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Equalizer Spectrum- Samurize v4 -ANY MEDIA PLAYER-

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:star: Huge Thanks to :star:
Developer of SpecGP Plugin for Samurize ~permetix
and the excellent BASS sound library (free for non-commercial purposes) provided by www.un4seen.com/
:spotlight-left: Presenting you for the first time :spotlight-right:
> The most awaited Samurize Plugin which works for ANY MEDIA PLAYER, (WMP, VLC, iTunes, WinAMP, foobar2000, Firefox, IE, Media Monkey...) is here

> This is a highly configurable spectrum analyzer / VU meter. It's NOT tied to any specific player, NOR does it require any plugins to be used by your music player. It analyzes the audio output of the sound card in REALTIME: it works with music, games, TV, DVD, etc.

:? Installation :?
> Watch this video for installation www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jWJpV…
> See included instructions in the download for setting up.
> Samurize works on Windows 8 / 7 / Vista (64 bit and 32 bit). Use Compatibility mode (Windows XP SP3) in properties dialog of Samurize Setup.
> This plugin Works by analyzing your sound output via the "Stereo Mix" Device. It WON'T WORK if you don't have it. You may try updating your audio card drivers.
:helpdesk: :faq: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :faq: :helpdesk:
-> I don't have stereo mix. Now what?
1) try downloading your PC's or Laptop's audio driver from the manufacturer and install, it solves most of the problems as you can see in the comments.

-> How do I Lock the position of the Equalizer?
watch video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=f80wPU…

-> Can I set this as a screen saver?
1) Yes you can. it is included with samurize itself
2) but you need to have music running for it to work :music:

-> how can I change the colors and transparency?

1) Samurize notification area icon > right click > edit config file
2) (see left side) Select "meter zero" (in left side)
3) (see right side) Display tab > configure >

a) alpha: is for transparency
b) solid color(1 color)/gradient(2 colors)/zones(3 colors)
and you can change color in that color box

a) alpha: is for transparency
b) and you can change color in that color box

4)> ok > save (ctrl + s)
5) Samurize notification area icon > right click > Reload config

->Also, how did you add the reflection? asked by
there's a "mirror" in the plugin configuration...
see above question's steps for getting to the plugin configuraion

-> how to play it through an optical / coaxial out. This will work for any digital device.
1) Open Sound panel
2) Select Speakers as the default playback device
3) Go to the "Recording" tab
4) Right click and enable "Show Disabled Devices"
5) Click on Stereo Mix
6) Right click on the new device and click "Enable"
7) Right click on the new device and click "Set as Default Device"
8) Double click on the new device to open the Properties window
9) Go to the "Listen" tab
10) Click on the "Listen to this device" checkbox
11) Select your HDMI or Digital device from the "Playback through this device" list
:lightbulb: Change log :lightbulb:
V4: added more colors, updated instructions and preview and SpecGP plugin to 1.3 in the zip file
v3: added more colors
v2: initial release of new EQ Spectrum - FOR ANY MEDIA PLAYER
v1: initial release of EQ Spectrum with winAMP plugin

> Bugs: If the volume is low the bars will have low height, if volume high the bars move perfectly, and if it is in mute they wont move.

:) Gallery of desktop's of people using this :)

:clone: If you are uploading a modded version of my config, please link to this page, give credit to original creators :) and message me.
:helpdesk: :email: Feel free to leave any comment, if you have any problems. :email: :helpdesk:
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vaeziProfessional Traditional Artist
how can make edit for auto hide when music not played
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Wheres the configs folder?
theman0091's avatar
i got it to work on 8.1 works great ty 
theman0091's avatar
ty works great had to do some tinkering around to make it work for windows 8.1 bot i got it now i need to figure out how to pos it
kira0729's avatar
does it work on windows 10?
quangtk's avatar
This is great, I like it very much. But how can I change the size of the columns and the space between them?
Jarminx's avatar
Jarminx Photographer
Did not work for Win8.1
theman0091's avatar
 i have got it to work XD its possible 
theman0091's avatar
i got it to workwere you haveing problems with the bass ini not reading
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JehyeiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you have any solution for Windows 10 users? Samurize doesn't work for 10.
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ChillsticeHobbyist General Artist
I've run into a unique issue where I can load samurize, change configs, and see the visualizer, but it doesn't move. It only shows the bars as if there were no input. I have the default input device correct and working. I have re-installed and re-started. I have all the correct files in the correct directories.
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Noritaka-TahetanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thx <3
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Hey works great love it! Thank you! Only one problem / question. Works perfictly when im playing it through my computer speakers, but when I change my audio output device to my USB headset the EQ stops. Volume and music and all is still there but it only picks up the music when its through the regular speakers output. Any way to make it so it does the same when listening to my headset instead??? Thanks!
kARTechnology's avatar
doesn't support usb headsets...sorry
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Actually it can work with USB headset too if you install Voicemeeter so that all audio goes thru it (including usb headset)
I use the Voicemeeter banana version and it works with Samurize/SpecGP...
I have two outputs defined in voicemeeter one being speakers and other is my Razer USB headset.
When I want to switch between speakers and headset I just mute one output and unmute other output in voicemeeter control panel.
In windows my "default sound device" is VoiceMeeter Input.
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NitzmeisterHobbyist Digital Artist
some games doesn't work because of the bass.dll. any fix on that?
kARTechnology's avatar
which games?
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fatinkpoploverStudent Digital Artist
Mine was reverse in position. Please help me how to reverse the position in normal way. (movement from bottom to top)
kARTechnology's avatar
try to download the skin again..
fatinkpoplover's avatar
fatinkpoploverStudent Digital Artist
Mine was reverse in position. Please help me how to reverse the position in normal way. (movement from bottom to top)
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PaynexkillerStudent Photographer
Stereo Mix is 'currently unavailable'
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Hello, I got everything to work. BUT, the bars dont move when I play music. Yes, I set the default device to stereo mix. Can you offer any help?
kARTechnology's avatar
does the bar near stereo mix move when you play music
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