kurt cobain x reader part one : in bloom

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Authors pov : heyy there guys as u know im a huge nirvana fan and kurt cobain lover so i decided to write a fanfic about him lol so hope u enjoy and comment below if wanted  ;-)
(P.s this is a story for the fangirls if or not u are one :-) )
Chapter one : about a boy
Kurt was mostly the quite guy in class he didnt seem to bother pretty much anyone i mean i (you) found it odd but ok . When ever i told my friends he was an "ok guy" they always fussed over it saying "ooh u like him " and "you too will make a cute couple " which i found it very annoying i dont like , like kurt i just like him in a way that wasnt a like , like way but to be honest they never take me seriously  . Anyway school had just finshed and i was on the way home i was walking over a bridge when i heard a guitar being played so i took a quick under and saw kurt my eyes widen as i really never knew kurt was so talented i continued listening for a moment when he must of noticed me and when he did he stopped playing so i made my way under the bridge and shot him a quick smile and he shyly smiled back . He offered me too sit with him so i took the offer and sat beside him . "Your are a pretty talented guitarist " I mentioned . "I wish " he replyed i shot a smirk at him and said " dude u are an awesome player i saw u back there and i was soo surprised at how talented you are kurt your not only an amazing drawer you can play guitar like a pro " . He blushed a little and said "thanks" . "No problem" i responded . Me and kurt sat for quite sometime talk ing bout ourselves when i looked at my watch and realised it was 8 oclock already so i waved goodbye to him and sped home as fast as i could  . And when i got home my mom and dad were not happy with me .

Heyy hope this chapter was not too short ill update next chapter soon :-) .
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ok i know i'm late but i love this can you update