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Twishy/Rainbowpie new babies

By karsisMF97
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Artist notes: My friends on DA, i'm not gonna begin rude with you , but I'm NOT copy, stole and trace from ocs of everyone. I'M NOT An ART THIEF. I try my best to give original designs for my next gen child, if you  like them,  fine , if not, it be fine too and end of the history)

i did them in anthro style for pratice ,if anyone don't know it , i writte in description from a previous pic,  i will had the 13 babies for the TwishyRainbowpie biggest family ( and yes these kids are for universe A)

so , i order the kids from ages, on grow to little ( i credit the awesome persons who design them <3 ) :

Wild Breeze ( Fluttershy + Rainbowdash ) design by :iconclockwork-ferret:

Red Pome ( Fluttershy + Pinkie pie) design by me

Pink Toffee ( Fluttershy + Pinkie pie) design by :iconclockwork-ferret:

Evergleam  (Twilight Sparkle + Rainbowdash ) design by :iconunoriginai:

hope you like this headcanon as much like me ^^
art by me
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Pink toffee is my favorite, she’s so beautiful
Aww, they are so adorable! What are those red creatures in Red Pome's arms?
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Daww, they're adorable! 
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I think I love Evergleam the most :)
Not only for the ship she belongs to, but her eyes!!! And the colors, she looks so softly and fluffy!! >w<
karsisMF97's avatar
I'm so glad You love her so much :3 ( she's my fave too , she's has an unique style)
i'm making the other 9 fankids for the 4 lovely mothers together 
AkemiShikima's avatar
I saw them! :)

I still love Evergleam the most! :)
karsisMF97's avatar
then i will draw her ^^
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Cool ships;9 My favorite is Evergleam^▽^
karsisMF97's avatar
aww thankies , she's my favorite too
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