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Andrasta FRC



This is an active horse, information like story and personality may change.
:new: Aged and greyed


  Andy nandy icon by TerracottaVulture
Name: Andrasta
named by the staff according to a celtic goddess of war
Barn Name: Andy
Breed: Zlesdin
Gender: Mare
Age: 8 years (guess)
Height: 155cm / 15.1hh

Discipline: Endurance
    She does have a great deal of stamina and strength which are perfect requirements for endurance. She's also really sure-footed and concentrated while walking difficult and hard terrain. She doesn't mind bad, cold or wet weather, but can get nervous about noises if it's windy.
    Even if she has got a big bunch of stamina she isn't really fast, so if you're doing a racing, she won't win, but won't be the last either. On the other hand there would be a pretty good chance if it's a long distance race.
    She does make a good jump over single obstacles but doesn't have the experience for a difficult course. When jumping she doesn't mind difficult terrain but she can't take a high jump, only basics.
    She is definitely lacking skills in dressage, but we're working on that.

Andrasta Endurance Tack

Rider: Alisa Crawford
Stable: Falconrise Castle
Owner: unknown
Breeder: unknown


Story: Competition entries are not in chronological order to the story neither directly related besides it's stated otherwise

    It was an early autumn evening, when Mike called from the village and asked with a bitter tone if the castle could host a few horses for a couple of days. They found a crashed trailer near by an abandoned street with two unregistrated horses in a quite bad shape. One of them were badly hurt and filled up the vet's place. Of course Drew couldn't refuse so they put the other one on a truck and started driving. [Broken]
    It became quite a busy night as the staff prepared the stable in a rush around midnight. Later at night when they finally arrived it was a total mess. Mike didn't understate when he discribed the sitatuion at the phone earlier and the mare just looked awful. Skinny, tousled, wounded and ill. No brandings or tattoos and but with a scar where she should be marked. They told us later the police guessed they got stolen somewhere but they never ever found suspicious people, the accident side was lonely, emtpy and even the number plated where faked and it's nearly impossible to identify the horses.
    The mare was stubborn, agitated, almost aggressive. After they settle in the barn Mike called out to a few people to find fosters to take better care until the situation came clear.
    The badly injured found a new home quite fast, just the grey was left as nobody had the confidence to handle such an unpredictable mare, so the castle decided to give her a chance to recover or just to let her peacefully live her life on the meadows.
    A few days later Blair let her out for a walk before Mike came up to a check on her. Andrasta was nervous like hell and just couldn't rest, her walking looked strange at first. The staff assumed it was tolt and just weird looking duo to her bad condition, although the mare was too light built to feature icelandic ancestors or other similar gaited breeds. The vet came up with the so-called Skeggas, another related gait known from a breed originated in Lettfell. So the research began.
Personality: Due to the natural character of this horse breed, she is a really stubborn horse with a complicated temper. Basically she is kind of a nervously curious horse and needs something to focus, otherwise she will be distracted by all the stuff around, specially in a busy setting.
    We don't know much about her past but it seems like she made bad experiences in her life, so she needs a lot of time around new people and horses to get used to them, but surprisingly she has no problems with different environments out in the nature. She also seems to be a one-person-horse, if she got to know a person well she can learn to relax.
    She accepts other horses but doesn't really know how to act social so she just tries to block any contact.
    She is really ingelligent and can be focused on one task for a long time, if the handler is capable of handling her in the right way.
    Sometimes she's showing a great strong will, but she probably needs time to come to terms with herself.
Worst fear: Loud and arrogant acting people
Herd Mentality: Make careful contact, needs time (but with best horsey friend Birb) ~ yeehaw ~ Andastra and Prisoner
Handling: Needs one trustful and calm handler
Favorit Treat: Hard bark


Colour: Dappled Grey on Seal Bay with golden eyes
Genotype: EE At
a Gg
Marking: Blaze, back: stocking

Another new grey aging process


Bloodline: Starter
Breeding Status: :bulletred: closed
available for Zlesdin, Russian Don, Saddlebred, Akhal teke, Karabakh, Budyonny, Morgan, Thoroughbred
Breeding rules

:bulletblack: Breedingslots:
Bullet; Red reserved | Bullet; Orange used | Bullet; Green paid
Owner | Mare



Zlesdin of the Month ribbon by Zoubstance Rhan Ribbon by Zoubstance  

:bulletblack::bulletblack:Zlesdin Point System
ID ZM0098
Rank: Rhan
    1 ZP
    Zlesdin of the month Oct 2017 - 5 ZP
Show Entries:
    Chase - 5 ZP
    Sunpaper -
5 ZP
    Mountain view - 5 ZP
    In ya face
- 5 ZP
    LNH: Bitch Fight - 5 ZP
    Winter Wonderland - 5 ZP
    The Hunt - 
5 ZP
    Flyin Dressage - 5 ZP
    ...served cold. - 5 ZP
Show placings:
    TPS Endurance Herding Race 2016 - 4th - 0 ZP
    NIEC16 - 1st - 5 ZP
    Relay Endurance Race 2016 - 2nd - 3 ZP
    Roemoe Beach Seaside Show Jumping - 2nd - 3 ZP
    Lost-N-Haunted-HARPG - inactive group
    NIEC17 - 3rd - 2 ZP
    AR Autumn Festival 2017 - 1st - 5 ZP
    Zlesdin'ed for greatness - training event
    WINTER CHAMPION'S CUP 2018 - 1st - 5 ZP
Training/other pictures:
    Andrasta Endurance Tack - 3 ZP
    BS | Stage 2 | Donnador FRC - 3 ZP
    The Chase: Vet Check - 3 ZP
    The Chase: Training - 3 ZP
    The Chase: Arrival - 3 ZP

    Broken - 3 ZP
Art by others:
    Andrasta FRC and HS Sigidr - 1 ZP
    Showprize for kartoffelpueh - 1 ZP
    .: Norwegian Autumn :. - 1 ZP
    Andrasta - 1 ZP
    NIEC16: Sunkissed - 1 ZP
    yeehaw - 1 ZP
    NIEC - Horses of 2017 - 1 ZP
    WCC Prize - Andastra and Prisoner - 1 ZP

     Andy nandy icon by TerracottaVulture - 1 ZP

Total: 101 ZP

    Wanted : Dressage horse
LnH Trekking Adventures
    Tatty does Advent :heart:
    Zlesdin'ed for Greatness

:bulletblack: Ressources
Horse Ref Freejumping Championship 2014_128
Import Zlesdin Custom Import - Kartoffelpueh (Idk why, but somehow the head marking changed through the years...)
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