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Erinye Demo 2.0 on Steam!

By Karosu-Maker
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Finally, the second and hopefully final demo of Erinye is here!
I really hope you enjoy it!
This demo contains nudity and you should only play it if you're 18 or older.

Download it here:

Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.13 - by Karosu-Maker Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.13 - by Karosu-Maker Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.16 - by Karosu-Maker Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.11 - by Karosu-Maker Game.exe 11.15.2016 - by Karosu-Maker

Changes and differences from the previous Demo 1.1:

-One complete new Dungeon
-New Boss added
-Bow and arrows added
-Ghost Glasses added
-Explosivo Spell added
-Paparazzi shot abbility added
-Weapon Whip added
-Shebat enemy added
-Witch enemy added
-Bigger hit boxes for Erin's sword
-Many small bugs fixed
-Game crashing every time Erin uses the camera fixed
-Now you can explore more of the game even after the Demo is finished
-SFW option in the menu, just in case you need to have the nude girls censored

Leave your comments letting me know what you think of this new Demo of Erinye!

Please, support Erinye on Patreon so I never have to pause this project ever again:

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I'm rooting for the final product of this game: I LOVE IT!!!

LatiosLatiasEON's avatar

i've been waiting 2 years or more for this :D

Karosu-Maker's avatar
I know, It's been hard to be constant with the development of the game.
Right now I'm saving money to be able to go fulltime with Erinye on summer again only with my savings and patreon pledges.
LatiosLatiasEON's avatar

I understand how long takes to develop a hame by your own, but hope you can finish the game, apart from the fan service the lore of the game is wonderful, i got stuck in a misty road wanting some more of this adventure, keep it going man and hope this project reach the goal of be fully developed and uploded on Steam :D

rairyu's avatar
Beautiful picture. This girl needs more artwork done of her she needs more love!
Karosu-Maker's avatar
Thank you! As soon I resume the development of Erinye, I'd like to do more art of Erin.
BigDSweetz's avatar
I've been trying to play the game with a controller and it's just not working. Is there a way to change the button layout?
Karosu-Maker's avatar
It's supposed to be played with keyboard, but there are way arounds to play it with a controller.
Diapienami's avatar
outta curiosity, does this game have traps/bondage in it? I only ask because when I "browse More like this" in other bondage-related games, this comes up. Just wondering cause I love those kinds of rpg/adventure games!
Karosu-Maker's avatar
Not for the moment, but probably in the final version mightbe some of that.
I can't promise anything yet though.
Diapienami's avatar
K just wondering, thanks. when I use "more like this" function to find other bondage RPGs, this keeps coming up despite that, it's weird...
BlazingKnightHero's avatar
I had the same thing happen and it made me wonder wtf this game -was- exactly. 
I'm interested in it but now I have a better idea of what it is
Cyclone-Sama's avatar
Err how do you turn on the nude function?
Cyclone-Sama's avatar
Oh cool! Thanks!
MagmaKYAG's avatar
Fantastic game so far!  The controls combined with the HP levels and damage output of the golems and the psycho-stabbing enemy are infuriating, so might want to look for a script that allows for 8-directional partial-tile movement along with a smaller collision box for the player so they don't get stuck on corners or 1-tile wide spaces.  I'm not sure exactly which version of RPG Maker you used for this so I can't recommend any exact scripts, but I think this is an extremely promising game and I look forward to the finished version!
Karosu-Maker's avatar
I'm glad you're liking the game!
Pixel movement scripts, mine or others I've found on the web, break most of how the game is already made. The same with 8 direction movement. If I'd want to use those kind of scripts, I should have made the game with those on mind from the begining, thing I sadly didn't.
Also those scripts, specially pixel movement ones, work well on more simple games, but on action games, with a lot of hit boxes everywhere and having to check colisions of many objecs in a map, is something RPG Maker XP doesn't handle very well and causes a lot of performance issues.
Erinye is far too advanced in development and doing it all from scratch is something I just can't afford economically or time wise.
However, I'm still working on ways to make the combat more balanced and take advantage of the grid based movement, to make it more of a feature and less of a limitation.
Thanks a lot for the feedback!
swordsman9's avatar
Its kinda cool :nod:

It sorta feels a bit like a Zelda game
LeoTheEvil's avatar
When I'm fighting the ShyGirls I mash the D key to hit them with the sword, this causes me to accidentally skip it when the game shows me the erotic picture of the ShyGirl defeated, because by the time it unexpectedly shows up I'm still mashing the D key.

Also, there's no hint whatsoever as to where the third key is, leaving me stuck early in the game.
FuyuNoKitsune's avatar
search for the key in the house whit two shygirls dat wont figth you and when the image of a enemy defeated by critical hits apears it will fade in some seconds dats why you have to get the ability paparazzi shot and take a photo while the image is on the scren.
LeoTheEvil's avatar
I already got that one, it's the one the Policewoman says that it's in a pot beside a chimney. The other one I have is the one marked on the map that you find at the inn.
Karosu-Maker's avatar
Did you check the computer with the screen turned on at the police station?
LeoTheEvil's avatar
Was there a computer!? O_O ...Alright, thank you. I'll go check it.
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