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Saavik and Spock

By karracaz
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Saavik says goodbye to Spock.

Is she guarding a secret he ought to know about?
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Apparently the writers originally planned for her to be pregnant in this scene, but they realized it didn't add anything to the plot, so they took it out. Maybe she is hiding something...

I see a lot of people here beating up on Kirstie Alley, and sure, I like Robin's Saavik more, but keep in mind that Kirstie was given a different role to play. She was told to act half Vulcan, half Romulan. Robin was told to be Vulcan. I don't think it was Kirstie's fault that her version of Saavik didn't work. She was not in control of her makeup, and the character was still evolving. Essentially, I think the writers just released the character before they were finished writing her.
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Hi, Caz! The link to the full size is broken. Do you still have it?
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Fantastic Work! Congratulations!!  
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wish he'd look at me like that!
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Robin's Saavik came across as one who had a few years of field work under her belt. Kirstie's reminded me of a cadet on her first year after the academy.
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"tears: *sniff* I wonder, did he love her, or did simply need her?
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It's wonderfull!
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To me, Robin Curtis did a better job than Kirstie Alley ever did as Saavik. In a sense that she was more believable, appearance-wise and performance-wise. And she was mentored very well by Leonard Nimoy. So to me, Leonard and Robin laid out the groundwork on the way Vulcans are portrayed.
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I agree, Curtis looked and acted Vulcan while Alley didn't even have Vulcan shaped brows (something that also annoyed me about T'Pol in the first two Enterprise seasons). Curtis' Saavik is one of my favourite Vulcans.
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Saavik was a awesome vulcan. Kirsty Alley should never been allowed to play a vulcan. She could of ised some tips from Saavic. Best female vulcan ever.
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I think Kirsty Alley did a great job as Saavik.
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Saavic was not played by Kristy Alley. The actress who played Saavic was AWESOME. Kristy Alley played a vulcan captain if I remeber right. She...Kristy had way too much emotion for a full blooded vulcan in my opinion. Her and Saavic are not the same actress.
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I think you need to do a little more research.
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Lieutenant JG Saavik is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe. She first appeared in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) played by Kirstie Alley. Robin Curtis took on the role after a salary dispute caused Alley to drop out of the sequel, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

(1984) [citation needed] . Curtis also made a brief cameo appearance as Saavik in the next film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).

The artwork you did apperas to portray saavic as Robin Cutis from the movie search for spock...not Kirsty Alley from wrath of khan. I'm not perfect on my trekkie knowledge, but I what I told you is correct. Google it. Do your research. Anyway I like you work.
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I'm glad you like my work. Thanks. I think we're at cross purposes here. The pic above does feature Robin Curtis, but Kirsty Alley also played Saavik in Wrath of Khan. :)
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Yes I know she played Saavic in wrath of khan. I just don't think she was very good as a vulcan. Robin Cutis was amazing as Saavic .just my opinion dear.
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That's beautiful it.
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Very good! I love it!:)
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Beautifuuuuul! I love how you kept Spock looking his usual logical self, but with a hint of emotion that he's just DYING to let out. Or is that just me reading too much into it, lol.
For a second I seriously thought this was a screencap, it's that realistic.

It's a shame that couple got so little screen time. Oh well, we'll always have the novels :3
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The facial expressions in this are a story by themselves. Wel done.
i love the intensity and intimacy of this image, do keep up the artwork!
i love the intensity and intimacy of this image, do keep up the artwork!
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It's just so much better when a real S/S fan does this

Robin Curtis was the best Saavik. To this day she still looks great
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