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Goth Web Design Interface

This Fantasy Game Web Design is a complete community website template. Including: Joomla template and Forum Skin (for IPB, phpBB or vBulletin).

I also designed a couple of different headers for the template and forum skins themed for the most popular MMORPG games, (could just fit in some thumbnails of them here.)

This template is related to:
Guild website template, Game Site CMS, Game Joomla template, Warhammer guild web design, Age of Conan web site design.

The Joomla Template is available at: [link]

IPB Forum Skin: [link]

phpBB Forum Skin: [link]

vBulletin Forum Skin: [link]
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on joomla template

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Hey, don't you have any HTML/CSS version of this template? as well its really good and I feel thats the only thing missing from it
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Sure that can be arranged, are you not planing to use any CMS?
I can really recommend Joomla if your planing to make a gamesite.
Contact info@GameSiteTemplates and me or some one from the staff will help you out :)

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I am really bad at design but I don't use CMS's unless I really have to, I am dyslexic but I still find it more rewording to code the user system and profiles my self so if I want a new function I just code it it works out better and 9 out of 10 times it's better on the web server as its a lot lighter then a full CMS with functions you will never use.
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OMFG! It's awesome! I love it. (L)
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glad u like it!
its old but still going strong i guess :P
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Love the design! I need help with my site, do you do this?
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glad you like it! check out for cool game websites.
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Looking good as always!
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as always nice work
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Great work man !
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great master!! :)
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that is awesome! good job :winner:
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