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I were tagged by: :iconlilytam:

1) you must post these rules!
2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for people you tag to answer.
3) you must find 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4) go to their and tell her/him they have been tagged.
5) No tag backs
6) No crud in the tagging section like " you are tagged if you read this" you ligitimately have to tag 10 people.

1- What's you addiction?
•I think my addiction is listening to music *-* Everywhere I go, anywhere I am, I'm with my headphones listening to my favourites songs! <3

2- What's your favorite music?
•My favourite song, forever, will be Dance Dance, of Fall Out Boy<3

3- What's your favorite animal? (yes, it can be a non-existing one)
•Dogs :3 love them<3

4- What's your life dream?
•Travel all the world, live in japan and be really free to do anything I want! :>

5- What's more important: chocolate or pants?
•Pants, of course o.O

6- What's the site you go in the internet more often?
•Facebook :P

7- What's your favorite draw here on dA, until now?
tknk.deviantart.com/art/girl-9… always<3

8- What you like to do in your free time? (but draw/write or whatever you do here on dA)
•Go out, with or without friends.

9- What's is your favorite drink?
•Coffee *-*

10 - Did you liked my completelly random questions? xD
•Yes =3

*I Tag*
:iconnailyce::iconjuliepm::iconazavena::iconisacrisis::icondanigpam::iconmariblackheart::iconrenesmeenessie::icontinuleaf: ♥  :iconcellee::iconmouldycat:

*10 Questions to you*

1- What type of art do you prefer?
2- What do you most hate in artistic area?
3- What's your favourite band/musician?
4- What do you expect to you in the next year?
5- What do you prefer: sleeping or racing? :D
6- Who's the most important person in your life?
7- What LOVE means to you?
8- Do you like coffee? *-* (haha XD)
9- What's your favourite artist in DeviantART? =)
10- Say 3 things that describes you.


Kissu ^.^~ <3
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