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In the Eyes
if you ever look,
into the eyes of an artist,
I promise you, my dear,
you will lose
who you think you are,
and find,
who you are.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 12 3
Dragon Lily
He's a dragon lily,
Dawning in the summer
Opening his eyes in hope
It glows as it's pacified to find,
even on the extinction of his family,
His heart that glows on the gili.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 6 2
Surreal Bubbles of Stored Memories
Silent words take over the witch hours,
And flutter with the fireflies,
It's as if they pretend to be stars,
That ignite the charcoal sky.
And as they glow, they gleam twofold,
Once in the beautiful moonlit sky,
And then in the ocean of my mind,
That reflects every bit of its winsome.
Painted in the beauty of such seeming stars,
For they say you reap what you sow,
Did these words bleed into the sky from the profound?
Lost admist their surreal beauty, I don't know.
These pseudo-fireflies slick in their craft,
Paint emotions, hopes and scars,
What irony that such restless proficients,
Come only when I lay tiresome.
Their surreal transmissions bring memories from cold decay,
Far far from the world of you and I,
These surreal bubbles of stored memories,
Have me sleep with my eyes open.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 5 3
In exchange of hugs-kisses,
The charades of love, hatred and gossip,
It's a masquerade of friendship
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 2 2
As My Veins Turn Red Again
Within darkness I writhe, as his whispering blows wither my lips to autumn,
I know every stone of this floor, colored with congealed carmine that oozed off my eye
Your talons grasp my shoulder, a vulture clutching carrion close to it's beak
Your serpent fangs shatter all sensation in my shoulder
your knife makes my broken veins howl for plasma, your purple haze chokes the air off me
A crown of thorns are the remnants of my pride crying its demise,
As you whisper your howled haunted horrific hallucinations
The cries of my dried throat have been clasped in unheard silences.
A false sunrise grasps my heart in its leather fingers,
My eyes open greyyed with the smoke of your cigar
No more can I choke down my own blood boiled to black clumps
Acid runs in my veins, ruins in my cheeks, eats me in-out
Your cane strikes and blade slits, spelling out your pleasure
But as you make your last slash, the lioness inside me erupts at last.
The last slash still burns but I escaped my chains,
tore from y
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 15 18
Never Fall, But Rise In Love
Painted in rainbows like a little girls dreams,
Who knew they will turn into hallucinated howled horrifying screams,
I want to hold you, open your beautifully sculpted arms,
Dressed as a rose, it's a bed of thorns,
The boundaries of distance and time we share,
Running away from the Suns glare,
I want to be yours, one and only,
But the time tells me I'm forever lonely,
I'm the character and then pen is in your hands,
Change our story so forever we can,
Never fall, but rise in love,
Hold my heart inside your glove,
I'll be your Jack and you'd be my Jill,
Together we'll cross the Happily Ever After Hill,
So hold me tight and never let go,
I'll love you so much, I'll love you so,
You'd have all the answers to all of your past,
When you'd be in my harms atlast,
I'll be the answer to it, everytime it'll quell,
Whenever you'll wonder why it never worked out with anyone else?
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 1 5
Year V
Counting years and it's been 5,
you're happier than ever and I don't despise,
every year, this day, I open this book,
dust off the dirt and clean it with my brook...
Flipping pages and counting crows,
The scars fade and don't go,
Need to blanket this hole,
that shivers the heart and torments the soul...
Blame my memory for remembering every word you said,
Every single fantasy is trapped in my head,
As I get used to this one sided play
Feelings now slowly dry away...
The connection of the hearts along seven continents becomes thin,
But the heart still wants the touch of your skin,
As you become one with someone else your touch peels away,
I have let you go but I always wanted you to stay...
Hollow cries of dried silences,
Lost in the sadness of the past and the dread of the future,
Everyday he woke up and stared next to his pillow
For his lover, or if, the ashes so...
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 4 9
A Cool Winter Breeze That Never Stays...
I spot you from far,
With your hands on the bars,
You're doing yoga, you see me,
Look down and give a glee.
We flow past each other like a cool winter breeze,
Enjoying the sensation of tacit feelings release,
Words unspoken and no greetings exchanged,
Just shyly looking at one another like a couple newly engaged.
But as soon as it's 8, it's late and you leave early,
Or if I sit close you maintain distance surly,
No signals given, right or wrong,
We're strangers after all, familiar to unsung love songs.
And one last breeze blows as you leave,
A little goodbye glance and then we proceed,
These sensations felt with so many yet nobody says,
They're a cool winter breeze that never stays...
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 3 2
Pearl Love
In this sea load of minerals,
she's one of the mermaids,
looking for her finest of pearl
who lives as a mirage everytime,
She gave up on many "almosts"
To find the most perfect
Maybe there is no perfect
Maybe there is no love
A love as perfect as a pearl.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 4 0
Expectations Killed The Healed Dove
Expectations killed the healed dove,
All her feelings bare, covered by glove,
All that she wanted was wisest of love,
She thought she had it this time.
She blindfolded herself and grew up too early,
And too a flight off to Paris and Brunei,
The deepest of fears hit the deary,
When the promising winds let her fall.
She dreamed too much, assumed some more,
Even after she fell she thought she'd sore,
But life has something else in store
And now, she cannot fly until next life.
"What was it?" she asks, "What was my crime?"
She burns when the ravens fly with another dime,
Well birdie you flew before it were time,
Another unripened fruit falls from the tree, squished.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 6 5
What will the society think
Unique ability to shine brightest,
overshadowed by "What will the society think?"
creativity curbed by illogical thought.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 6 8
Silenced by the night,
the nightingale, girl sing.
Songs of your beauty,
Songs of nature.
And if you don't sing,
baby give me a sign.
Are you alive
Are you, tonight?
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 8 4
Ice Blue Blood
The frosty biting current
Of gust whiffs
If only for a while, I pile blankets on my frozen frame,
which cannot keep out the cold from within
The blazing heat that was your love has gone,
My heart has frozen over,
Hell my veins freeze as the heat slowly leaves them,
Trailing down my wrist
I cannot feel my heart,
So cold
It is numb.
As I hum the song our love that we wrote,
I wonder if you sing it too
Or are you off, singing anew to her as well
Bruising the piece of my heart, with you.
Loving you was an adventure, a ride,
but to think of it now, sends a chill through my spine
Your love was my high, but now you tell me good bye
An iced goodbye, frosted, as cold as your soul
In the frozen landscape of our love
I try to set you free, my white dove
Your gaze now leaves the windows of my soul cold
In this white snow, I'm black as charred coal
Bronchi of my lung pump the smoke of our love
the valves of my heart pump the liquor of our love
I close my eyes and I see you, how drunk and dyl
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 6 2
Don't Carry My Stone
They say, "Love is lighter than a feather"
Well call mine the feather of a Pterodactyl
I see them swinging in the parks
Chirping on the barks
I see in their eyes the spark
Like a thunder fell stark
In the dark
On Clarke
and his Claire.
I see the colourful world,
Behind my grey bars turned rust,
To see a reddish brown,
I peel off its crust
I'm tied in this prison,
With my hands chained to thrust,
The thrust of a stone
A stone they calleth my 'heart'
I tried giving it to someone
I tried giving to a few
Some said no
Some tried, anew
They lifted it up and dropped it
"Oh it's too heavy"
Some turned their head away saying
It's cold, pale, dull, smelly.
I carry this heavy stone,
It's tied to my bones,
They tell me I'm alone
It's not a pleasant tone.
Their faces look so weird
They have lips turned upwards from the edges
"It's called a smile" they say,
"You wont understand."
After years of desperation,
You came in like another stranger,
Put your hands on my wounds,
Like the
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 8 6
Carry Your World (To a New Tomorrow)
In this cold lonely garden,
Where birds will now chirp,
As buds will blossom,
And squirrels will run wild,
Trees will sing in their rustle,
When the Sun shines upon them,
The Sun of eternal independent happiness,
Independent of a person,
Independent of a material,
And the plant called life,
that was drenched in the sorrow of winter rain,
Will rise up to a new tomorrow.
And in this quest of happiness,
I will win,
Because I shall.
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 5 7
Bloodless Tears
Bloodless tears flowdown my spine,
My horns, nails, grow longer, I whisper,
"It's time for my revenge."
:iconkartiksharma:kartiksharma 4 2


Rabbit by Fiction-Art-Author Rabbit :iconfiction-art-author:Fiction-Art-Author 24 7
We were once strong
A tribe of nobles
Now lost in our own caves
The clouds move above
And they mutter loudly
Talking of our lost heart
Tech meant to make us one
Sharing as a whole
To give us a pure voice
How's that working out
Once we were fierce
:icondadestar:Dadestar 1 1
Shipwreck by wildspark Shipwreck :iconwildspark:wildspark 4 4 Bone Daddy by RockabillyReese Bone Daddy :iconrockabillyreese:RockabillyReese 226 35 Moonlight over savanna by thedreamismine
Mature content
Moonlight over savanna :iconthedreamismine:thedreamismine 20 4
A Fresh Soul to Savour
Some nights the throne feels so empty.
I miss the clinking of chains,
the moans of both ecstasy and agony.
And I remember those days
when I had so many by my side.
When companionship was a constant
and never this loneliness of night.
I remember so clearly, that perhaps it is time,
to find another for this collar;
another soul who would dare:
To become a masterpiece of satisfaction,
that I could slowly rend and tear...
Now tell me my dear, would any of you like to volunteer as tribute?
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 14 5
A Lullaby to Say Goodbye
 I am aware that I must suffer.
To deny this would be the equivalent 
of walking blindly down a busy road
and pretending the traffic doesn't exist.
I am aware that my suffering will be constant;
much like these precious memories of you.
Stored from the short time we were happy,
until you decided I wouldn't miss you.
But now I am well aware of what I must do.
In the past I would have been happy,
with that little cottage in the woods.
I would have given up anything to raise a family;
to have loved you as I should.
But fates decided upon my original destiny,
and it seems they will not let me go.
So instead of fighting, I surrender,
to destiny's ebb and flow...
For in return the fates have promised,
they will finally let you go... 
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 30 6
Still A Toymaker
If there's one thing I adore,
it's being told not do something.
You see every time I know that my actions hurt you,
it puts a little smile on my face that might well be a virtue.
It makes me remember exactly why I do what I do,
simply because of how uncomfortable it makes you.
So again, I'll state, I am the Toymaker.
I enjoy creating dolls and quite frankly--
my dolls enjoy me.
Sure they might stray every once in awhile,
You have to let them wander for a few years in fact.
But always come back to where it is bitter and black;
because the darkness that I breathe,
is utterly enticing.
"Now then, while I let my old batch roam, who would like to volunteer as my latest project?"
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 22 2
I Do Not Own Her
I've come to learn exactly who you are,
and quite frankly, I do adore it.
From the way you smile and tease me,
to your kind heart and sharp wit.
You are someone whom I consider an equal,
and as a queen, there is no one more fit.
If I were to stand in a shield wall,
I would have you by my side.
If I were to be an Emperor,
for you, I would swallow my pride.
For I've come to realise I desire your company more than anything else,
And a true soulmate could never be bought, not even with the finest jewels or excessive wealth.
Nay, your companionship has to be earned,
and I am honestly glad to do so.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 34 10
You have rights.
Others do too.
Beliefs are personal;
that much is true.
But you deny to others,
the rights afforded to you.
You believe in ideological supremacy;
that alone should be a clue.
that man has become the monster.
You've finally become what you hate.
Tolerance should be a total acceptance,
not selectively granted to what you create.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 18 17
A Wider View
If you ever find yourself locked in a routine,
step back and take a moment to appreciate a wider view.
Not only will you be able to see tree that houses the leaves,
but also the details of the branches that feed those leaves.
And by understanding the limbs of the tree,
you gain power over its system of being.
And with the power you have now obtained,
it is possible to eliminate the offending leaves.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 16 9
Tattoo Design: I Regret Nothing by RomanJones Tattoo Design: I Regret Nothing :iconromanjones:RomanJones 57 13 Senu - Desert Gold by sandara Senu - Desert Gold :iconsandara:sandara 3,217 86 Overcome Your Barriers by AVAdesign Overcome Your Barriers :iconavadesign:AVAdesign 3 2 Fantasy B by gmotier
Mature content
Fantasy B :icongmotier:gmotier 6 5
Thank you so much everybody for all your love!
I honestly never thought I would receive so much support from so many people for my work.
Love you all 
Keep inspiring xx

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