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Alcyone's Galaxy FRC

:new: aged and greyed


Alcyone's Galaxy
Barn Name: Galaxy
Breed: Hanoverian
Gender: Mare
Age: 8 years
Height: 161cm
Discipline: XC, SJ

Stable: Falconrise Castle
Owner: Falconrise Castle
Breeder: Falconrise Castle KartoffelpuehAlexander DlC's x Sara DlC's


Personality: She's a lovely horse; happy and friendly to everyone and everything. She isn't afraid of new things and really curious. She loves seeing and learning new things! Sometomes she's kind of a diva and she lets you know if she doesn't like something, just like her dad. She loves to speed up when going the course. She is very social and loves being aroung other horses, very talented in making new horsy friends. Humans too tho.
Worst Fear: none yet
Herd Mentality: Follows everyone and loves to play
Handling: Basically nice
Favorit Treat: Grass


Colour: Fleabitten grey on chesnut, brown eyes
Genotype: ee Aa Gg
Marking: Blaze, front left: stocking, back right: stocking, back left: sock
Alcyone's Galaxy FRC -Foal Sheet-

Check out her aging process!


Bloodline: DlC's 

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: Alexander DlC's
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: FAS Shabistan
----------------- DS: ESS Savoy
------------------------------------------ DSD:  FAS Evangelia
Dam: Sara DlC's
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: Kadabra DlC's
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Breeding Status :bulletgreen: open
available for every Warmblood, TB
Breeding rules

Bullet; Red reserved | Bullet; Green paid
Owner | Stallion | Breeding Picture
1. :bulletgreen: Concinnity-Castle  | DRM Judas | 
Ladies are always right
2. :bulletgreen: Lone-Onyx-StardustWTS ~ Sense and Sensibility | Under the Tree
3. :bulletgreen: SlightlyMadStablesBRS Dante | Unimpressed
:bulletgreen: KartoffelpuehSLS Malakai | Cozytime
5. :bulletgreen: oTapirusLegerdemain deMoole | I Will Tolerate You
6. :bulletgreen: Catiza
7. :bulletgreen: DarkAngelLoveNight
8. :bulletgreen: DatNachtmaehre
9. :bulletgreen: Cookie1992

1. DRM Alcyone's Valegra
2. Bts Sin City
4. Dark Matter FRC
5. Opportunity  deMoole

SEA Lady Proudmoore
HSE Salinero
RWS Thalassophobia


  NIEC - 1st place ribbon by Prettybold   2018 EVENT participation by TerracottaVulture 2018 EVENT foxhunt participation by TerracottaVulture

Show record 2/0/1

NIEC16                                                 First Test                       Cross Country         1st place (Results)
Dragon Horse Show                              Firefly                           Cross Country         1st place and Grand Champion
Blue Ram 2018                                     Morning Run                  Cross Country        4th place (Results)
Blue Ram 2018                                     Dont Drink And Drive    Drag Fox Hunt        -
WINTER CHAMPION'S CUP 2018          Illuminant                     Show Jumping        3rd place (Results)

:iconhano-association:  Master Ribbon by Saerl
Total: 59.5 || Level: Master
Pedigree/Offsprings - 3.5
NIEC16 - 3
    Dragon Horse Show - 6
    Blue Ram 2018
- 0.5
Show art
    First Test - 4.5
    Firefly - 
    Morning Run - 
    Dont Drink And Drive - 
    Derpy Derp - 4.5
    Illuminant - 4.5
    A Litt Trainink - 2.5
Other art
Breeding art
    Ladies are always right - 3.5
    Unimpressed - 2.5
    Cozytime - 3
    I Will Tolerate You - 3.5
    Under the Tree - 3.5

Art by others
    NIEC 2016 / VII
    PICK UP: FALCONRISE CASTLE - Enochiari mare
    NIEC - Horses of 2016
    Showprize for kartoffelpueh
    NIEC16: Cool down
    Blue Ram 2018 - Fox Hunt
Alcyone's Galaxy - Point Journal
Level: Premium Blood

:bulletblack: Ressources
Horse Ref (traced) Dn Warmblood Chestnut standing side view
Image details
Image size
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© 2016 - 2022 Kartoffelpueh
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Omeheyashi's avatar
Could i breed her with my hano stallion? :)
AS Slice Of Life by Omeheyashi
oTapirus's avatar
here's the breeding picture payment for my slot - I Will Tolerate You
I am so sorry for the wait! 
Kartoffelpueh's avatar
it looks great! Thank you
NimahBean's avatar
Zoubstance's avatar
Such a beautiful hue! :love: Looks gorgeous!
Anonymous-Shrew's avatar
Just thought I'd give a little update on her foal, I own Valegra now and she has a new ref as well :D
DRM Alcyone's Valegra by Anonymous-Shrew
Kartoffelpueh's avatar
Oh I didnt know she got sold :o
But nice to see her being active again <3
Anonymous-Shrew's avatar
Yeah, I bought her through notes so it was never really public :giggle: 
TerracottaVulture's avatar
love your new horse :p
Kartoffelpueh's avatar
Awww Thank you sooo much <3<3<3<3<3 
splashblue's avatar
That aging process animation is awesome I think I've fainted. Clap 

Although I have a small critique (after watching it a few times Giggle ): Most horses tend to grey head-first, so in the middle step I'd expect much more white on the head. Looks a bit like a roan in this stage.
DangerOwl's avatar
I'm sitting at my desk at work. I literally said out loud "Oh I love her!". People might think I'm weird...
Also, she's gorgeous and I love her >.>
Kartoffelpueh's avatar
Gwenwhifar's avatar
Her new coloration is absolutely stunning - what a beauty!
Celine101's avatar
She looks like a red roan 😅 What a pretty baby tho
Kartoffelpueh's avatar
Concinnity-Castle's avatar
How much for a slot? I have a  Trakehner I still need to ref but would love a foal from her (Trakehner counts as warmblood right, I thought so >> forgive me if im wrong)
Kartoffelpueh's avatar
Fullbody shaded breeding picture with background ist alright as payment
Yes trakehner counts as warmblood :)
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