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Asajj Ventress


Ventress from Star Wars: Clone Wars. Hell, I loved that series.

Am I the only one who find her really sexy?

NSFW version and other rewards will be available through pledges in my patreon, accuount. I'd really apretiate if you could support my work there.

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I want one thing and that is to be dominated be Asajj
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gorgeous piece here! and i am right there with you :) ventress was attractive and a wonderful character
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I think she really enjoys killing clones. Nasty little bitch. 
OMG ! Its so hot, dude ! Amazing !
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Amazing Art :D

Also, I too thought Asajj was pretty hot
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Such an awesome piece!! Love Ventress and you captured her so well, plus her expression is perfect

and No, you are not the only one who finds her sexy XD
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RIP. A shame she could not make it to Star Wars Rebels alive. =(
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I like to see her VS Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy
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She can kill with simply her looks in this one!
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Hello! Would you maybe draw Oola from star wars? It is okay if you do not, just suggest. Have a nice day. Even if things not so nice, eventually they get better. You can do it! Thank you so very much, and I hope I am not bothering you.
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This is good, but Ahsoka Tano is hotter at least in my opinion. ;p
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Nope, she is really sexy. And i think her lack of hair helps with that. But i might be weird that way.
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Its really great
She is sexy :lovelyeyes:  but her bald look is a downside
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Yes, I'm starting to think maybe she wasn't the best choice to draw xD
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Nah this is great
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