... Benny. You might wanna' be careful. I think you're about to hit the-"


Too late. Both builders stared up at the giant, circular piece of dough now adorning the kitchen ceiling. The astronaut giggled at his goof up, "Oops! Don't worry; I can get it."

But just as he started to float up to retrieve it, the dough decided to unstick itself and fall- hitting him square in the face with a resounding SPLAT. Carefully peeling the crust off his glass visor, he laughed, "And THAT'S why you always wear a helmet!"

Lucy simply shook her head, before walking over to check on Metalbeard. The cyborg sea captain was hunched over the stove; humming a sailing tune to himself as he threw in tomatoes, olives, and other weird ingredients into the pot of sauce. The not-DJ stole a peek into the brew he was mixing up…and nearly recoiled. The "sauce", if she could even call it that, was less red, and more…brownish-green.

"What do ye' think, lass?" The pirate grinned down at her.

"It'" Lucy searched for the right word. Green? Slimy? Horrifying? She went with, " smells good?"

She put on her best fake smile, and the captain seemed to buy it, "Aye! An old recipe me mum used to feed to me all the time." He started to shuffle back to the fridge, mumbling, "Darn. Where there be calamari when ya' need it?"

Lucy REALLY hoped that old recipe was made for love, and not a punishment. Although, she had to admit, it DID smell decent. She just prayed the taste would be just as good. She then turned her attention to Unikitty, who was busy pulling out potato chips, cereal, and more odds and ends out of all the cupboards. The action girl pointed at one of the boxes, "So...what IS that?"

The unicorn cat shrugged, "I dunno'."

Lucy blinked, " don't even know what it is...and you're going to eat it?"

"Well, it's rainbow colored", the magic cat smiled, as if that justified everything, "So it must be good!"

She trotted away, leaving her other fellow builder trying to suppress a groan. But then again, this was the sweet, lovable princess who, in her uncontrollable rage form, could bite through a bunch of micromanagers, so maybe she had a stomach like a steel trap? Either way, Lucy knew for sure this was going to be one…interesting pizza.

She was about to make a comment, when just then, there came the sounds of wooshes and clicks behind her. Turning at the noise of a builder at work, she was met with an all-too-familiar sight. Emmet was busy sprucing up the living room…and had built yet another double-decker couch. No doubt the spare pieces left over from rebuilding the wall and front door went into his creation. The not-a-DJ nearly rolled her eyes, but held back. As ridiculous as she thought the invention was, there was no denying that if it wasn't for the couch, they wouldn't have survived their slapped-together submarine getting blown up (and that wasn't even because of the bad guys, but their own faulty teamwork at the time).

As she made her way over, the construction worker was busy putting the finishing touches on the couch; including cup holders, and having the top bunk recline back a bit like stadium seating (to solve the "dangling feet in your face" issue most likely). He also had since moved his potted plant back to its usual spot next to his seat- keeping the streamers intact. He stepped back to admire his work, "So Planty, what do you think? I made some improvements since last time. Do you think they'll like it?"

Obviously, the plant didn't talk back, but the Special raised an eyebrow, "Oh wait; that's right. You weren't there to see the first one. Well, at least there's enough seating now. I just hope I'm doing a good job; this is my first real party." He motioned to the colorful streamers adorning the tiny tree's leaves, "I'm glad YOU'RE having fun."

Lucy finally chose that moment to tap him on the shoulder, "Emmet?"

The new master builder made a startled jump; clutching his instruction book tighter to his chest as he swiveled around. But he instantly calmed down when he saw who it was, "Oh, hey Lucy. What's up?"

The action girl gave him a half-confused, half-amused expression, "Um...were you just...talking to your plant?"

"Huh?" The construction worker raised an eyebrow, and then realization dawned, "Oh yeah; I almost forgot." He waved a hand at the small tree as if it were a real person, "Lucy, this is Planty. Planty, this is Lucy...and I guess you already met my other friends."

The Special smiled, as if this introduction were the most normal thing in the world. He only frowned with Lucy began to giggle. "What is it?" he asked.

The not-DJ tried holding back her laughter, "You actually...TALK to your plant?" Never mind the fact it had a name too.

But Emmet only looked confused, "Well...yeah. I have ever since I was a little kid." He patted the leaves, almost affectionately, "A long time ago, I used to have a hard time talking to people. I'd always get afraid that no one would like me, and I'd get nervous and not say anything."

Well this certainly took an odd turn. Lucy remained silent; now completely interested in the story. Her friend gazed off, as he remembered, "So one day, I came home from school, and found Planty on the dining room table. 'Course, he wasn't really a PLANT yet-just some dirt in a pot. My mom told me that she heard that if you talk to plants, it'd help them grow. So Planty and I were going to help each other out. I could help him grow by talking to him, and he'd help me not be nervous anymore."

The construction worker winked, " 'Cause you see, a plant listens. It doesn't judge you, or make fun of you when you mess up, or get impatient when you take too long… I'll never forget when I checked on him one morning and saw a tiny spud poking out of the dirt… I was so happy that my talking actually worked."

He finally fully faced his friend; letting out a half-hearted laugh, "I guess I still need to work on my word choices, but… I was never shy about talking to people ever again."

The whole time the Special recounted his little story, Lucy soon found herself utterly touched at his reasoning. She had found out many things about him over the course of their adventure, but it wasn't until now that his previous loneliness really sank in. No wonder the guy went into a panic over making sure this simple party went off perfectly. And really, how was talking to a plant so different from talking to, say, a stuffed animal?

It was then that she suddenly felt really guilty for laughing at him earlier…especially when it was his simple act of talking that saved them all in the end. Heck, maybe she actually OWED Planty some gratitude? She started to reach out her hand; her tone apologetic, "Emmet...I..."

But the moment was cut short, when there came a loud crash. The two builders turned towards the kitchen to find Metalbeard picking up the pot lid he dropped (that must've been the noise), as well as sporting a pizza dough hat (most likely the reason he dropped the lid). He swiveled on Benny; cheeks flushing, "Yarg! Watch what ye' be doin' there, lad!"

He peeled the dough off his head and chucked it back at the spaceman, who caught it just before it smacked him in the face- again, "Yeesh! I'm sorry, dude!" He started rolling the dough into a ball; starting over again, "This crust just won't cooperate with me."

The pirate chuckled, "So, ye' can fight an army of scallywag micromanagers, but ye' be defeated by a pizza pie?"

He meant his joke to be a friendly jab, but evidently, the astronaut took it the wrong way, for he faced the sea captain with an untypical glare, "Oh, just like how you're "battling" the sauce, mister eagle eye?"

Metalbeard raised a brow; wondering what Benny was talking about, until he realized the pot of sauce was boiling over- the lid bobbing up and down in protest. He quickly turned the flame off on the stove, before giving the spaceman the hairy eyeball. Benny, in turn, started giggling.

"Yarg...laugh at ME, will ye'?!" Quicker than lightning, the cyborg pirate whipped out the soup ladle he was using to stir the sauce; holding it like a sword, "That be a fightin' laugh!"

The astronaut was surprised for only a moment, before he rummaged through a nearby drawer and brandished a spatula, "Okay then! Sea captain versus space captain! En garde!"

Immediately, the two went at it; their makeshift swords clashing back and forth as they dueled around the kitchen. Benny took full advantage of his anti-grav powers- hovering just above Metalbeard's head in attempting to get the literal upper hand. But the pirate was clearly a more experienced swordsman; defending each jab and poke perfectly. And yet, halfway through the "battle", the two couldn't help but start laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all...but neither would back down either.

All the while, Unikitty sat on the opposite counter and watched; shooting out glitter and stars from her horn to try and get the boys' attention, "Guys! Come on! I've got all the toppings ready, and I can't do my part until you do yours!"

Clearly, the two captains were too engrossed in their duel to hear her. She spoke a bit louder; her fur beginning to darken to a much redder hue, "Guys...come ON!"

But the two didn't let up. Their "swords" clashed once more, and a glob of sauce that was stuck in the ladle went flying across the room…splatting the unicorn cat right in the eyes. Only then did the boys finally stop- staring at their friend in shock, for they knew what was coming next. Without hesitation, Unikitty wiped the sauce from her face- her once-pink fur now completely orange-red; fire burning in her eyes, "Grrrr...! THAT'S IT!"

Whatever fruit, vegetables, and other random stuff that was on the counter, suddenly lifted into the air at once, thanks to the Princess' horn levitation magic. The pirate and the spaceman only had a second to gasp and duck, as a barrage of food was shot at them. The cat yelled; a tiny bit of flame coming out of her mouth, "FOOD FIGHT!"

With those two words, the kitchen descended into chaos. The trio took positions, with Benny hiding in the fridge; Metalbeard using pots and pans as shields, and Unikitty popping out of the cabinets like a Jack-in-the-Box. Anything edible they could get their hands on became a projectile. Oranges splattered into orange JUICE in seconds. The sea captain fired globs of dough like makeshift cannonballs. Benny used the fridge door as a cover while shooting ketchup and mustard like laser guns. And through it all, the pizza was completely forgotten about.

The entire time, Emmet and Lucy could only stare at the battle in bemused shock. He leaned in, keeping his eyes on the fight, but muttering, " you think we should do something?"

The not-a-DJ didn't answer. Instead, she dove forward with a determined expression; landing on the island counter in the center of the kitchen. Putting up her hands, she yelled, "STOP!"

Everyone froze instantly; Benny and Metalbeard still in mid throw. Lucy put her hands on her hips, much like a frustrated parent, "You all need to calm down! Aren't you guys supposed to be making pizza?"

The three master builders, after a short pause, gave their answer…by flinging all their food ammo at HER. She put her arms up defensively, but her actions were in vain, and she found herself covered in sauce, juice, and other condiments, from head to toe, in mere seconds. Not one to turn down a fight, she wound up entering the fray herself; utilizing her gymnastics and ninja skills to turn the tide in a battle that had no clear winner to begin with.

Meanwhile, Emmet remained off to the sidelines, debating whether he should join in, or just let his friends duke it out. By then, the group had decided to tag team it- boys versus girls, and the Special figured if he intervened, it'd make the odds uneven. He thought aloud to himself, "Does this sort of thing normally happen at parties?" He started to consult his instruction book; brow furrowed in confusion, "Did I miss a chapter here?"

He was so engrossed in his book, he failed to notice a giant, green slime ball rocketing right for him (most likely a ball of dough covered in pizza sauce). Only at the last second did he look up, and the moment his eyes registered danger, he instinctively held the book over his face to shield himself.

Back in the food war, the foursome was just gearing up to fire at the opposing party again, when a gasp, followed by cries of, "My book!" made them all pause. All heads turned at the voice, and the group came to stare at the construction worker, who was glancing at something in his hands in slight horror. A closer examination revealed it was his instruction book…or, what was ONCE his instruction book, anyway. A glob of pizza matter sought to it that the pages were slowly turning to liquid and dissolving. The front cover was totally illegible. And its owner was totally flabbergasted.

"My instructions", he muttered; not quite sad or mad, just stunned, "They're gone..."

His fellow builders slowly lowered their ammunition; coming to their senses at long last. Suddenly, they all remembered they were guests in Emmet's house, and looking around at how they completely trashed his kitchen, this was NO way to make a lasting impression. And even if they believed that following an instruction book for day-to-day life was silly, the fact still stood that they ruined something that was very precious to him. They each hung their heads in both shame and guilt.

Lucy stepped forward; not even bothering to shake the ketchup from her hair, "Emmet... I… I mean… we're so sorry..."

The construction worker was silent for only a moment, before coming out of his funk and shrugging, "Aw, I've done these so many times, I've practically got them all memorized. I don't need the book anymore."

The action girl, as well as the others, blinked in slight disbelief; not expecting such an answer. Benny  hovered over as well, brow raised, "Are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure", Emmet smiled and winked to assure his friends he wasn't upset, "Besides, not all the pages got ruined. See?" He held up a single sheet of paper- the one with the picture of a happy family hanging out together. Underneath was a single sentence.

Eat a complete breakfast with all the special people in your life.

Emmet smiled, not caring if what he said next sounded weird, "I'm gonna' frame this and hang it up later. I think it's the one instruction I'll ever need now."

The builders stared at him for a long beat, wondering if they were hearing him right. Or was he just saying that so they didn't feel bad about ruining his book? But gazing into his eyes, who looked back at them with the utmost sincerity, they realized he truly meant it. And they, in turn, each gave him a soft smile- relieved that he wasn't angry with them.

The Special broke the silence with a chuckle, "Although, speaking of instructions, I think the recipe card is still on the table. It should say how long to cook the pizza for."

The group had to blink for a second- snapped from having a tender moment just seconds before. Unikitty's ears drooped, "What pizza? The one all over your kitchen?"

"No", Emmet shook his head, "The one on the counter, there."

His friends all turned to where he was pointing, and every mouth hung open, utterly dumbfounded. There, on the middle table, was a completed pizza. Dough rolled- sauce poured- toppings spread- the whole nine yards. They all couldn't believe it. Somehow, amidst the food fight, they actually accidentally finally made a pizza. The quintet gathered around in a circle to gaze at their creation. The dough was a little lopsided. The sauce was the color of seaweed. And the toppings looked akin to Lucky Charms cereal. But no one was about to question how it happened.

Emmet scratched his head; a bit weirded out at the odd creation, but he tried to not let it faze him, "So...uh...let's get this baby in the oven!"

Both Metalbeard and Lucy raised an eyebrow, as if to say, "you've GOT to be joking, right?" But the construction worker happily turned the dial to the correct temperature, before sliding the pizza onto a pan and closing the oven door. He then faced his friends and finally took in each of them. They all looked like they lost a battle with a food processor. He couldn't help himself, and began to laugh.

"What be so funny?" the pirate asked.

"You guys...look..." the Special couldn't spit the words out between giggles, "You look..." Finally, he gave up and just dissolved into more laughter.

Everyone gave themselves a once over; finding themselves completely covered in muck that didn't even resemble anything edible anymore. Admittedly, they all DID look pretty ridiculous. It was then that Benny cast a mischievous grin, "Oh? We look WHAT? Like...YOU?!"

Suddenly, the astronaut swiveled on Emmet and smeared ketchup and mustard all over his face. Pretty soon, Metalbeard and Unikitty followed suit and ganged up on the construction worker; pinning him in a corner so he couldn't escape. He cried out in protest, although his chuckles said otherwise, as the trio made sure to cover him in just as much gunk- a "punishment" for not joining in the fight earlier. Satisfied with their work, they backed off, allowing Emmet some breathing room. He was now officially as filthy as the rest of them, and he didn't mind in the slightest.

"Okay guys, you got me", the Special laughed. He then reached under the sink and pulled out a bucket full of sponges, rags, and soap, "Let's clean this place up."

With that, each builder got to work and began scrubbing down the kitchen, with the sea captain and spaceman tackling the high spots, while Unikitty and Emmet covered anything from the counter and below. Along with the unicorn cat humming a cute little tune as they worked, the chores started to go by fairly quickly.

But partway through the job, the construction worker glanced around, noticing someone missing, "Hey...anyone see where Lucy went?"

The others lifted their heads, just as confused. Emmet rose from the floor as he brushed himself off, "I better go find her."

"Don't worry about us, lad", Metalbeard winked, "We can finish up here."

Benny and Unikitty nodded in approval, knowing how much the Special and the action girl grew close to one another in the past few days. Besides, the trio made most of the mess, so they felt it their responsibility to clean it. So Emmet let them go; only hoping that they wouldn't suddenly start a tidying fight. Instead, he turned his attention down the hall, especially when he heard a shuffle of activity come from the bathroom.

As he approached, he could see that the lights were on, even through the closed door. Lucy must've just been cleaning herself up. But as he listened more closely, there was also the distinct sound of…sniffling...was she...crying? He finally knocked on the door, very gently, "Lucy? Are you in there?"

It was kind of a dumb question. Who else could it possibly be? But he couldn't think of anything else to say. He was just about to try again, when just then, the door partially opened, revealing the not-DJ to be much more tidy. So she WAS just sprucing up. But there was also no denying the red marks under her eyes...or how she wouldn't fully open the door; almost hiding behind it defensively.

"Oh, hey", she mumbled, "Sorry I bailed back there. Just wanted to freshen up first."

But she wasn't fooling anyone. Something was wrong. Emmet took a step closer; keeping his voice low so the others wouldn't hear, "Are you okay? What's the matter?"

For a moment, she considered saying something witty. Play it cool, like she always did, and make a snarky comeback so he wouldn't worry. But his concerned eyes bore into her, and she realized she wasn't wriggling out of this one. And after all he did for everyone, it wasn't fair to start hiding things from him.

With a heavy sigh, she finally opened the door all the way, and the construction worker let himself inside. He stood facing her, but was careful to give her some space, while also quietly pushing the door- not to close it, but enough so the two could have some privacy. Meanwhile, the not-a-DJ leaned against the sink; arms folded, almost protectively.

There was a very long, awkward silence, until Emmet cleared his throat, "Uh...if this is about the food fight, I'm not mad or anything. We're cleaning it up right now." A tiny giggle escaped him, "It was actually pretty funny."

"That's just it..." Lucy suddenly replied.

The Special raised a brow, "What's it?"

She rubbed the back of her head; unsure of how to explain, "It WAS funny..." She smirked for only a moment, but the tiny smile was gone just as fast, " was...normal."

Emmet tilted his head, confused, "Normal?"

The construction worker wasn't sure where she was going with this, but he dared not interrupt anymore. Lucy took a deep breath, "There's something you need to know… I've been living on the run for a long time…and I mean a LONG time. Learning how to build, changing my name, running from the robot police…that's what my life was, every day. I never went shopping at the mall, or ate at restaurants, or went on dates. I couldn't; someone might've recognized me."

"What about Batman?" Emmet asked.

Lucy's gaze fell to the floor as she thought back, "If you call beating up evil robots together a date…that's actually how we met." She let out a half-hearted laugh, "I went over his place a few times…wrote a few songs together…but we actually didn't get to see each other as much as you think."

The action girl started to curl in on herself a bit; a vulnerability the construction worker only saw once before, when she confessed her real name to him. She hadn't even told Batman, and he was her boyfriend (at the time, anyway). So to have her opening up like this again was nothing short of important. Emmet unconsciously leaned forward a bit; his attention never wavering, as she continued, "But tonight...getting to see your house...being with all of you guys...making pizza...the food fight...those were the first normal things I've done in a long time. That was the first fight I was in that wasn't a FIGHT-fight, you know? Just a friendly, "ha-ha, we're having fun", fight."

Lucy dug her foot into the tile floor, cheeks flushing, "It's weird... I never thought I'd actually WISH to do anything remotely "normal". For the longest time, to me, "normal" meant following the rules and being like everyone else. But after meeting you...and what everyone in the city did, I realized that...maybe "normal" isn't so bad." She finally began to smile a tiny bit, "I can hang out with friends- REAL friends, and go to their houses, and..."

But Emmet could feel there was something she wasn't telling, and between her comments about being on the run, and normalcy, and how she mysteriously didn't have any room at her house to board her friends for one night, it was like a puzzle piece clicked into place, and everything suddenly made sense.

" don't have a home to go you...?

The Special's one sentence made Lucy go dead silent. Whatever tangent she was going on was immediately forgotten about, and she stared at him like a deer in the headlights. In just ten words, the truth had been exposed.

...and the tears finally started to fall.

Emmet hadn't expected her to suddenly break down crying, but he was at her side in an instant- patting her on the back and just allowing her time to vent whatever she had been bottling up for so long. He would've held her hand, but she was too busy using them to hide her face in a vain attempt to hold back her sobs. Her shoulders hitched, and her sniffling worsened, as she finally choked out, "...for a while... I stayed with Vitruvius...but now that he's gone..."

She couldn't finish the sentence, as a fresh set of tears escaped her, to which the construction worker gently pulled her closer; trying to think of any words that would give her any sort of comfort. Benny and Unikitty may have been homeless at the moment too, but he had no doubt they be heading back to where Cloud Coo-Coo Land once stood to begin rebuilding, first thing in the morning. But Lucy had been on the streets for possibly YEARS. Heck, she could've possibly walked by his apartment building a few times, being chased by the robo-police, and he never would've known…not if she hadn't been looking for the Piece of Resistance, and was standing in just the right spot where he could see her...

"Lucy", he said at last, "I'm so sorry..."

The not-a-DJ finally calmed down enough to wipe the tears from her eyes, "No, I'm sorry… I shouldn't have spazzed like that..."

Emmet blinked in surprise, "What are YOU sorry for? You've been through so much...more than I'll ever know. It's okay to cry if you have to."

She stared at him for a beat- eyes misty; coming to the conclusion that Batman would've NEVER told her something like that- that it was okay to show weakness. But as she stared at the Special, she realized there WAS one thing the Dark Knight said that stuck with her.

He's the hero you deserve.

Emmet waited patiently with that honest and earnest gaze of his...and Lucy took in a breath; resolved to be just as honest with him, because that's what HE deserved.

"The fight against Lord Business has been going on for so long, I thought it'd never end", she explained, "And finally has...and now I don't know where to go...what to do with myself. At least when the master builders were all fighting, I always had a purpose. But now..." She physically cringed, dreading what she was about to say, "I can't believe I'm saying this... but...I need instructions." She finally looked the Special straight in the eye, "… I don't know what to do."

Suffice it to say, the construction worker knew the feeling all too well. But surprisingly, the answer came to him rather quickly. He took her hands in his and gave her a confident smile, "I wasn't just Bricksburg that got attacked. There's places all over all the realms you showed me that are going to need rebuilt. And they're going to need YOUR help, and YOUR expertise…because you're the best master builder I know... or will ever know."

Lucy blinked; shocked at how she couldn't see such a simple solution right in front of her...or at Emmet's forthcoming confession, "'re the Special."

"Yes", he grinned, "Yes I am..." He threw in a wink, "...because I'm friends with YOU guys."

At long last, the action girl managed to giggle at that. But the construction worker wasn't finished yet. He leaned closer, "And more importantly…you DON'T have to run anymore."

Lucy's mouth hung open. Did she hear him right? Was he really implying that...that she could live...?

"Oh...oh, Emmet, I..." she stuttered, "I...thank you, but... I couldn't ask you to do that."

"Why not?" the Special shrugged, as if the decision to suddenly having a person living with him were the easiest thing in the world to make. And for him, it WAS. There was no question of who he wanted to spend his time with, "I've got plenty of room here. Enough room for you to put your clothes when you go to the mall, or save leftovers when you go to restaurants, or to the movies, or whatever normal things you want to do." He then blushed, "Or go on...dates...maybe?"

Lucy couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was this all just a hopeful dream she was having? If it was, she never wanted to wake up. After years and years, she was FINALLY getting everything she had fought so hard for. A home...with friends...and a boyfriend. A REAL boyfriend...who was always there for her; never bailed on her, and loved her for who she really was. It was overwhelming enough that she nearly begun to cry again, but she held back the tears. Now was the time to be happy. Instead, she chuckled and grabbed a washcloth from the sink, "Well, if you and I are gonna' start dating, you're going to have to be a bit cleaner than that."

Just then, Emmet remembered that he had come directly from the food fight, and hadn't washed up before discovering Lucy in the bathroom. So in all that time of them having their little moment, he was still covered in ketchup and other junk. He would've been embarrassed had the not-DJ not laughed, before wiping his face and hair. In no time flat, she had him looking halfway decent again, to which he smiled, "Thanks."

She wanted to say, "No, thank YOU. Thanks for taking me in, and giving me a home, and giving me a chance to have a normal life", as well as a dozen other things. But she simply offered a grateful smile; there'd be time for all that later. Instead, she opened the door; ready to get back to the party...

...only for Unikitty, Metalbeard, and Benny to come falling over and land in a mangled pile in the door way. Emmet and Lucy jumped back in surprise-not expecting the trio to be right outside. The Special cocked an eyebrow, " long were you guys standing out there?"

Not wanting to admit to eavesdropping, Benny answered with a question of his own, "Um...can we get washed up now? I think the pizza's just about ready."

The action girl wondered just how much of the conversation they heard. But even if they WERE listening in, she was grateful that they knew better than to bring it up. It seemed to go unspoken between all of them that if she wanted to talk about it, she'd do it when she was ready.

Lucy and Emmet held back laughter as they helped their friends untangle themselves from the pile up. They then each took turns getting washed up-cleaning away not only the remains of the food fight, but the stains of an alien invasion and TAKOS Tuesday. While they all knew there would be some scars that would never completely heal, both inside and out, they also all knew that tomorrow would mark the beginning of a fresh start, for each and every realm...and that wouldn't happen unless they ate their homemade pizza first! They were going to need energy after all.

The five builders soon assembled in the kitchen; their hearts pounding as Emmet carefully pulled their Frankenstein creation out of the oven. For a second, Lucy almost believed that the oven would somehow magically turn their Italian catastrophe into a beautiful and appealing confection.  But no such luck. The construction worker placed the pie on the counter for all to see...and it was still just as weird looking, if not MORE warped. The sauce was greener than before, making the multi-colored, marshmallow toppings stand out like a sore thumb. And the shape was less of a circle and more of an oval, which would make cutting it into even pieces difficult...if anyone was even brave enough to TASTE the thing.

Evidently, Benny was that brave soul, who dared to shrug and say, "Uh, well I'll go first, if that's okay with you guys?"

No one dared to argue. This was the guy who made choco-nana ice cream after all. The astronaut lifted the visor on his helmet, and, after cutting a reasonable chunk off the pie, took a tentative bite. There was a tense silence all around as they waited to see whether their spacey friend would gag or not.

At long last, the spaceman took a big gulp, then grinned in that way that was uniquely his, "'s not too bad."

The rest of the group blinked in astonishment. That hodge-podge of insanity was actually edible?! One by one, they each cut off a slice and tried it for themselves...and were amazing to find the pizza really DID taste good. No, beyond was AWESOME. Maybe it was because they were all really hungry. Or maybe because they each put part of themselves into its creation...or maybe it was the fact that they were master builders, and had a knack for assembling things in just the right way to make it work.

Or maybe it was all those things. Who cared if it looked a tad odd. It was perfect just the way it was.

In just under a few minutes, the quintet devoured the entire pizza, leaving only a few crumbs behind. The Special rubbed his belly in satisfaction, "Boy, that was GOOD..."

The others nodded approvingly. For a minute, no one said a thing; content to just relax in one another's company. If falling into abysses, fighting killer robots, and battling aliens meant having moments like this with each other, it was all worth it. Emmet then stiffled a yawn; not wanting to go to bed just yet, " you guys wanna' watch a movie or something?"

His friends glanced at one another, before shrugging and nodding, with mumbles of, "sure, why not?" With that, the construction worker slowly led them over to his new double-decker couch in the living room. He half expected the gang to laugh, but in all honesty, they had grown a fondness for it. And besides, each one of them had a signature style. Metalbeard and all things nautical (...and the copy machine, if that counted?); Unikitty and rainbows; Lucy and slick vehicles; Benny and his spaceships. Emmet found something he really liked-why berate him for it?

Of course also, there was the fact that they each were beyond exhausted, and the couch was looking all the more comfy by the minute. Amazingly, Metalbeard managed to squeeze himself on the far end of the bottom bunk; letting his bottom half sit on the floor, and his top half settle into the cushions like a recliner. Emmet and Lucy plopped down next to him. That left Benny and Unikitty to claim the top bunk; easy enough for a cat and a guy who could float.

Truthfully, the construction worker wanted to see what was on TV, period. He had made a habit of watching the news every night, as sometimes, the reports of fires, floods, accidents, or new businesses could give him a clue as to where his job would be assigning him the next day. But has he began to flip through channel after channel-all covering the various destruction of the city, he found that, just for once, he could skip the news tonight. He and his co-workers were bound to be backed up with assignments for months. And really, what more was there to say? The city was very blown up at the moment. They knew that. They were there. They saw it. In some parts, they CAUSED it.

The Special was just about to call it quits (despite feeling bad that he hadn't found anything decent for his friends), when just then, he happened upon a program that, shockingly, wasn't a news report. Even stranger, it was on a channel  he normally didn't pick up-until this point, it was always fuzz. But he didn't bother to question it; gazing at the pretty girl on screen, who seemed to be flirting with, what appeared to be, a fancy prince of some sort.

"What channel is this?" Emmet asked out of the blue, to no one in particular.

"Ooh, this must be coming from the Princess realm!" Unikitty perked up, "It's an offshoot from Middle Zealand. It's where most fairy tale folk go to live."

The Special scratched his head at her explanation, "Okay, but what are they doing on the TV? And on a channel I used to not get?"

"When President Business sealed off the realms, he also limited what the stations were allowed to show", Lucy shook her head, "Apparently, the Princess realm  wasn't attacked at all, so I guess they're somehow getting a signal through now." She glanced back at the screen, "I guess they're putting on some plays for us and whoever's watching."

The construction worker blinked, "But why?"

The not-DJ smirked, "Because they know we don't want to watch the news either."

Emmet gave a smirk in return. There was still so much he had to learn about the world, and he was lucky to have Lucy and his friends to teach him. But for now, he settled to devote his full attention to the events playing out on screen. The others followed suit; getting comfortable. Looks like they found a movie of sorts after all.

The young couple-Anna and Hans were their names, were sitting on a moonlit balcony, getting to know each other. Suddenly, the music picked up in tempo, and the two young lovers began to sing.

All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bump into you
I was thinking the same thing, 'cause
I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue
But with you, I found my place
And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before
Love is an open door
Love is an open door with you
Love is an open door

Emmet couldn't help but grin at how much the lyrics rang true. He would've laughed, but he was too tired. Instead, he stole a peek around his apartment once more. Even with cleaning up the kitchen, the place was still pretty much a wreck; he'd have to tidy more tomorrow.

...but between his fancy new front door, the streamers around Planty, the food fight pizza in his tummy, and all his new friends settled in around him...he wouldn't have it any other way. Exhaustion finally started to seep in, and he slowly found it harder to keep his eyes open, even as the prince and princess continued to sing.

I mean it’s crazy; we finish each other’s  sandwiches
That’s what I was gonna' say!
I never met someone who thinks so much like me
Jinx! Jinx again!
Our mental synchronization, can have but one explanation
You and I were just meant to be
Say goodbye to the pain of the past
We don’t have to feel it anymore
Love is an open door

Lucy, as well, couldn't help but find the irony in the song. Things may had been rough for her for a long time now...but she knew that as long as she was with Emmet and her friends, everything would be okay. She was about to make a comment, until suddenly, she felt something slump against her shoulder, and she turned her head just enough to find the Special sound asleep; using her like a pillow. Both Benny and Unikitty had curled up and drifted off as well-the spaceman hovering an inch or two off the cushions. And although Metalbeard had his chin propped in his hand, it was clear that pretty soon, he'd be out cold too.

Lucy softly smiled; taking Emmet's hand in her own, as she thought, "Maybe the double-decker couch wasn't such a bad idea after all."

Chapter art:  Double Decker Together by KarToon12

And so begins a series of one shots I hope you all will enjoy! I thought I'd never write mulit-part fan fics again, but this movie decided to grab my heartstrings and give me so many feels and ideas, I just HAD to do this. I'm going to be balancing this between working on my original comic book series too, so hopefully, I can pull off all these projects at once.  (Thankfully, I have all the chapters planned. I just have to write them.)

 Which, by the way, all four of my  books are on sale now, and it has its own website too! Feel free to check it out! Links are in my profile!

 And also, I've found that no matter what fandom I write for, I manage to weasel in a song at least once.  XD  But Lego has the Disney Princess line now, and with Frozen having come out at roughly the same time, the song was really appropriate. (And keep it in mind, as the lyrics to that song hint at things that are going to come into play throughout this...)  (And by the way, this isn't the last time a song is going to pop up.  ;)  )

 So...I guess just let me know what you think! I'm going to be penning some original chapter books based upon my comic down the line, so I'm using this as writing practice.

Coming up next:  Emmet starts his first day back at work after the events of TAKOS Tuesday. How will his co-workers react to finding out he's now a Master Builder?

Next chapter: 

Picking Up the Pieces Ch.2 Building BridgesThe sound of the alarm clock is what finally woke him up.
With a long yawn and stretch, Emmet slowly sat up in bed; rubbing at his tired eyes with one hand, while reaching over with his other hand to punch the alarm. He tried recalling what he dreamed about during the night, but all he could pick out were a few key images...a strange mix mash of princesses, pizza, pirates, and the piece of resistance, all falling through a rainbow abyss. Who knew; after everything he'd been through in the last few days, maybe his mind was too exhausted to even assemble his dreams into anything coherent?
The alarm was still beeping in his ear, and he blindly swiped at the open air a bit faster. "Okay...okay...I'm up..." he yawned, as if the clock would listen to him, "Good morning apart-MENT!"
With a yelp, the construction worker had reached out too far, causing him to topple out of bed. He quickly pushed himself to his feet; now fully awake, and a few things were soon made clear.
His alarm clock wasn't






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Sitting down to read this was a very good idea. I couldn't have imagined the characters any other way that it felt so natural. The only thing that made me scratch my head was the fact that Benny was described with a visor when we see his helmet completely barren in the movie and the minifigure he was based on.