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Templar: NO! I don't care if your gun is bigger than mine, YOU ARE NOT HAVING ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST!!!
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Justinian: *looking in freezer for waffles* wouldn't matter Bion's friend ate it all.
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send her in to the eye of terror FOR THE EMPEROR !!!
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Justinian: daww *picks her up and puts her on his shoulders* have some upseti spaghetti *hands her a bowl of pasta and a fork and spoon*
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PropertyofLambHobbyist General Artist
It would appear that someone patted Sororitas-chan X3
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I get it 

and i love it
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SgtsoupieStudent Filmographer
Maybe calling her an old lady or so is more than enough to purge them, especially those who are guardsmen her behind her back...
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BRAR2Hobbyist General Artist
My Guardsmen aren't afraid of some POed Bolter Bitches, we live a volcano planet! We ain't afraid of a little fire! Bring it on you sissies!
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TheLastIronManHobbyist Writer
"Oh, yeah, NOW you pout!"
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My little Sister of Battle can't be this brutal!
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HellknightLeonHobbyist Artist
Love at first sight! Awesome!
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So adorable!
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Love the beret in her hair
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ahhh damn cute
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._. this is why its good t drag a cultist around they make great distractions
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Ohgod... I... I don't know if I should run for my life or hug her! ;A;
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hug - followed immediately by running.
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D: but i didn't do anything wrong *hugs and runs*
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Divine retribution following?
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Why she so mad? Was she last to the barbeque?
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snargo Digital Artist
But she wants to carry the flamer.
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Not until she finishes her vegetables. :(
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SQUAD BR--! :noes: Squad...
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