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Whimsical kitten with long fuzzy hair, messy just


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Whimsical kitten with long fuzzy hair, messy just


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Spock - The Cage


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Not What It Seems.....?


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Mirror Spock and Kirk


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Amanda Grayson

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Bridge Crew

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Pre-reform Vulcan


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Flying Christmas Enterprise


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A Logical Explanation

Spock surfaced in stages from the depths of meditative trance. He raised his head from contemplation of steeped fingers to focus on the silhouetted outline of his one-time student and ward, Saavik. One winged brow flared upward. Limned in the warm amber radiance of the asenarah lantern that hung by its silver-linked chain from the cloister roof, she stood framed by the sheltered colonnade's pilastered entrance. Apparently lost in thought, she stared out over the dusky reaches of theShiKahrii villa's extensive gardens. It seemed she was oblivious to his presence there. Spock watched her in silence for some seconds before softly clearing his

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Otter in Specs


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LN In Ink

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Chap 30: Debt of Dishonour

Chapter 30: Conclusion To see T'pavan and her daughter off his ship, Kirk played the diplomat instead of the soldier and arranged a formal leave-taking, which necessitated the inclusion of a full honour detail. Spock, face quite impassive, giving absolutely nothing away, requested that he be part of it and Kirk had swiftly agreed, having intended to include the Vulcan First Officer as a matter of course. Like everyone else on board he had known about Spock's preparations for his tête-à-tête with T'pavan the day before. It was a tight community, news travelled fast, and Kirk made it an aim that whatever current gossip was circu

Debt of Dishonour

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Chap 37: Ice and Fire

This rage that lasts a thousand years Will soon be done The waiting seems eternity The day will dawn of sanity Is this a kind of magic? o0o Chapter 37: The Flame Inside "So you did recognise me." "In what context?" Amanda could almost see the twinkle in his eyes. She laughed softly, delighted at his joke, "At the terminal, on Earth, of course." "Indeed." She wrinkled her nose at him, "Is that a 'yes' or a 'no'?" "I have the benefit of an accurate and vivid recall, Miss Grayson." "Then why didn't you acknowledge me? Show some sign…" "One must use one's resources in the most effective manner." Several pieces of the puzzle ab

Ice And Fire

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Ghost In The Machine

Chapter 24 I am scared So afraid to show I care. Will you think me weak, If I tremble when I speak? I am falling like a leaf, Falling like a star, Falling where you are. Catch me don't let me drop, Care for me don't ever stop. o0o He opened his eyes, blinked and blinked again. The room, at first just a pale grey blur, slowly came into focus. He found the light extraordinarily intense. It made his eyes water and his head hurt. At the back of his mind, there existed a subtle sense of dislocation, a vague confusion. Then he realised that, after so many weeks of failing vision followed by complete darkness, he could actually see again.

Ghost In The Machine

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Night of the Wolf

Title: Night of the Wolf    TOS: Sometime after Search for Spock. Characters: Saavik, Spock 
Rating: PG13.  
It is understood that no attempt is made to supersede any rights held 
by Paramount/Viacom, Bad Robot or any other holders of copyright.  We do this 
for fun and not for profit. o0o This was a story with the same title that appeared in 'zine form long ago featuring Spock and an original character called Keetah,  that I'm in the process of converting to Spock and Saavik.  A version of that original story can be found on fanfiction.com under the title Night of the Ea

Night of the Wolf

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