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Santa Spock

By karracaz
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Spock sends good wishes to all his friends at Christmas.
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Merry Xmas to Spock too lol. He lools slightly shellshocked by the illogic of the holiday lol
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Dear Santa,

Just put the Vulcan under my tree wrapped in a ribbon and ready to use, please.

I won't need anything else ;)
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Me: YESS~ (Put "Spock in a Santa hat" on my Christmas list) XDDDD
MarshMELLOkiller's avatar
Oh my! This made me laugh quite a bit. Thank you.
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This is awsome!
Meadenadia's avatar
Christmas card from the Enterprise! Sweet. ;)
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Someone's asked for a print of this. Unfortunately, I don't own any rights to Star Trek so I can't sell prints. However, that doesn't stop anyone from printing it out for long as they don't make any profit from the artwork.
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Completely illogical, but absolutely gorgeous! :)
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He's singing Sarras The Red-Nosed Sehlat, isn't he? :D
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Spock might actually appreciate the logic of Christmas representing a new beginning available to everyone without need of earthly authority. Great pic as usual, Happy Holidays.
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Is it possible that he's singing along? Beautiful rich colors, K.
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LOL,I'm loving it! Thanks for all the great works you do!
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Yay! Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas ^_^
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Merry Christmas to you too, Spock, and you Kaz. Thank you. :santa:
Terrific picture! Thanks!
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