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Tifa Remake


Final Fantasy VII remake Tifa.

At difference of the horrible Claire Redfield redesign in the RE2 remake, the Tifa redesign grows mor on me the more I see it. That's how you redesign a character without losing her essence, shorten the skirt and add stockings. =D

Boobs in my Patreon at the end of June 2019. =D (Big Grin)

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Download the Demo of Erinye here, here:

Erinye Demo 2.0 on Steam! by Karosu-Maker
Erinye Demo 2.0 Available to download now!
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Nice, the wait for the game is driving me crazy.

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you really are masterful with her hair!
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very nice Cool Emoticon Heart Emoticon  Thumbsup Emoticon Bravo #2
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I definitely appreciate the remake look. :D I love your fanart of her as well!
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I heard that they just added shorts to her though I did like her original design.
Karosu-Maker's avatar
Being fair, in no official media we ever saw what was under her skirt before. :D (Big Grin) 
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Except for Dissidia 2. :)
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1st this a beautiful tifa
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
She is a real spitfire. Great job.
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I was really worried they'll redesign her way too much, but fortunately she's still as sexy as she was before. I like the look in her eyes you gave her, amazing work. :D
DeadCobra's avatar
Quite amazing looking Heart 
Why two shirts i o not get that
Hergman's avatar
some say the black is a sport bra
Not gonna lie, most of what I get from her remake model is 'punk teenager'.
Karosu-Maker's avatar
Not bad, since most of the original FFVII fashion is actually very punk inspired, and Tifa is 20, not a teenager but not too far either.
I dunno, her old suit, while poorly rendered, at least said to me 'This woman does in fact run a bar'.  She looked like a mature adult dressing for her generally low class clientelle.  Now she looks like she has almost no body mass to me, which is in stark contrast to most martial artists I've ever met who tend to be pretty built.  I'm not a fan, really.
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Nicely done.  I really like how well Tifa's overall design came out.

Thankfully, I have seen very few people claim they dislike the new design, boobs and all.
Karosu-Maker's avatar
I think is mostly an improvement, the only thing I'm still not sure is the black shirt and black gloves, too much black now, but not bad at all.
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Killer job on the piece.
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While I think I prefer her original outfit, this ones not too shabby. 
I hear the original will be unlockable some way later. Or a DLC. 
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